5 Wooden Crate Coffee Table Ideas to Make Your Home Catchy

Wooden Crate Coffee Table

A table design can provide a combination of gorgeous and functional aspects. Thus, if you want to have beautiful furniture, you can use wooden crate coffee table ideas to make the eye-catching interior.

This type of wooden table can work well together with any kind of interior design in your house. It also has a function to store your books or magazine. Even, you can display other decoration and use as a shelf under the table.

But how to make the table more attractive since the base material is made of wood? At least you have to see these ideas to inspire you.

[01 of 05] White Color

If you like a white tone in your house, you can still use a wooden crate coffee table that clad with white paint. It creates the perfect accents for your home. Also, the white tone can bring the modern style to your home decoration.



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[02 of 05] Black Color

For the aesthetic choice of furniture in your house, you can use black tone for the wood crate coffee table to makes a difference. Black does not always make you boring. But this tone can add the aspect of simplicity and modern.



[03 of 05] Blue Color

A fresh and bright appeal is what you can get from this idea. Paint your wooden crate table with a blue tone and create an unusual design on your house. It is good to make a calming and relaxing effect on your house furniture.



[04 of 05] Glass Top 

To protect the top of your table from starch, you can use glass as the option. Besides that, it will create a beautiful translucent or reflective effect from the glass. Not only that, but you can also easily clean up the surface with a towel without leaving any damage.




[05 of 05] Creative Ideas

Want to have something different and unique? You can improve your Wooden Crate Coffee Table design with creative ways such as placing the planter, artsy ornament, or even a tray. It will create a new centerpiece in your home furniture.



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