Set The Mood, Set The Look! 10 Stunning Wooden Accent Wall Ideas For You

Wooden Accent Wall Ideas

One way to upgrade the look in your room is by using accent walls. Instead of using wallpaper or striking paint, try to incorporate wood walls! Many wooden accent wall ideas can transform your room visually.

Using wood materials will add warmth, depth, texture, and the most you seek – accent. Among the many designs, this idea is quite versatile and available.

You can even make it by yourself using the unused wooden panels lying around your house. If you are creative enough, the mismatching color, size, and shape will bring unique looks. Interested? Check out these accent wall ideas.  

[01/10] Create A Wood Pallet Accent Wall

Wooden accent wall ideas are the versatile option that can be applied anywhere, including your living room. Here, the addition of a wood accent creates a big difference in the room. The wood accent changes the feel, add depth, and set the center of attention in the whole room.

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Create A Wood Pallet Accent Wall 1a

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Create A Wood Pallet Accent Wall 1b

[02/10] Barn Wood Herringbone Wall

Instead of installing the panel in the horizontal position, this particular design that known as herringbone design add character to any room.

The use of different colored wood and texture, make the paneling look more impressive. Setting it on one side of the room will set the mood and attention.

(1)  source:

Barn Wood Herringbone Wall 2a

(2)  source:

Barn Wood Herringbone Wall 2b


[03/10] Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

When talking about the accent wall, you can’t forget the fireplace. The wooden accent wall ideas look as divine when applied to the fireplace’s hood.

Here, the simple in-wall fireplace has turned into an elegance protruding fireplace. The structure brings depth, beautiful living room piece, and add an interesting accent to the room.

(1)  source:

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace 3a

(2)  source:

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace 3b

[04/10] Bathroom Fence Picket Wall

This idea makes a big transformation for the small bathroom or lavatory. The used to be a plain white wall behind the toilet has turned into a beautiful wood wall.

In white, the room looks spacious but somewhat bland. When the wooden accent is applied, the texture and color enliven the space.

(1)  source:

Bathroom Fence Picket Wall 4a

(2)  source:

Bathroom Fence Picket Wall 4b

[05/10] DIY Rustic Pallet Wall

When combined with the simple grey and white color scheme bedroom, the wooden wall stands out in a good way. Just like this bedroom picture.

The accent wall that only stained provide popping texture and visual interest. Including the leather rug in the room, make the room looks comfy and inviting.

(1)  source:

DIY Rustic Pallet Wall 5a

(2)  source:

DIY Rustic Pallet Wall 5b

[0610] Reclaimed Wood Pallet Wall

Using different kinds and colored reclaimed wood panels are the benefit of this accent wall. You don’t need to buy anything, instead, use the unused wood pallet.

Here, the idea uses numerous wood panels in different lengths and colors. With this multicolored design, the room looks more lively and fun.

(1)  source:

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Wall 6a

(2)  source:

[07/10] Modern Rustic Teen Room DIY Pallet Wall

Wooden accent wall ideas that properly integrated into the room and furniture will blend well. Just like this idea.

The teen room that has a black and white color scheme appears more alive with the wooden pallet wall. You can see that the wall completes and bring texture to the room.

(1)  source:

Modern Rustic Teen Room DIY Pallet Wall 7a

(2)  source:

Modern Rustic Teen Room DIY Pallet Wall 7b

[08/10] Reading Nook With Wood Plank Wall

Who wants to read in a fancy spot? If you do, this idea can help you turn the small alcove at your house into a perfect reading nook.

The wall appears prominent with a wood accent. It also supported the antique lamp, wooden multi-functional benches that also work as book storage.

(1)  source:

Reading Nook With Wood Plank Wall 8a

(2)  source:

Reading Nook With Wood Plank Wall 8b

[09/10] Mixed Wood Wall

Once again the use of different types and colored panels are great for wooden accent wall ideas. Here, instead of using colorful wooden planks the natural hue also works wonder.

Dark wood, grey panels, white planks, and brown strips are used to create this beautiful wood accent that mixes well with a brick wall.

(1)  source:

Mixed Wood Wall 9a

(2)  source:

Mixed Wood Wall 9b

[10/10] Plank Wall

This idea just brings life to the dining room space. Look at the bright multi-colored natural woods, they blend with the earth-tone flooring and wooden dining table. Even more, the wall has brought color to the plain white walls. It also adds depth to this bright room.

(1)  source:

Plank Wall 10a


(2)  source:

Plank Wall 10b

(3)  source:

Plank Wall 10c

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