Creating More Modern Yet Cool Looking Room With Walk-in Showers Without Doors

Walkin Showers Without Doors

Have you heard about walk-in showers without doors? Also known as a curbless, the style has been around for centuries. But lately, it starts to get famous and incorporated in modern design.

Looking at the design itself, the doorless shower is unique yet appear as a stunning piece. The lack of a door or the common glass door has lessened the maintenance fee.

At the same time, the curbless has almost limitless design options. From placing a tub, wet room, to the toilet close by, the design is something you can expect for great visual value. Check these inspirational ideas.

[01/10] Eclectic Marble Shower With Bench

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Eclectic Marble Shower With Bench 1a

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Eclectic Marble Shower With Bench 1b

This design successfully incorporating the design of walk-in showers without doors and still looks fantastic. The use of marble tile adds pattern and elegance to space.

Along with the white wall, skirted table, and mirror, the room appears bigger and stylish. The drain right under the shower prevents any puddles.

[02/10] Half-Wall Marble Shower

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Half-Wall Marble Shower 2a

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Half-Wall Marble Shower 2b

In this design, the half-wall provides a little extra privacy despite the location that closes to the windows. It also works as a partition between the shower and the tub.

The use of color and tile is very smart. The simple dark gray and marble tile are meant to approach minimalist style.

[03/10] Private And Bright Walk-In Enclosure

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Private And Bright Walk-In Enclosure 3a

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Private And Bright Walk-In Enclosure 3b

Walk-in showers without doors can have enough privacy when it designed in such ways. Like this particular idea that uses nook style curbless design.

The shower is well hidden behind the walls that create such a separated spot from the whole bedroom space. The room appears mesmerizing with the color scheme.

[04/10] Shower With Multiple Spray Heads

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Shower With Multiple Spray Heads 4a

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Shower With Multiple Spray Heads 4b

If you desire for the ultimate shower experience, then this idea is your pick. Your curb less has more than enough shower head and wall spray.

Even though you have to face the toilet directly, the unique shower time will bring ultimate relaxation without losing its visual value.

[05/10] Wet Room-Style Shower

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Wet Room-Style Shower 5a

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Wet Room-Style Shower 5b

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Wet Room-Style Shower 5c

A wet room style is an ideal design for the walk-in shower. As you don’t have any door or separator, the water from the shower will go directly to the drain.

Just like this design that comes with a half wall and bathtub located inside the wet room area.

[06/10] Honeycomb Tile Shower

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Honeycomb Tile Shower 6a

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Honeycomb Tile Shower 6b

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Honeycomb Tile Shower 6c

This fancy-looking design comes with the idea to maximize the room and function. Instead of using a wall or door, the curbless design provides extra room for the window.

Here, the use of honeycomb does steal your attention away. Becoming the focal point and bring the pattern to the grayish bathroom. 

[07/10] Colorful Mosaic Tile Shower

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Colorful Mosaic Tile Shower 7a

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Colorful Mosaic Tile Shower 7b

Notice how the mosaic tile shower and the contrasting blue in this walk-in showers without doors bathroom design have stolen your attention.

Yes! indeed the simple glass was used as a partition between the shower and toilet, but surely the color choice and design itself have increased the overall aesthetic.

[08/10] Small Space Door Less Shower

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Small Space Door Less Shower 8a

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Small Space Door Less Shower 8b

This idea is a great example that the use of a doorless shower will be beneficial. If you do have a small space, you can get bigger walkways and spacious looks with this kind of shower.

Located on the corner and only separated with half wall, this design looks comfortable.

[09/10] White Subway Tiles With Accent Bands

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White Subway Tiles With Accent Bands 9a

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White Subway Tiles With Accent Bands 9b

Walk-in showers without doors can bring visual interest and curb value with great tiles and color choices. Here, you can see the smart use of black and white colors.

It also comes with gray, but the use of white as the main color won’t make the user feel claustrophobics.

[10/10] Minimalist Shower

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Minimalist Shower 10a

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Minimalist Shower 10b

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Minimalist Shower 10c

White, white, and white. This white overall curbless bathroom idea looks minimalist yet still stunning at the same time.

It has a small alcove that functions as a surface. The white marbles that surrounding the area create a great accent and strike of color. It is a perfect pick for minimalist enthusiasts.


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