Best Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas for You

Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

It will give you a stylish and functional room. You can use extra space to get big statement chandeliers or pendants, you can pair them with the recessed lights to get a maximum layer for your lighting.

Consider the overall feel of your space and bring your lighting fixtures to strike up the ambiance. There are many ideas for your inspiration below.

[01 of 05] Living Room Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

You can make your room or space look higher by installing a chandelier over your low coffee table. You can choose a design that is hanging from the thin cords.

You can choose a fluid design to get an airy and open feeling which fits well with your minimalist home design. It looks classy and simple at the same time.

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[02 of 05] Kitchen Vaulted Ceiling Lighting ideas

Consider choosing shaped pendants that can be a great addition to your kitchen space. You can look for pendants with more details and the right proportion as well.

You need to consider installing similar fixtures in different heights to add more interest and warmth inside your kitchen. There are many ways to make your kitchen look stunning.

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[03 of 05] Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Bedroom

You can combine your pale beams with a darker background scheme to give you a transitional and classic vibe to your private room. You should choose the right lighting for your bedroom.

You can choose the right chandelier above your bed to extend its esthetic and give you a perfect light inside your home.

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[04 of 05] Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Dining Room

You can choose an edgy chandelier with an industrial vibe to your vaulted ceiling to get an esthetic look in your dining room. For additional style and function, you can use bare bulbs to light up some directions.

Even your dining room will be more inviting if you can choose the right ambient illumination inside. It makes you feel more relaxed while eating with your family.

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[05 of 05] Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Bathroom

Emphasizing more on the height of the vaulted ceiling with the elegant chandelier will match perfectly with most white decorations. You can add a natural touch to get a modern look in your bathroom.

Do not forget to add a pendant in the center of your bedroom and wall sconces in your vanity to get a beautiful lighting layer.

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