Top 10 TV Stand Homemade Projects You Can Easily Build In Hours

TV Stand Homemade

Opting to make a TV stand homemade brings more advantages than the hassle itself. If you think thoroughly, getting a premade media console can be expensive.

But doing a DIY project can cut some budget. Now it is normal that you will need a place to keep your TV and other consoles in one place.

Come along with the function, a TV stand will more or less add visual value to your room. Doing a DIY is the answer for you who want to save money and match the design. So if you are up for it, check these ideas.

[01/10] DIY Corner TV Stand

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DIY Corner TV Stand 1a


DIY Corner TV Stand 1b

This idea is the epitome of simple yet beautiful. The TV stand homemade is perfectly designed to fit the corner space.

Leaving the neutral wooden color and texture adds some character to the piece. With space underneath the TV, this simplistic stand provides extra storage with its woven basket.

[02/10] DIY Rustic Wood Pallet TV Stand

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DIY Rustic Wood Pallet TV Stand 2a

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DIY Rustic Wood Pallet TV Stand 2b

Combining numerous wooden pallets around the house and transform it into this mesmerizing design is such a pleasure.

You got a functional table surface for the TV and small space to place your books or console. It saves some money, easy to do, and can help cleaning those unused pallets.

[03/10] Pipeline And Wood TV Stand

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Pipeline And Wood TV Stand 3a

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Pipeline And Wood TV Stand 3b

TV stand homemade project using pipeline and wood is quite common. Here, the idea incorporates the two elements to make four stories DIY TV stand.

The first floor for books, second for consoles, third for TV, and the top for decorations. The brown and black hue enhance the industrial look.

[04/10] TV Display Easel Plus Wheels

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TV Display Easel Plus Wheels 4a

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TV Display Easel Plus Wheels 4b

Repurpose your old easel can look as good as this design. Or you can make your easel stand with some wood bars that formed like a tripod.

It is already epic, but with extra wheels, this idea is way more unique. It moveable, functional, and look rustic fantastic.

[05/10] DIY Moveable TV Stand With Wheels

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DIY Moveable TV Stand With Wheels 5a

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DIY Moveable TV Stand With Wheels 5b

Adding wheels to your DIY TV stand bring functions and beauty too. Here, the rustic wooden shelve is moveable to match the location or need.

You can see it have a simple rustic design with two shelves in it. While it can be wheeled, the look itself bring an amazing vintage value.

[06/10] Modern DIY Media Console

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Modern DIY Media Console 5a

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Modern DIY Media Console 6b

This elegant design doesn’t look like a DIY at all. Using some wooden planks that colored in black, the TV stand and the mounting look modern.

It emphasizes the beauty of design simplicity. The minimal color is versatile and fits perfectly with the sleek white wall and creamy floor.

[07/10] Farmhouse TV Stand

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Farmhouse TV Stand 7a

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Farmhouse TV Stand 7b

Considering the strength aspect, this beautiful farmhouse TV stand homemade is made with walnut wood boards. The boards were transformed into wooden wall mount and the simple stand.

The mount was painted white to match the wall, while the stand is in black and brown to state itself as the focal point.

[08/10] DIY Wall Mounted Corner TV Stand

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DIY Wall Mounted Corner TV Stand 8a

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DIY Wall Mounted Corner TV Stand 8b

This corner wall-mounted design is mind-blowing. Who will though that it was a DIY project? The design looks epic with the L-shaped floating shelf.

The TV is set angled, complementing the shelve underneath it. Some flower pots, console, and speaker are great additions to the whole set.

[09/10] Easy To Build DIY TV Stand

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Easy To Build DIY TV Stand 9a

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Easy To Build DIY TV Stand 9b

This TV stand homemade won’t take too many times to build. It made of a wooden pallet that supported with a metal platform on its back.

Simple but work its best. Colored in yellow and have a lighting fixture in the back make this design even more eye-catching, standout, and appealing.

[10/10] Rustic TV Console Ideas

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Rustic TV Console Ideas 10a

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Rustic TV Console Ideas 10b

Recycling the old wooden crate brings a new functional and fantastic looking TV stand. This idea combines 8 crates in different positions.

With those creates, the stand eventually ended with 8 functional spaces in it. it’s a great decision leaving the color as it is since it complements the flooring.


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