10 Delicate And Tiny Yet Charming Succulent Planters DIY Projects For You

Succulent Planters DIY

Succulent plants are one of the flowers that perfect for home decoration. Even if with tiny and simple succulent planters DIY projects, this décor pieces will bring extra accents to your room.

The plant itself is known for its sturdy and easy to grow characteristic. With these features, no wonders that there is a wide variety of succulent decorations in different sizes and shapes.

From the simple tiny planters, unique pot, to terrariums, with some creativity, you can create beautiful pieces of decoration.

So are you up for it? Here are some interesting tiny DIY succulent planters you can make easily.

[01/10] DIY Concrete Succulent Planters

This design will not make you go broke or confused with the design. The succulent planters DIY project demands you to create a concrete box for the plant.

Shape it rectangular with a small cavity on top to place the succulent. Leave the pot as it is to make a raw unique piece.

(1)  source: hip2save.com

DIY Concrete Succulent Planters 1a

(2)  source: gardeningknowhow.com

Succulents in cement planters

(3)  source: thegardengranny.com

DIY Concrete Succulent Planters 1c

[02/10] DIY Balsa Wood Succulent Planters

Put together some leftover small Balsa woods to create this tiny planter. Determine the size, put it together with glue, and paint it.

That’s it! You got succulent planters. Here, the natural light-colored wood will be your canvas. You can paint it with any color that matches your room.

(1)  source: handmadejungle.com

DIY Balsa Wood Succulent Planters 2a

(2)  source: makeandtell.com

DIY Balsa Wood Succulent Planters 2b

(3)  source: fallfordiy.com

DIY Balsa Wood Succulent Planters 2c

[03/10] Copper Pipe Pot Plant Holder

This simple design will bring color and visual attraction to your table. The idea uses a small pipe to make a mini plant holder that can hold up to 3 pots.

The copper hue contrasting the blue and white succulent planters DIY, making it more prominent and eye-catching.

(1)  source: etsy.com

Copper Pipe Pot Plant Holder 3a

(2)  source: pinterest.com

Copper Pipe Pot Plant Holder 3b

(3)  source: proflowers.com

Copper Pipe Pot Plant Holder 3c

[04/10] Mason Jar Succulent Pots

Upcycling your unused mason jar can be a great solution to get rid of those nonfunctional containers. 

Here, the three mason jar with different sizes and shapes are transformed into succulent pots by adding soil inside to place the plant. Paint it in different colors and the pots will look adorable.

(1)  source: pinterest.com

Mason Jar Succulent Pots 4a

(2)  source: reasonstoskipthehousework.com

Mason Jar Succulent Pots 4b

(3)  source: etsy.com

Mason Jar Succulent Pots 4c

[05/10] DIY Packing Paper Sack Vases

Have some packing paper laid out around? Make it into mini succulent vases with a simple DIY project. You can easily fold and shape it like smaller packing papers.

Fold the top, fill it with soil, and place your little succulent on it. Voila, it’s done! Now you get unique containers.

(1)  source: fallfordiy.com

DIY Packing Paper Sack Vases 5a

(2)  source: amazon.co.uk

DIY Packing Paper Sack Vases 5b

[06/10] Dinosaurs Succulent Planters

These cute little planters look as unique and fun. The dinosaur toys are transformed into a planter by cutting a hole on its back. 

Here, you can see the visual is not only uncommon but also steal your attention away. Making them appear interesting and create visual value to the room.

(1)  source: hgtv.com

Dinosaurs Succulent Planters 6a

(2)  source: austin.com

Dinosaurs Succulent Planters 6b.png

[07/10] Pineapple Wall Planters

This innovative design comes with unique visual and functions at the same time. You can see the hanging planters as a perfect addition to the panel wall.

This succulent planters DIY concept used balsa woods that hide away the wooden napkin ring. These particular extra decorations cost less than $10.

(1)  source: lamkat.com

Pineapple Wall Planters 7a

(2)  source: wayfair.com

Pineapple Wall Planters 7b

[08/10] Modular Concrete Planters

The modular triangle shape of these concrete planters creates an interesting display in your room. With its shape, you can stack and make an interesting tabletop succulent garden.

It made with ordinary concrete that shaped using cardboard forms. Add some succulent soil mix and plant your flower in a horizontal position.

(1)  source: pinterest.com

modular triangle shape of these concrete planters 8a

(2)  source: makezine.com

modular triangle shape of these concrete planters 8b

[09/10] Clay Bunny Planter

When you got a good dexterity, you might have interested in making a cute pot using modeling clay. Just like this adorable tiny bunny vase.

It shaped with cardboard tube mold, dried, and painted. This succulent planters DIY will be a perfect decoration piece for your working desk or TV stand.

(1)  source: fallfordiy.com

Clay Bunny Planter 9a

(2)  source: ar.pinterest.com

Clay Bunny Planter 9b

(3)  source: ebay.com.au

Clay Bunny Planter 9c

[10/10] Windowsill Garden Planter

This idea makes the boring windowsill into something special. It made of wood pallets to hold the mesmerizing succulent garden.

You don’t even need to spend too much budget on it. Just make it from leftover woods, screw it, fill with soil mix and decorative stone, then put your succulent.

(1)  source: diynetwork.com

Windowsill Garden Planter 10a

(2)  source: gardeningknowhow.com

Fresh aromatic culinary herbs in white pots on windowsill. Lettuce, leaf celery and small leaved basil. Kitchen garden of herbs.

(3)  source: debraleebaldwin.com

Windowsill Garden Planter 10c

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