Eco-Friendly Material for 10 Types of Stone Wall for Living Room

Stone Wall for Living Room

There are many types of walls for your family room’s design. For example, plywood, cinder blocks, pegboard, including a stone wall for living room.

Some home designers decide to use stone as walling material. Because it’s more resistant to breaking and chipping than the other wall’s substance.

The stone will not bend warp or swell. It can’t be disturbed by heat or rain. It’s perfect both indoor and outdoor, also strong and durable for a very long time.

Please check this article below to learn about the stone for the sitting room’s wall. So, you can pick the best one!

[01 of 10] Cement Stone Wall

Cement is one of the ingredients of concrete to make a stone wall for living room. It is made of sand and gravel or crushed rock.

Put the pieces of the stone together and create your fancy wall’s pattern. This is one of the easy DIY design for a layout.

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[02 of 10] Boulder Stone Wall

A boulder is a rock with a size of more than 256 mm. The small ones called pebble. This stone makes your living room looks sturdy.

A great design if you want to have a rustic feeling using natural colored monolith. Put on wood-based chairs and tables to this area.

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[03 of 10] Slate Stone Wall

Slate Stone, a fine-grained and foliated rock as a stone wall for living room. Creating a family room with this material is highly recommended.

Put a black, deep grey, or brown-colored sofa to gives the room a majestic touch. Paint the walls into white and set up a black window.

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[04 of 10] Granite Slab Wall

If you want to choose natural stones, put this on your list. The granite slab comes in a darker color, perfect for outdoor living rooms.

But, also fit for indoor. Use a wood-based floor and white sofa for the best combination. Create a mini fireplace on the wall also good.

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[05 of 10] Veneer Stone Wall

This stone wall creates a wide effect on the living room. Combine it with other materials such as cement stone and concrete for more durable walls.

The sitting room with this kind of stone can be matched with a white-black striped chair. Also, it can be fit with black-colored furniture.

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[06 of 10] Sandstone Wall

Sandstone is suitable for various wall’s shapes and sizes especially for minimalist houses. Because it is easy to carve and can be customized according to your wish.

You can paint the sandstone wall into white, cream, or broken white color. Those are the common shades for this stone-based living room.

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[07 of 10] Colonial Stone Wall

This rock is known as its earthy-toned color or kind of deep brown. Try to combine this wall with other materials like wood and porcelain floors.

The colonial stone wall for living room also suitable with natural shades of brown-colored furniture like wood-based tables and place sofa to this space.


[08 of 10] Field Stone Wall

For you who want to create a similar-looking division wall, you can use chunks or this field stone wall than the others as your family room panel’s material.

It is perfect to be split-up because they come in different shades, so you can select one for a living room decor.

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[09 of 10] Ledge Stone Wall

This is the best stone wall for living rooms with any types of interior design. This white-yellowish prop has a good combination with the lamps.

Because it can exude the lights well for a more elegant effect in the sitting room. Add a cream-colored sofa and some orange finishing touch.

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[10 of 10] Flat Stone Wall

As its name, this stone is relatively flat and gives a thinness outcome to your room. It is flawless for sheeny looking design.

Place some thick sofa or display a TV on this flat wall also advised. Because of its brick-like color, you can put orange stuff in this room.

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