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Upholstery and couch are comfortable to sit on. The cushiony feeling makes you feel cozy in the room. But when it is soiled, they are hard to clean. But no worries, using a steam cleaner for couch is a great solution.

Why? because the dry steam cleaner allows you to sanitize and deodorize your upholstered furniture. It generates high-temperature stem that efficient in loosening and dissolves dirt on the surface.

At the same time, steam help brightens the fabric color. Isn’t it hard and dangerous? Surprisingly, it is not. If you are familiar with a vacuum cleaner, this particular cleaning device does almost the same thing.

Come in many different sizes, features, shapes, and models, you might wonder about what is the best product out there? No one wants to lose their money for something crappy. Thus, here are some of the best items you can choose that also has a different budget.

What To Consider When Looking For The Couch Steam Cleaner

A. The Versatility Of The Product

Many products offer a great number of accessories or attachments in the set. Think about how those additional things will help the product getting better? In many cases, you will found that some extra brushes, head, or hose might help tackle the various job. For example, some items are not only designed to clean upholstery such as your couch or chairs, but you can use it to peel wallpaper or cleaning your floor.

At the same time, you should be aware of the possibility of chemical use in the product. To avoid color bleed or distressing your couch fabric, make sure you choose the one that only uses distilled water. It is better for lots of upholstery material. Why it is important? Because some of the professional-grade cleaners mostly come without any chemical. They may price a little bit more, but it is worth if it works as it supposed to be.

B. The Size Of The Product

Your steam cleaner has a different water tank size. You can figure it out based on the type and model. Most of the time, there are 4 options of tank size such as 6, 25, 48, and 64 oz. of course the overall size is not only affected by the tank but also the machinery. Think about what you are going to use it for. Are you going to carry it around? Do you want to cover a lot of surfaces? do you want a product that demands frequent emptying or not?

C. The The Performance

The last thing to consider is the Performance. People tend to say it as a performance. This is not the least thing to consider, instead, you should make sure about the performance before you buy something. Now, this is the thing. How to find the answer if you never try it? Look at the testimonies, comments, and review of the product will be the best helper you ever have. You can find some info from other people.

What to find out about the Steam Cleaner for Couch performance? There is a lot of things you should consider. The first thing will be the result. Do people find the device work as it supposed to be? Can it clean this and that kind of stain? No matter you are going to use the product for regular upkeep or to clean a certain tough stain, determining the power will help you avoid any disappointment.

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Top 5 Steam Cleaner For Couch Recommendation

In this review, you will find some of the best steamer cleaners from some different brands. But somehow, the McCulloch is dominating the ranking. Come in varying design, model, type, model, style, even the feature, we got you 5 products that will worth your money.

You got the option of the SteamFast Sf-370, The Wagner Spraytech, and the McCulloch MC127, MC1385 deluxe, and the MC1375 canister steam. Read further to find out the product review.

1McCulloch MC1275Canister steam cleaner
48-ouncecaster wheel
43 psicarrying handle
1500 watts 
2Wagner SpraytechCanister steam cleaner
282014caster wheel
1500 wattscarrying handle
48-ounce water tank 
3McCulloch MC1385canister steam cleaner
64-ounce water tankscaster wheel
58 PSI (4 bar)carrying handle
4SteamFast SF-370canister steam cleaner
48-ounce water tankcaster wheel
1500 Watts 
5McCulloch MC1375canister steam cleaner
48 -ounce water tankcaster wheel
58 Psicarrying handle
1500 watts 

[01 of 05] McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Canister Steam Cleaner


The first product you should take a look at is no other than the big player in the market, McCulloch. The particular MC1275 model comes with interesting offers. You will get a steam cleaner for couch which also works for almost every surface.

You can use it to clean floors, appliances, counters, autos, even peeling of wallpaper. Is it worth your money? With all of its positive reviews, you can say that this product boasts some key features. Here they are.

    1. 9 Foot Steam Hose And 15.7 Foot Power Cord
    2. Quick Heats In Under 8 Minutes
    3. 45 Minutes Continuous Steam
    4. 18 Additional Accessories

One particular consideration regarding the steam cleaner is the heating process and the capacity. The manufacturer guarantees a quick heating ability that proven to be true. In less than 10 minutes you can use the machine with a steam pressure around 43 psi. It also has a 33-37 g/min spray of non-chemical substance. Only use water. It makes cleaning faster and cleaner. Along with the accessories, this product is worth your money.

Along with the numerous accessories, systems, and powerful jet, you will find that this item is very versatile. It can clean almost any kind of surface with its large water tank and attachment. However, the cons come from some of those additions. It has a poor quality attachment that makes some attachment doesn’t fit right. It is quite sturdy, but the hubcap might come off when dragged and it is quite hard to empty the tank.

[02 of 05] Wagner Spraytech 0282014


The second product that doesn’t want to lose from the McCulloch is the Wagner Spraytech. Even though they are not as big as McCulloch, but a lot of users say that the quality of the product is on par.

This item is also known for its versatility and durability. So what you got from this item? There is a lot of stuff such as assorted brushes, 8-foot steam hose, fill funnel, extension, tubes, etc.  it also has some key features, such as:

    1. Small And Light Weight Product
    2. Chemical Free Steam Cleaning
    3. Steamed Water Run For 45 Continuous Minute
    4. High Versatility And Great For Almost Anywhere

If you wonder what makes this item worth your money, then take a look at its performance. The 120-volt power steamer is available in two modes. It generates adjustable force and steam to match the use. So, you can either clean your couch or your wallpaper. You can also find that the item does sanitize. The heat kills bugs, bedbugs, and its egg while lifting dirt, dust, or any other substance.

Just as they describe, the cleaner has a long and pliable hose. Helping you reaching and clean many different locations. Unfortunately, the long hose doesn’t help if the power cord is short. You won’t be able to go to another location longer than your hand can reach. Another thing that quite unfortunate is the fact that it only has 48 oz. water tank, it is enough but will need more constant emptying.

[03 of 05] McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner


Taking the consideration of a small tank and want to create a better product, McCulloch releases the massive MC1385. With the tag of the Deluxe canister steam cleaner, you can see that the item has a bigger dimension than any other model.

The dimension is around 19 x 13 x 13 inches. Making it has a bigger tank size, max steam time, and better performance. But is it do the promises? At least you got to see some of the key features.

    1. Come With 23 Versatile Accessories
    2. 12 Minutes Heat Up Time
    3. 12 Minutes Of Continuous Steamed Water
    4. Extra-Long Power Cord (18 Foot) And 10-Foot Steam Hose

As you can see, this biggest model of McCulloch steam cleaner comes with interesting premises. One of the attention stealers is the 4 bar steamer which creates a stronger steam power. If you are one of those who love traditional design, this item will be great. It has a pressure gauge and adjustable control handle for you. One thing for sure, the item does clean faster and better.

It cleans lots of surfaces and will make your floor looks fantastic once again. When talking about the versatility, of course, you will be demanded to get more than enough pack of brass brushers. It will help a lot, as long as you got the correct hose to clean your couch or floor. It also somehow has a very vulnerable handle and built. Making it seems cheap, especially with its flimsy on and off button.

[04 of 05] Steamfast Sf-370 Canister Cleaner


Before you go for another McCulloch, it is time to appreciate another brand. Take a look at the Steamfast SF-370 which is very simple looking compared to the big player in this market.

The white canister cleaner offers a great number of benefits for everyone with its design and ability. It has an easy to use aspect with long power cord and hose plus some accessories. It also has some worth to see key features, which is as follow:

    1. 2 Extension Tubes For Great Reach
    2. heating time less than 10 minutes
    3. On-Demand Steam Control
    4. 45 Minute Of Continuous Steam

If you look for an easy to use aspect, then consider the Steamfast. The On-demand steam control will help you with easy and fast operation. It can unleash steam just by pressing the button and can generate constant steam for 45 minutes. Isn’t that great? It is also quite powerful. So you can clean your couch, floor, curtain, even some corner. Especially, when you utilize some of the SF-370 additional accessories.

Try to lift your steam cleaner. Is it light enough that it won’t distress your arm? The good thing is the Steamfast SF-370 only weight 8.42 pounds. Not that heavy for a canister cleaner which is great when you are going to drag it around. On the other hand, you should be careful since the handle can get hot quite easily. The power cord also terribly short and you won’t be able to adjust the steam power.

[05 of 05] McCulloch MC1375 Steam Cleaner


Let’s go back to the precious McCulloch. As said before, this brand will dominate this chart due to the fact of its capability. This is the last but not the least. With the tag of the Canister steam system, the MC1375 is the second of the biggest model from the manufacturer (under MC1385).

From the stat, there is no much difference with the MC1275 Steam Cleaner for Couch model, except the bigger size. Here are some key features of this product.

    1. 18 ft. power cord length
    2. 20 versatile accessories
    3. 58 psi with variable steam control
    4. heat up under 10 minutes

It is granted that the brand is known for its great performance. Certainly, you will find the cleaning product generate consistent steam that heated under 10 minutes. This is a great thing that also accompanied by how versatile it’s the capability to clean almost everything. It also comes with abundant accessories that will help bump the functionality. With quite a long steam hose and power cord, the machine can reach everywhere.

But once again, there is always something that follows the greatness of the MC1375. There are some problems you might have to encounter along the way. Such as unused or low-quality attachments, and the build. It is quite a shame that the parts are somehow easy to broke. The plastic material makes them heated up, loosen, and falling off. You also have to pay attention to the pressure and the steam, since it has no low water warning.

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