10 Enchanting Spanish Style Kitchens To Add Flair In Your House

Spanish Style Kitchens

In any house, the kitchen is one of the popular and main spots of your dwelling. So it makes sense to turn that spot as beautiful as you want. One of the interesting inspiration is Spanish style kitchens that come with colors and enchanting vibe.

The characteristic of this style appears from the interior and architectural style that motivated by the Spanish colony details. The design can be brought from vibrant colors, wood carvings, and tons of ideas.

With that in mind, the signature of Spanish design brings life and create a welcoming effect. Here are inspirational ideas for you.

[1/10] Authentic Spanish Kitchen With Warm Energy

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Authentic 1a

Just because it’s inspired by the colonial era, doesn’t mean that Spanish style kitchens look old. Here, you got the colorful kitchen that fuses with the Spanish colonial home.

The terracotta floor tiles, the buttery yellow wall, tiles cabinet, and decorative arch comes together to create a warm and enchanting kitchen.

[2/10] How To Master Casual Elegance In Your Kitchen

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Spanish Style Kitchens - wooden trims 2a

The arched windows, wooden trims, ceiling beams, and wall molding create a huge accent to the room. The antique chandelier, lamps, and old-styled furniture also fit the colonial aesthetic.

Placing the lovely mismatched wooden stoves create a statement. Overall, the furniture and color pick held the key to this design.

[3/10] Consider Adding Decorative Accents Made Of Wrought-Iron

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Decorative Accents 3a

Terracotta tiles, decorative accents, wooden materials, and wrought-iron light fixtures are very common in this Spanish style kitchens. But the color combination here is amazing.

Light base paint, soft patterned backsplash, dark-stained cabinetry, and yellowish lighting create a warm ambiance and cozy vibe. Great for hanging out, dinner, or romantic time.

[4/10] Spanish Style Kitchen That Is Also Southwestern

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Southwestern 4a

The design combination is mind-blowing. It adopts archways, terracotta flooring, wood cabinets, and earth-tone color to emphasize the Spanish style.

However, the cooking space exudes southwest vibe from its beige walls and stove. Without a doubt, the two vibes perfectly come together creating this simple, unique, yet cozy spot.

[5/10] How To Give Your Kitchen A Mediterranean Twist

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Mediterranean Twist 5a

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Mediterranean Twist 5b

Spanish style is the Mediterranean, that is what you got from this idea. Adopting the style comes with colorful tiles, or furniture, decorative ornaments, etc.

Here, you got contemporary and Spanish style fusion. The stoves, glasses, and stools come with striking color while the surrounding is natural, they create pops!

[6/10] Vaulted Wood Ceiling In A Spanish Colonial Kitchen

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Colonial Kitchen 6a

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Colonial Kitchen 6b

Another characteristic of Spanish style comes from the exposed wooden beams and vaulted ceiling. Along with it, the arched windows and ornate oven hood complete the colonial design.

Combine them and you got this mesmerizing kitchen design. The countertop covered in indigo tiles gives color and a modern accent.

[7/10] Mediterranean Kitchen Packed With One-Of-A-Kind Features

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Mediterranean Kitchen Packed 7a

Spanish style kitchens can be created with custom features, like this design. Dark wood cabinets, concrete backsplash, arched overhang cabinet, to the island, the combination is perfect.

The dark color hues and earth-tone dominate this kitchen. With tiny details and patterns here and there, the designer successfully creates a Mediterranean kitchen.  

[8/10] Bright And Cheerful Spanish Inspired Kitchen

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Bright And Cheerful 8a

Spanish Style Kitchens - Bright And Cheerful 8b

Bored with the earth-tone design? Then this idea is perfect. This modern kitchen adopts a Spanish style with its archway and colorful backsplash.

The black and white flooring adds extra visual textures. The baby color and backsplash pattern create bright vibes while tricking your eyes to make the room appear bigger.

[9/10] Modern Mediterranean-Inspired Kitchen

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Modern Mediterranean 9a

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Modern Mediterranean 9b

You can always play with color when adopting Spanish style kitchens. Just like this modern kitchen that appears with the bright yellow stools, blue-tiled cabinetry, and checkered flooring.

All of those colors are balanced with clean white walls and lesser decorative ornament. This idea looks fun and eye-catching.

[10/10] Counter Top Styling For A Mediterranean Look

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Counter Top Styling 10a

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Spanish Style Kitchens - Counter Top Styling 10b

When you are unable to renovate the whole kitchen then add stylings to a small part of it. Here, you got countertop styling that lends Spanish style to provide small accents to your kitchen.

The cobalt blue table lamp, glass jar, and decorated jar plus grapes pour small Spanish style to your kitchen.

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