Simple Yet Charming Short Fence Ideas You Can Easily Make Today

Short Fence Ideas

Have you ever consider to create small protective fences without costing a fortune? As the strong concrete fences offer great security, but several short fence ideas also do the same.

With some creativity and woodworking skill, you can easily create a protective short fence quickly. How? With simple and easy DIY of course. Don’t be surprised with the vast possibilities, you can make by upcycling some woods, making it from the old door, recycling timber fences, etc.

Some even fit for many locations. Using it for the garden, perimeter fences, for protection, or your backyard. Interested? Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

[01/10] A Touch Of Color

Multicolored wood short fence ideas always steal everyone’s attention and bring splash aesthetical interest to your backyard.

You can construct this playful design with some long lumbers nailed together in a simply styled fence. To make it look interesting, try to incorporate 2 – 3 striking hues to match the flowery garden.

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A Touch Of Color 1a

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A Touch Of Color 1b

[02/10] Behind The Scene

This design is a very simple solid black wooden fences. The fences made of wooden boards didn’t obstruct the view, but it works well keeping your pet from going through.

How? The use of chicken wire from the inside part boosts the security value and match the fence style.

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Behind The Scene 2a

[03/10] Woven Wonder

If you are going for a total DIY and have access to long thin branches, then this is one of the short fence ideas you can try.

Worth noting the braches should be green and easy to bent. If you got them, you can create an authentic fence using weave a basket technique.

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Woven Wonder 3a

[04/10] A Quilted Contender

This quilted stitch patterned wooden structure is quite massive, yet it blends perfectly for the garden. It brings focal interest and serves as a decoration fencing.

It doesn’t obstruct the views but offers solid divider. Adding chicken wiring is a great solution to keep the malicious critters out of your garden.

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A Quilted Contender 4a

[05/10] Recycled Timber Fence

In this picture, the fence does not only look epic but also cost-effective. The idea of using the old unused timber brings relief for your wallet.

The different lengths and sizes create a unique texture, looks, and structure. With this idea, you don’t need to measure and cut the wood.

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Recycled Timber Fence 5a

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Recycled Timber Fence 5b

[06/10] Inside And Out

What makes this idea unique is the fact that the owner creates a small flower garden as the fence to protect the inner garden.

Sound ridiculous, but you can see the flower garden located right outside the wooden gate. It does not only work as outer layers but also beautify the old battered wooden fence.

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Inside And Out 6a

[07/10] A Sanctuary Of Sorts

This design is a total banger! The use of short fence ideas not only protects the enclosed garden area but also add visual in it.

The woodworking is simply remarkable with a golden cedar color. it uses metal wiring only on the bottom half to cut half the budget.

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A Sanctuary Of Sorts 7a

[08/10] Loving The Log Style

Talking about DIY then you should not forget about log. Here, the log fences create a welcoming and country vibe. It also has a simple design.

All you need are some clean straight logs, hammer, and long nails. Put it together and you got your personal protected gardening area.

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Loving The Log Style 8a

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Loving The Log Style 8b

[09/10] Pallet Pretty

In short fence ideas, wooden pallets are very common. You can see how this versatile objects can be transformed into such mesmerizing fencing pieces.

You only need to put lay them vertically to create a simple design. Add bracket and simple lock for the gate, and the rustic upcycled project is done.

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Pallet Pretty 9a

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Pallet Pretty 9b

[10/10] Lay The Ground Work

In this design, the garden was built on a shallow footprint. The outline perimeter was marked with square posts.

And then you can lay the vertical post, warp it in wire, and paint the fence accordingly. Very simple, but it completely turns the area into a mesmerizing enclosed garden landscape. 

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Lay The Ground Work 10a

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