Create Mesmerizing Shade, Check Out This 10 Cool And Innovative Pergola Roof Ideas

Pergola Roof Ideas

With the modern roof design, pergola comes with numerous possible designs. In this case, you shouldn’t be surprised by the vast number of fun looking pergola roof ideas.

Applying pergola or arbor on the backyard is now very common. It incorporates some functions, ranging from decorative element, protection, and provide shade outdoor. All in all, this particular object creates numerous possibilities.

Moreover, the existence of pergola can raise the curb appeal of your dwelling. As it can be attractive, practical, and entertaining additions to your house. Intrigued? Here are some designs and ideas for pergolas to give you extra inspirations. 

[1/10] Grid Roof

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Grid Roof 1a

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Grid Roof 1b

Many pergola roof ideas come with parallel lines and thick beams. But this grid roof provides different vibes and shade.

The simple grid made of thin irons allows the sunlight to create unique shadows underneath it. The roof design itself is different and makes the pergola look even more outstanding.

[2/10] Private Corner                      

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Private Corner 2a

(2)  source:  Pergola Roof Ideas - Private Corner 2b                                                                    

The minimalist pergola roof structure doesn’t disturb the distinctive shape pergola. Designed to incorporate the corner space, the pergola looks unique yet appealing.

Along with the colorful build-in outdoor comfy seating and hanging light fixture, it creates a comfortable private spot to sit down and relax in your backyard. 

[3/10] Wisteria Fascination

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Wisteria Fascination 3a

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Wisteria Fascination 3b

The climbing vines and beautiful wisteria flowers come together as pergola roof ideas. The roof structure is simple, yet looks dreamy with all the purple and green on it.

Located on top of the simple outdoor dining tables, the wisteria shrubs add color, scent, and flowers that dangling on the roof.

[4/10] Retractable Canvas Shade

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Retractable Canvas Shade 4a

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Retractable Canvas Shade 4b

This idea functions as shade, protection from the sunlight, and decoration as well. The retractable canvas can be pulled or retracted as you want.

Here, the canvas provides a fabric that great for shade without being too heavy. The white hue suits minimalist or contemporary house design and its furniture.

[5/10] Deck Perfection

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Deck Perfection 5a

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Deck Perfection 5b

This design looks amazing with its deck lighting fixtures and the luxurious comfortable outdoor cushion. Even more, the basic pergola that incorporates gauzy curtains completing the looks.

It creates a perfect shabby chic vibe with all the design come together. With a small coffee table, it’s perfect for a romantic night.

[6/10] Creative Lamp

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Creative Lamp 6a

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Creative Lamp 6b

When you have to be creative with basic pergola, then this idea is great. No need renovation, just some dramatic detail and pieces to create different ambiances.

Just like some vintages lamps that hang on the roof. The simple addition makes great illuminations and adds attractive points to your yard or garden.

[7/10] Geometric Screen

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Geometric Screen 7a

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Geometric Screen 7b

Just like pergola roof ideas with grids, the geometric screen will create distinctive shade to your yard. You can install it as screens and the roof to complete the purpose.

Add some simple wooden seating to match the already extravagant shade in the area. This design perfect for modern house design. 

[8/10] Black And Silver

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Black And Silver 8a

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Black And Silver 8b

Create mesmerizing shade and modern touch in a lush garden is the key to this design. The black and silver color pallet of the furniture plus pergola accomplish the modern design.

The pergola comes with partial decorative shade plates that cover the TV and barbeque stove, for extra protection and aesthetic.

[9/10] Thatched Roof

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Thatched Roof 9a

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Pergola Roof Ideas - Thatched Roof 9b

Dressing up your pergola with various fabric as the roof decoration is part of pergola roof ideas. Here you got the thatched material that defines the outback and rustic vibe.

The simple table and seating, vintage-styled hanging lamps, and some hanging vines create a nostalgic and natural feel in it.

[10/10] White Lattice Panels

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Pergola Roof Ideas - White Lattice Panels 10a

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Pergola Roof Ideas - White Lattice Panels 10b

This simple white pergola design includes a same-colored lattice screen, that adds extra touch on the overall design.

At the same time, the pergola and screen create an extra privacy spot that fits the black laid back furniture set. The color also matches and blends perfectly with the white house. 

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