Add Styles To Your Room With This Beautiful Pallet Walls Ideas

Pallet Walls Ideas

When faced with the desire of making your house stand out from the crowd, most of the time people consider big renovations. But other than that, you can add styles by simply adapting pallet walls ideas.

Especially, when you have tons of pallet wood laying around. Rather than throw them off, you can upcycle it into pallet wood walls. Surprisingly, just cutting the wood, varnish, color it, and stick it to the wall can create a different vibe to your room.

It can create accents, attractive color, portrait, and design. Here are some wood pallet ideas for your design inspiration.

[1/10] I’ll Never Use Traditional Wainscoting Ever Again

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Traditional Wainscoting 1a

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Traditional Wainscoting 1b

Wainscoting is commonly used for bathroom wall design. But it is also expensive. in this case, adapting pallet walls ideas can be your answer.

The use of natural wood color perfectly matches the earth-tone shower tiles. The combination of wood and tiles create stunning accents and oldies vibes in it.

[2/10] A Fantastic Way To Hide TV Or Projection Screen

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Way To Hide TV 2a

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Way To Hide TV 2b

Man caves or she shack generally appear with wood pallet as the accent. But this design takes one step further by utilizing the pallet into a hidden compartment.

You can put a TV inside and perfectly hide the device. The use of pallets in the room provides private and warm ambiances.

[3/10] Angle It!

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Pallet Walls Ideas - fireplace 3a

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Pallet Walls Ideas - fireplace 3b

Applying pallet walls ideas onto the fireplace can increase this particular part of the room. You can transform the fireplace surround into a stellar focal wall.

Angling the pallet creates a distinctive pattern and adds a warm tone to the living room. The overall room looks complete with the matching light fixture.

[4/10] Keep It Rustic With This Pallet Accent Wall

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Pallet Walls Ideas - pallet accent wall 4a

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Pallet Walls Ideas - pallet accent wall 4b

Leaving the natural silvered wood color of the pallet to create a different appeal to your room. Along with the white wall, wooden flooring, and the same tone furniture, this idea states the look.

The horizontal silvery tone is preserved with stain or varnish to optimize the rustic looks it presents.

[5/10] Look At This Backsplash!

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Backsplash 5a

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Backsplash 5b

The multi-colored pallet backsplash will steal your attention and complete the rustic kitchen design. The use of dark-colored wood and black paint create a deep impression on the room.

At the same time, the arrangement creates a focal board and the paint shines with the lighting on top of the stove.

[6/10] Recycled Pallets As Bathroom Wall

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Bathroom Wall 6a

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Bathroom Wall 6b

This design allows you to add style and change the design appearance of the bathroom. The upcycled woods create different textures and look on the wall.

The different hues provide a shabby chic style that looks complete with the old looking mirror and brown wall paint.

[7/10] Build A Masterpiece At Your Entry Way Using Pallet Wood

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Entry Way 7a

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Entry Way 7b

With some skill and patience, these particular pallet walls ideas can create impressive results. You can use the pallet wood to decorate the entryway.

The pallet on the sidewalls and the ceiling complement the simple minimalist window-door and the entrance. This idea can increase housing values. 

[8/10] Just A Dab Of Color Will Do!

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Dab Of Color 8a

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Dab Of Color 8b

If you got many different wooden pallets, then use this idea. The pallets are all comes in different lengths, sizes, textures, thickness, and colors.

When you install them, it makes a unique appearance, eclectic, and exciting accent wall. Paint it with some different hues create fun ambiance in the room.

[9/10] Pallet Wall Decoration

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Decoration 9a

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Decoration 9b

This design state that upcycling pallets can be one masterpiece design. These pallet walls ideas appear with variety of pallets with different colors and some unique signs.

The old signs, barn door, and repurposed wooden pallet appear perfectly natural with the vintage wall lamp, white cushiony sofas, and other rustic furniture.  

[10/10] Pallet Wood Wall

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Wood Wall 10a

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Pallet Walls Ideas - Wood Wall 10b

The pallet also works fine with a modern design bedroom. Just like this simple wooden pallet accent that complements the black, white, and grey bed.

Along with the wooden chair, door, integrated shelves, modern lamp table, and white wall paint, the pallet creates extra aesthetic values to the overall room design.

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