Pretty Painted Stairs Ideas to Make Your House Colorful

Painted Stairs Ideas

There are many ways to make your house stairs attractive. One of the ways to transform a fancy look is by painting it. You can use the painted stairs ideas as your preference in your living house.

Your stairway in your home may be located in the foyer or the prominent area, you can use paint ideas to make look good of your space. Consider painting the risers give you a new decorated look.

However, if you have high-traffic areas, the great option is using a durable painted stairway. Brighten up your house with paint like these ideas to create your house colorful.

[01 of 05] Black Painted stairs Ideas

Use black Painted Stairs Ideas to your house can make the modern minimalist appearance. You can use the wide black stripe down in the center of the stairway, and then combine it with another color. Indeed, black gives a dramatic look that becomes a focal point.

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[02 of 03] White Painted stairs Ideas

If you want to make your stairs bright and clean, using glossy white is the best choice. When you applying the color to your stairway, remember to match up your furniture and other decoration. It wills a perfect choice to bring up at your house.

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[03 of 05] Blue Painted stairs Ideas

An eye-catching focal point can you get from the blue color. There are many options to use this color. One way is by using the ombre stairs to add something fresh and bright in your house atmosphere at the same time.

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[04 of 05] Wooden Stairs Paint Ideas

To create a warm touch you can use wooden stairs paint ideas as your style. Coating with semi-gloss in your wooden stairs gives the lighten up your house. Better you use the durable paint to make a long-lasting appearance to your stairway.

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[05 of 05] Concrete Stairs Paint Ideas

If you ask can paint concrete stairs? The answer will be yes. You can use Painted Stairs Ideas to give a great look. However, you need more tools, skills, and time to make the best result in your house stairs.

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