Clean The Mess With Fun And Easy Outdoor Storage For Toys DIY Projects

Outdoor Storage For Toys

When the holiday comes, there is no doubt that all of those your children’s toys will be splattered around the house. One way to solve the problem is by providing outdoor storage for toys.

If you have a hard time buying one, then you can do some DIY projects for it. The DIY storage projects come in customized design and sizes. This a great idea to match the toys and the use.

Placing them outside not only provides you with a bigger DIY area but also leads your kids to play outdoor. Interested? Here are some fun and easy inspirations for you.

[01 of 10] Outside Toy Organizer

This outdoor storage for toys is very simple and easy. Consisting of rack and metal baskets, the creator made the knickknack deposit looks fresh and clean.

It also uses a vinyl label to name all kinds of toys it contains. Place it at the backyard corner, this piece will steal your attention.



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[02 of 10] Toy Car Parking Garage

Create a fun parking garage miniature for all your kid’s toy car like this idea. Made of wooden structure and flat roofing, it appears as simple storage at the backyard.

Adding a small outdoor curtain system creates a great concealing method. It provides cover, hides the toys, and also protect them from the weather.

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[03 of 10] DIY Rolling Storage

This wooden railing design is a great design of mobile outdoor storage for toys. The rollers provide great mobility for the structure.

You can store numerous and various kinds of toys in it, from balls to skateboard. At the same time, it let you move the storage everywhere you need.

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[04 of 10] Organizing Outdoor Toys

In case you have some unused plastic crates, then transform it into this storage design. Here, the crates are hung on the fences using some simple hooks.

The plastic crates and hooks provide durability and great at withstanding the weather. It also not permanent, so you can unhook and move it inside.

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[05 of 10] DIY Pegboard Organizer

Here, the pegboard is installed inside the garage. The nails provide hooks and easy to adjust storage ideas. You can hang some racks, containers, or buckets on it.

With this design, you can easily gain some surface to store some toys. Hangs badminton rackets, helmet, ball racks, hand tools, etc.

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[06 of 10] Ball Storage

Get inspired by the ball storage on the toy store, this idea incorporates wooden planks and some ropes to secure the ball.

All you need to do is fastening the rope from the top and the bottom wooden plank. Creating a wall rack that can hold numerous ball easily.

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[07 of 10] DIY Outdoor Toy Storage

For this outdoor storage for toys, you can build a small shed in between the home structure. It uses a simple design that consists of wood and vinyl curtain.

The small DIY project is a perfect solution to hide the clutter, to park the toy car, and protect them at the same time.


[08 of 10] DIY Storage Bench

In this idea, you got a bench and hidden storage at the same time. The woodwork skill is very handy in this idea.

You can create this design by upcycling spare wood. Then transform it into a simple wooden crate design that comes with a backrest for a seating bench.

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[09 of 10] Toy Storage Bin

If you opt for a project that provides a large model and easy to build, then this outdoor storage for toys is yours. It made of woods as the frame and flooring, then the sides all wrapped with nets. The design is very simple, yet offer big storage and great outdoor piece.


[10 of 10] Backyard Toy Pantry

If you got an old cupboard, then you can transform it into this idea. Just replace the door with chalkboards to add some charm.

Want to make it from scratch? Okay. By making it by yourself, you got a bigger chance to match the size with the available space or toys.


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