Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas to Beautify Your Lavatory

Mid Century Modern Bathroom

Who said bathing is such a boring activity? By applying the concept of mid century modern bathroom, you can make yourself enjoy a bathroom with a good atmosphere.

Some people underestimate the comfort of their bathroom because they deem a bathroom as a dirty place. This is a time for you to know that bathroom is also a part of your room that needs to be prettified.

Why is it so? It has been proven that some people can relieve their burden from work by having a shower. Do you want to try? Take a look at these ideas.

[01 of 05] Mid Century Modern Bathroom Vanity

This bathroom idea is intended to maximize a bathroom for organizing the important stuff orderly. By using an organized cabinet in a bathroom, you can keep your stuff safe and neat.

You should choose a bright color for this mid century modern bathroom. It makes your room look larger than its original size. It is very worth to try, right?

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[02 of 05] Mid Century Modern Bathroom Lighting

To make a bathroom look clean, you should provide adequate lights and sufficiently high lighting. The brighter your room, the cleaner, and tidier it will look.

You can use a chandelier as the key lighting. A lamp hanging on the wall is also a good choice. To make your bathroom look fancy and luxurious, you should use gold color light.

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[03 of 05] Mid Century Modern Bathroom Mirror

A mirror is very important to complete the mid century modern bathroom concept. You may use a cabinet that has a mirror on it. Using a wall mirror is also a good choice to make your bathroom tidier.

There are many styles of bathroom mirrors you might like. You can use a round shape mirror or a cubicle that has storage.

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[04 of 05] Mid Century Modern Bathroom Tile

It is important for you to choose a sturdy and water-resistant tile. The most trending tile you can try nowadays is a wood look. It gives a natural impression of your bathroom.

To make your bathroom look tidy, you should match the tile used on the wall and the floor. They both must have a good color combination.

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[05 of 05]  Mid Century Modern Bathroom Shower Curtain

Shower curtain you will love for your bathroom is the one that has a white color and a little transparency. It will give a different impression with a curtain at the window.

You should choose the one that has high water resistance. You may use a curtain with a certain motif like flower, scenery, or line to create your bathroom feel.

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