10 Grand Mansion Living Room Design Dripping In Luxurious Furniture

Who doesn’t want an enchanting living room? Especially if it is located in a mansion? But, how exactly the mansion living room looks like? The answer is pretty much varying.

Depending on the owner or designer concept and preference, the ideas are almost limitless. You got those rooms that glittering with luxurious furniture, a mansion dripping with a classic touch, or living room with those elegant décors.

From the touch of wall paint, furnishing, lighting, to the ornament, you got numerous things to increase the room appeal. Below are 10 marvelous designs in different styles to get you to feel inspired.

[01/10] Built For Comfort

Here, you got a humongous comfy sectional sofa so you can watch the TV. This mansion living room in white and grey appears simple with some striking colors.

You can see the TV is located on top of the fireplace, making the place a great location to enjoy the warmth or watch television.

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Built For Comfort 1a

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Built For Comfort 1b

[02/10] Plenty Of Natural Light

In this room surrounded by the window, you can relax and enjoy nature at the same time. The use of large windows brings tons of natural light.

The terracotta brick flooring states it exists as the focal point and the visual interest in this soft-colored room.

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Made For Entertainment 10b

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Plenty Of Natural Light 2b

[03/10] Made For Showing

In this barn style mansion living room, you got numerous shelving that provides numerous storage space. It’s great to display some of your rare antique collections.

The exposed wooden beam ceiling, farmhouse circle chandelier, and the round gatehouse wall clock plus all the wooden elements, complement the room with a rustic vibe.

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Made For Showing 3a

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Made For Showing 3b

[04/10] Elegant Décor Style

The idea in this picture combines the contemporary style with the farmhouse style. The tall pitched wood beam ceiling and its round ceiling state the rustic design.

On the other hand, the large window, the sectional sofa, plus all the modern furniture come together to add elegant touches in the room.

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Elegant Décor Style 4a

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Elegant Décor Style 4b

[05/10] Light And Modern Rustic

Many mansions decide to create a perfect fuse of modern and rustic style, including this design with light wood accent and white paint.

The room has some colors thank some pillows and the ottomans in blue. The lack of striking color makes the room appears light, comfortable, and soft.

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Light And Modern Rustic 5a

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Light And Modern Rustic 5b

[06/10] Hardwood And Stone Perfection

In this modern mansion, you can see that the concept is collaborating with the stone and hardwood that come in similar colors (white and cream).

If you look above, the dark hardwood brings accents to the room. In this room, the wood stump as a coffee table is a great focal point. 

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Hardwood And Stone Perfection 6a

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Hardwood And Stone Perfection 6b

[07/10] Beautiful Hardwood Floor

The flooring choice is one of the determiners that will affect the mansion living room appearance. Just like this design with hardwood floor that contrasting with the brighter interior.

It also brings color and accent to the room. With a luxurious chandelier and rustic furniture, they blend to create this luxurious room.  

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Beautiful Hardwood Floor 7a

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Beautiful Hardwood Floor 7b

[08/10] Opulence And Style

This picture shows how luxurious a living room in the mansion can be. The grandeur style is completely portrayed with the furniture pick, materials, and color.

Even the wall and ceiling molding, plus the lighting are matching. It is a perfect room to meet your guest in the utmost style.

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Opulence And Style 8a

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Opulence And Style 8b

[09/10] Upscale Cabin Scale

Who said that a cabin style mansion living room can’t look marvelous? Just look at this design that shows a beautiful and warm mansion.

The use of brick and wooden elements as the main characteristics are boosted with the tall ceiling plus the stacked fireplace. Making the room a perfect escape place.

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Upscale Cabin Scale 9a

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Upscale Cabin Scale 9b

[10/10] Made For Entertainment

Here, you got the best view from the window. Located outdoor, the room was styled in a very simple design.

It has minimal colored furniture to complement the amazing view. The only striking design comes from the wooden flooring and side table. A great place to impress your guest or family.

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Made For Entertainment 10a

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Made For Entertainment 10b

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