10 Mesmerizing Luxury Bedrooms Ideas For The Best And Finest Sleep Experience

Luxury Bedrooms Ideas

The bedroom is where you got privacy, a place you can enjoy and relax, a room to get away from the day. In this manner, who wouldn’t want to stay in a well-designed room? Some luxury bedrooms ideas not only bring comfort but also eye-pleasing.

Many people considering the luxurious bedroom because of the cost. But, with some creativity, it is not impossible to create the room sans the splurging.

How? Playing with colors, textures, lighting fixtures, and furniture can be the answer. With that idea, more or less you got to make your dream bedroom come true like some of these ideas.

[01/10] Shades Of Blue

Blue is one of the classic luxury bedrooms ideas color scheme. The color offers a cool, timeless, and relaxing ambiance from it.

Here, the bedding, pillows, walls, and the furniture are all dripped in the different shades of blue. The white and blue combo works together in creating this mesmerizing room. 

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Shades Of Blue 1a

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Shades Of Blue 1b

[02/10] Gold Accents

Gold is the epitome of rich and lux. Here, the golden color not only brings striking color but also brings an accent to the white and steel grey bedroom.

The color is splashed through the geometric wall pattern, lining, pillows, and the attention stealer gold chandelier. Make you feel sleeping in lux.  

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Gold Accents 2a

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Gold Accents 2b

[03/10] Pops Of Mustard

The grey and mustard color also one of many common combinations for luxury bedrooms ideas. in this picture, you can see the creative use of mustard color in the room.

The not so bright yellow and not so flashy gold, make it blend with grey in the form of headboard lighting, pillow, and koi fish decal.

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Pops Of Mustard 3a

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Pops Of Mustard 3b

[04/10] Mesmerizing Eclectic

Combining many styles either bring eclectic feeling or look disastrous. This design proves you the good combination Mediterranean, hobo, modern, and rustic style. 

It can work perfectly because of the use of three main colors, blue, white, and browns. From the ceiling, lighting, headboard, to the floor are following the same color scheme.

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Mesmerizing Eclectic 4a

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Mesmerizing Eclectic 4b

[05/10] Golden Four Poster

The splash of gold on the poster bed gives a luxurious vibe to this simple bedroom. The color also slightly shiny, making it a focal point of the room.

The room is designed in flair, with a very minimal color combination. Making the gold popped out inside this white, pale brown, and black bedroom.

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Golden Four Poster 5a

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Golden Four Poster 5b

[06/10] Dark Elegance

Bright interior spell beauty, dark design state mystery, elegance, and urbane feeling. With the rise of modern and contemporary design, this idea is surprisingly welcomed.

Here, the wall, flooring, and furniture come in different shades of brown. The soft lighting fixture complement the alluring design, make the room feel warm and cozy.

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Dark Elegance 6a

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Dark Elegance 6b

[07/10] Dazzling Nightstand

Adding unique furniture also part of luxury bedrooms ideas. Here, the golden nightstand screams and add color to the room.

The teal and white bedroom create a clean, sleek, and pure luxury feeling. It also a very versatile color choice, which is why adding punchy nightstand work wonders like in this picture.

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Dazzling Nightstand 7a

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Dazzling Nightstand 7b

[08/10] Modern Scandinavian

Love to snuggle in a soft blanket? The Scandinavian design will be your pick. But stripped-down the design and combine it with a minimalist style, then you got this mesmerizing room.

The minimalist tone (brown and grey) enhance the room’s visual along with the comfortable soft cushion, rug, and the bedding.

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Modern Scandinavian 8a

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Modern Scandinavian 8b

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Modern Scandinavian 8c

[09/10] Asian Minimalist

The yin and the yang color are incorporated in many minimalist luxury bedrooms ideas, just like this picture. The fusion show balance of the bright and the dark.

Practically, the two colors blend perfectly as furniture, flooring, and ceiling. There is no color dominant, all come together creating this enchanting bedroom design.

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Asian Minimalist 9a

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Asian Minimalist 9b

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Asian Minimalist 9c

[10/10] Tropical Hues

You can create a luxurious bedroom by bringing the relaxing atmosphere of spa resorts. The use of rattan, reed flooring, wooden wall, and the earth tone color emphasize the vibe.

The colorful bedding and wall facing the garden make it more tropical. The unique rattan lamp and tow hanging bedside lamps complete the overall looks. 

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Tropical Hues 10a

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Tropical Hues 10b

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