Five Long Living Room Ideas You Should Copy in Your Home

Long Living Room Ideas

The living room can be the best place to spend out your time with family. However, if your house design has a long model, you can use these long living room ideas to apply in your home to create an aesthetic model.

You might be thinking about how to create a good design on your space in the stylish design. There are a lot of design concepts that make a long living room organize.

From adding the decoration, pictures, even changing the paint of the wall, your option is countless.  For this reason, here are ideas that will inspire you to create a stunning long living room.

[01 of 05] with TV

Long living room ideas with the TV are one of most people get along to place it. When it comes to properly place the TV, height, and distance become the vital elements to consider. You need to calculate where the TV should be placed in.

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[02 of 05] with Fireplace

It is a smart option if you set a fireplace in the living room. It is because the living room is the center area to warmth the household. How about the long living room? You can place a fireplace in a corner of your part of your space.


[03 of 05] with Bay Window

Arranging a long living room with bay window is not difficult as you think since you try this idea. To best result, you should not cover up the bay window to make the natural light enter your living room in a good condition.

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[04 of 05] with High Ceiling

Decorating the long living room with a high ceiling can create the space full look. They look fascinating, elegant, and make your room open up. Besides, you need to give a huge window to help your space perfectly organize and wider.

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[05 of 05] with Painted

You can make your Long living room ideas with paint. It becomes the most popular design process. You can use the numerous colors such as bright, neutral, or something bold to paint your space based on your preferred color that you like.

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