10 Ideas To Create Modern Cozy Living Room Have More Aesthetic Appearance

Modern Cozy Living Room

Talking about coziness, the homey ambiance of a room makes us want to relax and escape from the world. You may think about how to create a modern cozy living room have a more aesthetic appearance. The proportion of architecture design is one of the most crucial points to make this…

Decorate Luxurious Black and Gold Living Room For Your Home

Casual Living Room Black and Gold 1b

There are many ways to decorate your living room. A black and gold living room can be a luxury idea for you and also a great combination. Black represents mysterious and gloomy while gold represents rich and luxury. Color combination is common in design interior, especially in decorating bedrooms. The combination…

10 Cozy and Simple Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas You Should Try

Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

A cozy and simple farmhouse living room decorating ideas has been accessible in recent years. This decor is come up with nostalgia and comfort tone, make it to chic for your living room. Important aspects to make an excellent farmhouse is to choose the right furniture. Casual couches, natural elements look,…

Ten Satisfactory Furniture for Earth Tone Living Room to Emphasize Your Lounge

Earth Tone Living Room

Do you like a natural-inspired interior design? If yes, then you must be want to have an earth tone living room. It’s mostly in the soil brown or brick color. Why picking the earthy colors? Because they give you peaceful feelings. Perfect for your dream house. This shade usually matches well…

Eco-Friendly Material for 10 Types of Stone Wall for Living Room

Stone Wall for Living Room

There are many types of walls for your family room’s design. For example, plywood, cinder blocks, pegboard, including a stone wall for living room. Some home designers decide to use stone as walling material. Because it’s more resistant to breaking and chipping than the other wall’s substance. The stone will not…

10 Creative Living Room With Corner Fireplace Ideas To Maximize The Space

living room with corner fireplace - Gray Interior Design Modern wallpaper stone fireplace

There are many ways that every homeowner can do to maximize the living room space. One of them is by applying the living room with corner fireplace. Yes, the corner fireplace will be a great visual addition to your room. But why installing a corner fireplace? There are two case scenarios….

5 Best Stone Wall Living Room Design to Add on Your Home

Stone Wall Living Room

Do you want to have something new in your living room? You might think that adding stone can be awkward to your design. But, the stone wall living room can change the entire place plus giving a country and modern style at the same time. Stone interior walls don’t have to…

Best Round Coffee Table Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

Round Coffee Table Decor

One of the most challenging skills is to decorate a round coffee table. But, you can get the best design if you use a good combination just like these round coffee table decor ideas for your house, especially your living room. The important thing is to style based on the shape…

Five Long Living Room Ideas You Should Copy in Your Home

Long Living Room Ideas

The living room can be the best place to spend out your time with family. However, if your house design has a long model, you can use these long living room ideas to apply in your home to create an aesthetic model. You might be thinking about how to create a…