10 Creative Living Room With Corner Fireplace Ideas To Maximize The Space

living room with corner fireplace - Gray Interior Design Modern wallpaper stone fireplace

There are many ways that every homeowner can do to maximize the living room space. One of them is by applying the living room with corner fireplace.

Yes, the corner fireplace will be a great visual addition to your room. But why installing a corner fireplace? There are two case scenarios.

First, you want to decorate the corner or you need to install around that location. This idea also a great design for those who have a small living room space. Interested? Here are some corner fireplace designs ideas you can explore to get some inspiration.

[01 of 10] Rustic Shiplap Built-In Cozy Diy Corner Fireplace

This living room with corner fireplace adopts a shiplap design that perfectly blends with the white wall. The use of a white color scheme creates a unify looks for the corner.

With some related decoration pieces, you can see how appealing the fireplace is. It successfully states itself as a focal point.


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[02 of 10] Simple Electric Corner Fireplace For A Cozy Atmosphere

If you are looking for a more modern yet functional piece, then the electric fireplace will be a good selection. Here, you can see how the fireplace incorporated in the corner of the room.

It applies a simple white design to complement the room theme. It looks clean, minimalist, sleek, and blend perfectly.

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[03 of 10] Two Panel Free Standing Corner Fireplace Screen

This cool looking fireplace is a good example of a safe yet stylish collection. The living room with corner fireplace uses a unique design that comes with the two-panel design.

One side is covered with a screen, while the other can be easily opened for loading firewood. All in all, the design is functional yet safe.

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[04 of 10] Hand Hewn Solid Pine Rustic Fireplace Mantel

This particular custom-made fireplace looks epic staying in the corner. The hand-hewn solid pine creates a unique view when combined with brick and solid plank.

You can see how the design exudes a rustic vibe. The display of metal milk containers, candles, glasses, and wooden stars boast the farmhouse style.


[05 of 10] Beautiful Farmhouse Home Décor Sign

Once again the farmhouse style is a great pick for the fireplace. Here, the brick material was softened with the white wooden shelving.

The wooden sign, candles, and the planter also bring color to this particular fireplace. Combine it with dark flooring, this piece is a great focal point to the room.

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[06 of 10] Hand Painted Wooden Sign For Mantel Decoration

Combine or incorporate numerous hand-painted wooden signs around the corner fireplace will create or enhance the fireplace display.

Just like this picture that boasts the white, gray, brick, and wood material to state the rustic and farmhouse aesthetic. It also enlivened with wooden furniture such as the shelve, planter, and frame.

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[07 of 10] Farmhouse Style Wood Burning Stove Corner Design

This living room with corner fireplace chooses a black burning stove as the alternative piece. It works the same to heat and to bring light to the room.

But visually, it is the total opposite. The burning stove and its surrounding decoration display an antique vibe and boast the midcentury style design.


[08 of 10] Cozy Corner DIY Fireplace Reveal With Whitewashed Brick

This is another burning stove that looks amazing in the corner. The stovepipe that bent to the brick wall creates a unique visual to the room.

The stove itself looks impressive with the lantern lamp and firewood around it. Creating the corner turned into a specific focal point.

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[09 of 10] Chunky Rustic Pine Beam Fireplace Mantel

Combining the strong-looking brick with the rustic pine beam like this living room with corner fireplace idea will turn your room looks majestic.

You can see the big structure fits perfectly in the corner. Utilize the space to create a practical piece and add visual interest.


[10 of 10] Salvaged And Distressed Barn Wood Fireplace Mantel

This design boasts a warm, inviting, and soft visual to the room corner. If you look at it, you can see it adopt the calming winter vibe.

The use of white bricks, wall paint, and barn wood enhances the atmosphere. Making the piece a great scene-stealer in the room.

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