Applicable For Everything, Here Are Some Innovative Outdoor Landscaping Timber Ideas for You

Landscaping Timber Ideas

Landscaping timber ideas are endless. The versatility and durability of timber make it applicable for almost everything. You can name it. Garden, deck, patio, pergola, furniture, log cabin, to pool area, you can use landscaping timber.

All in all, you can say the timber or wood element is applicable for a lot of things. Especially for the outdoor landscape.

But isn’t it hard to do landscaping? At some point, a bigger project will need tons of effort. Otherwise, some simple DIY projects are inexpensive and doable.

Interested to try? Here some innovative outdoor landscaping timber designs for your backyard renovation.

[01/10] A Simple Fence

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A Simple Fence 1a

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A Simple Fence 1b

Fences are the most common application of many landscaping timber ideas. In this picture, the simple horizontal lined up timber look sleek and modern.

The small gaps and symmetry design plus the natural wood color are pleasant to our eyes. It simple but function to the fullest as a fence.

[02/10] A Natural Walkway

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A Natural Walkway 2a

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A Natural Walkway 2b

Another simple and doable project is wood garden walkways. Placing down some plank on the garden full of grass creates a down to earth vibe.

Using minimal styling or let the plank just as it is, will complement the project’s meaning. This design resembles the feel of walking in a forest.

[03/10] A Custom Timber Planter

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A Custom Timber Planter 3a

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A Custom Timber Planter 3b

Landscaping timber ideas to make planters also very common, but this idea is very vast and customizable with whatever you picture in your head.

You can make a raised bed or simple planter boxes just like this picture. The planks are attached to the RV wall, creating functional wall mounted planters. 

[04/10] Rustic Furnishing

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Rustic Furnishing 4a

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Rustic Furnishing 4b

If you got some handy skills, you can try DIY projects to make rustic furniture out of timber. Here, you can see garden benches, picnic table with umbrella, and outdoor chairs.

The simple wood plank that screwed together and left with its natural grayish wooden color complement the outdoor views.

[05/10] The Classic Deck

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The Classic Deck 5a

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The Classic Deck 5b

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The Classic Deck 5c

Of course, wooden decks would be on this list. This is not a novel idea, but the charms of the classic walkways still hold its position just like this picture.

The lined-up wooden plank creates access and beauty to your lawn. With natural color, the appearance fuse with natural views.

[06/10] Patio Roof And Columns

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Patio Roof And Columns 6a

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Patio Roof And Columns 6b

The durable timber is a very good material for wooden columns and patios. It brings a rustic and natural vibe to your home living.

You can even incorporate some vines and plants that climbing through the structure, such as wisteria shrubs. The flowers will add natural color, scents, and visual interest.

[07/10] Wooden Bridge For Pond Or Water Feature

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Wooden Bridge For Pond Or Water Feature 7a

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Wooden Bridge For Pond Or Water Feature 7b

Do you have a pond? Then make a functional and pretty bridge as landscaping timber ideas. This can make an impressive addition to your pond and increase the curb values.

Here is a simple wooden bridge that placed across a pond. It provides a walkway to access those hidden backyard areas.

[08/10] Above Ground Pool

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Above Ground Pool 8a

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Above Ground Pool 8b

Just like a wooden deck, timber durability can be made into an above-ground timber pool. This idea is preferable for those who want a more affordable pool.

Now you don’t need to dig down the ground. Instead, you can create a mesmerizing pool with customizable designs and stairs surrounding it. 

[09/10] Landscape Timber Pergola

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Landscape Timber Pergola 9a

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Landscape Timber Pergola 9b

Many landscaping timber ideas also come in the form of pergola and gazebo. Using timber as the main structure brings a certain feeling to the location (and lesser budget).

These ideas are highly customizable. Just like this picture with simple L-shaped pergola to provide shades for the garden seating area.   

[10/10] Retaining Wall Ideas

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Retaining Wall Ideas 10a

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Retaining Wall Ideas 10b

You can also bump up your house curb value with a customized retaining wall. Timber has three varieties, Cedar, Redwood, or Sapele.

It harbors different characteristics and color. You can choose one that fits with your yard and create amazing diverse terrain levels. It will bring depth and increase visual value. 

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