Transform Room’s Aesthetic, Here Are 10 Genius Kitchen Vaulted Ceiling Design For You

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Incorporating the vaulted ceiling is a great way to add texture, height, and creating a dramatic effect. While it can be applied in many locations, kitchen vaulted ceiling designs somehow getting popular.

The ceiling designs is vast with different shapes, styling, materials, structures, etc. It can be said that the use of a vaulted ceiling will create height and enhance the aesthetic.

You got the cathedral ceiling, barrel ceiling, to the exposed beam design. Install some lighting on it and the architectural design is even more striking. Below are 10 genius vaulted ideas you can incorporate to bump up your kitchen style. 

[01/10] Perfect Skylight Style

This kitchen vaulted ceiling comes with two skylights that separated with two small wooden beams in between. The glass brings natural light in the kitchen. Make the room look brighter and higher.

The wooden element from the beams and flooring add contrast to this perfectly blended contemporary and traditional styled kitchen.

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Perfect Skylight Style 1a

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Perfect Skylight Style 1b

[02/10] Cathedra’ Style Kitchen

The cathedral vaulted is the most basic to create an illusion of a bigger room. Here, the white and traditional kitchen is a perfect match with the ceiling style.

The simple color scheme of white, black, and contrasting wood flooring work together making the room look sleeks, clean, and luxurious.

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Cathedral Style Kitchen 2a

[03/10] Rustic European Curves

In this picture, the architect takes a different styling for the kitchen vaulted ceiling. The charming brick curved ceiling works well with the overall room design.

The curve softens the whole furniture and materials choices in the room. This design reminds you of how soothing and charming the rustic European style is.

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Rustic European Curves 3a


Rustic European Curves 3b

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Rustic European Curves 3c

[04/10] Wonderful Design Style

This kitchen may small in the surface, but the tall cathedral ceiling and the high window create an illusion of how big the room is.

The window allows natural light to brighten the room and create a great focal point for how extravagance the slightly contrasting greyish ceiling is.

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Wonderful Design Style 4b

[05/10] Modern Industrial Style

The asymmetrical raised ceiling in this design makes the room looks unique. While the room employs the modern industrial style, the exposed wooden beams add contrast to the room.

The lighting fixtures are on point. Putting it in different levels, models, and location make the industrial style more apparent.

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Modern Industrial Style 5a

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Modern Industrial Style 5b

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Modern Industrial Style 5c

[06/10] Great Hardwood Use

The contrasting hardwood ceiling in this design adds textures, matches the flooring, and brings depth to the room.

While the rooms paint, cabinetry, and lightings are in white, the wooden element makes the room looks elegant and not boring. The blue and wooden tabletop island turned as a great focal point.

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Great Hardwood Use 6a

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Great Hardwood Use 6b

[07/10] Sleek Functional Space

The kitchen vaulted ceiling in this picture show that the design also comes with great function. While the high ceiling enhances the aesthetic, you can make higher cabinetry as well. 

Here, the open style kitchen looks bigger with its ceiling. It also complements the blend of industrial and traditional design perfectly. 

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Sleek Functional Space 7a

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Sleek Functional Space 7b

[08/10] Comfortable Modern Style

This open room design looks majestic and comfortable with its color scheme and high ceiling. It incorporates weathered hardwood beams to match the grayish color.

Here, the kitchen ceiling is at different heights. While it has a smaller space, the use of an open room style makes a batter walkway and accessibility.

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Comfortable Modern Style 8a

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Comfortable Modern Style 8b

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Comfortable Modern Style 8c

[09/10] Hardwood Beam Contrast

Once again, the classic wooden cathedral styled kitchen vaulted ceiling makes an interesting design. You can see the dark hardwood beam is contrasting the white ceiling.

However, the exposed beams create a great balance since it matches with the flooring and the island. It adds texture and rustic traditional vibe.

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Hardwood Beam Contrast 9a

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Hardwood Beam Contrast 9b


Hardwood Beam Contrast 9c

[10/10] Traditional Loft Space

Modern, rustic, and traditional designs are perfectly blended in this kitchen. Thanks to the high ceiling, you can take a breath from the heavy grey and stainless steel kitchenette.

The soft wall paint, wooden ceiling, and flooring soften the strong shiny material. It’s great that it incorporates large windows for natural lighting.

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Traditional Loft Space 10a

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Traditional Loft Space 10b

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