Planning For Kitchen Log Cabin? Here Are Some Cozy And Warm Design Inspirations

Kitchen Log Cabin

There are certain vibes and atmospheres only rustic kitchen offers. The warmth, cozy, natural, and emotional ambiance are what you got. Considering a kitchen log cabin is one way to achieve those benefits.

When it comes to creating this particular design you have one key element – wood with all its defining characteristics.

This versatile design is endless. There won’t be any shortage of kitchen decoration or building ideas.  From the simple cabin to the luxurious cabin style, you will be amazed by the vast possibilities.

Without further ado, here are some amazing cozy and warm kitchen cabin designs you can adopt.

[1/10] Wood And Stone Pairing

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Wood And Stone Pairing 1a

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Wood And Stone Pairing 1b

This kitchen log cabin design combines two classic building elements, wood, and stone. The stonework excellently in creating an accent to the wooden house.

At the same time, the similar color hue of the countertop, chairs, and furniture create a balance and perfectly match with the overall design.

[2/10] Light And Dark Wood Combo

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Light And Dark Wood Combo 2a

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Light And Dark Wood Combo 2b

Color holds a great role in this design. Despite appearing in the same color tones, the light and dark wood create a beautiful fusion in the kitchen.

The slightly different wood grain colors create dimension, warmth, and mesmerizing perspective in the whole space. It also completed with the matching light fixture.

[3/10] Exposed And Finished Ceiling Beams

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Exposed And Finished Ceiling Beams 3a

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Exposed And Finished Ceiling Beams 3b

You should not shy away from applying kitchen log cabin ideas to contemporary style. Just like this plan that combines the two styles to create a beautiful kitchen.

The exposed ceiling beam and wooden furniture embrace the cabin aesthetic. Both are visually symbolic and beautiful to create a warm cozy area. 

[4/10] Circular Stone Island

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Circular Stone Island 4b

Stone and wood come together very well. The uncommon circular islands create a unique design element and great centerpiece to your kitchen. 

The design itself is fun as well. Combined with the log beams that hang on top of it plus dark countertop, the island is the best investment you can get.

[5/10] Angled Kitchen Ceiling

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Angled Kitchen Ceiling 5a

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Angled Kitchen Ceiling 5b

The angled bar top in this design looks epic and functional as well. It provides extra countertop and separates the space.

Other than that, the cabinetry, island, and cookery design are truly admirable. Black countertop, light wood, beams, white tile backsplash, stone chimney and flooring, complement this luxurious kitchen cabin.

[6/10] A Window With A View

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Kitchen Log Cabin - A Window With A View 6a

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Kitchen Log Cabin - A Window With A View 6b

The small kitchen cabin design looks spacious with big windows that overlook beautiful scenery. It also reminds the guest about the expansive setting of the cabin itself.

The kitchen comes with simple designs using black and white colors combination. The black island states its importance without being too much distracting.

[7/10] Island With A Pop Of Classic Color

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Island With A Pop Of Classic Color 7a

This kitchen log cabin idea appears with red as the main color. Opting for deep roasted red is a great decision to correspond cabin aesthetic.

The kitchen also has a unique island that comes with stoves, a quarter circular dining table, and extra tabletop. Make it great for hanging out.

[8/10] Hanging Island Light Fixtures

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Hanging Island Light Fixtures 8a

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Hanging Island Light Fixtures 8b

The warmth and comfortable atmosphere are not only come from the wood element, but also the light fixture. The hanging lights add elegance ambiance to the cabin.

It also serves both practical and aesthetic to the kitchen. The warm orange light perfectly fits with the wooden ceiling, cabinetry, island, and furniture.   

[9/10] Stunning Window Archways

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Stunning Window Archways 9a

Creating stunning archways out of the wood frame is the key to this kitchen log cabin design. The wooden frame softens the windows and matches the kitchen design.

Other than that, the metallic countertop for the stone island will stone your attention. It creates contemporary design look even more mesmerizing.

[10/10] Wood And Marble Top

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Wood And Marble Top 10a

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Kitchen Log Cabin - Wood And Marble Top 10b

Come with the light-colored wood cabinets and island, the marble top creates stunning appearance in the kitchen. There is not much color hue, but the kitchen still impressive.

It also has stone backsplash and ceiling light that complement the design. Making it look simple and great addition to the log cabin.

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