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What comes to your mind when talking about Japanese living rooms? Heartwarming, comfortable, inviting, and woods may appear as soon as you think about their architecture.

All in all, Japanese culture is quite interesting to explore. Especially about the living room design, which has a variety of possibilities. You got the luxurious design, the homey room, the relaxing room, simplistic, to the traditional looking living room.

So, the possibilities are almost endless when talking about the Japanese inspired living room. If you are interested, here are some genius and relaxing ideas that will bring the Japanese vibe into your home living.

[01/10] Japanese Living Room Decoration

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Japanese Living Room Decoration 1a.jpeg

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Japanese Living Room Decoration 1b

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Japanese Living Room Decoration 1c

The Japanese living rooms idea can be achieved with related decoration. Since renovating the whole room with tatami and wood can be pricy, then use this idea.

You can bring the vibe with ball-shaped lanterns, hiragana painting, wooden coffee table, glass potted plants, shelves, sand wood wall panels.

[02/10] Home-Style Japanese Living Room

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Home-Style Japanese Living Room -2a

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Home-Style Japanese Living Room -2b

This idea brings you an option to stylist the rooms with related furniture. Opting the iconic wall screen, wooden tatami seating complete with pillows, and tea tray will be the perfect addition.

Bring along the medium-sized potted plant, beautiful paper umbrella, and a wooden cubical floor lamp to complete the look.

[03/10] Living Room With Japanese Style

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Living Room With Japanese Style 3a

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Living Room With Japanese Style 3b

You can always incorporate the iconic Japanese living rooms furniture and aesthetic to match the intention.

Here, you got the wooden seating, some stepping stones, wooden flooring, and walls screen. All of them are fused into one modern styled living room, making it look unique yet inviting for its comfort.

[04/10] San Francisco Japanese Tea Room

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San Francisco Japanese Tea Room 4a

Bringing wooden elements and warmth to your living can be done by installing the iconic tatami. Yes, the iconic Japanese traditional rice straw mat.

Style it with screen doors, wooden coffee table, low seating, exposed wooden wall trimming, lighting fixtures, and other wooden furniture to emphasize the Japanese style.

[05/10] Traditional Japanese Living Room

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Traditional Japanese Living Room 5a

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Traditional Japanese Living Room 5b

In case you are uncomfortable with the straw mat, then you can opt for the simple carpet, seating pillows, and coffee table.

Here, the style was brought through the mesmerizing patterned paper screen door and paneled wall. The room also has a low ceiling with ball lamps as the main lamp fixtures.

[06/10] Deluxe Contemporary Traditional Living Room

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Deluxe Contemporary Traditional Living Room 6a

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Deluxe Contemporary Traditional Living Room 6c

The modern Japanese living room is something you can’t miss out on. Just like this contemporary design that looks exquisite with the black and white color scheme.

It incorporates the Japanese iconic wooden deck, seating, table, and the paneled large window. This modern style still employs traditional aspects from wooden elements.

[07/10] Small Japanese Living Space

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Small Japanese Living Space 7a

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Small Japanese Living Space 7b

Japanese living rooms are loved for their unique architectural elements. Here, you can see the beauty of the traditional living room that comes from the wooden elements.

From the ceiling, shelving, doors, tatami, the flooring is made of the wood base element. Even it has some modern touch, this design is mesmerizing. 

[08/10] Japanese Tatami

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Japanese Tatami 8a

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Japanese Tatami 8b

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Japanese Tatami 8c

Once again tatami is an iconic piece that will perfectly render your Japanese style living room. The mat is available in different colors, including the white one.

Here, the use of bright white tatami makes the room looks bigger and brighter. It looks great with the Japanese walls, furniture, and décor.

[09/10] Modern Japanese Style Living Room

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Modern Japanese Style Living Room 9a

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Modern Japanese Style Living Room 9b

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Modern Japanese Style Living Room 9c

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Modern Japanese Style Living Room 9d

Incorporating the already existing spaces to adopting the Japanese living rooms style is not that hard. Just like this idea that portrays modern style room.

The room uses simple color tones, lighting fixtures, and some Japanese iconic items in it. You can see the straw curtain, wooden deck, and bamboo wall décor.

[10/10] Zoe And Yukata

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Zoe And Yukata 10a

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Zoe And Yukata 10b

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Zoe And Yukata 10c

How if you got a limited budget? This simple idea just says that you can bring Japanese style though the décor and outdoor view.

Yes, the Yukata/kimono or traditional Japanese clothing that displayed on the wall has shown your intention. The lush green outdoor also do the same.

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