Five Humidifier Air Purifier Combo for Perfect Balance of Fresh and Healthier Breathing

Humidifier Air Purifier Combo

Breathing is a necessity for every human. However, due the climate change and pollution, the air is no longer secure. For this reason, you need a humidifier air purifier combo for healthier breathing.

Not only is that, but your homes also constant attack by pet dander, dust mites, and other unpredictable organic compounds. To protect your homes, you need to choose the best product.

Why you need a purifier and humidifier combo device? This product can help you to maintain a healthy moisture level in the air during the dry season even cold season. You can enjoy the privileges from both functions if you pick the right product.

There are a lot of products out there that provide a combination of humidifier and purifier offers in a good feature. Therefore you need to choose the best one to better result. Here is the recommendation for the product you should know to buy.

The Factors You Should Know Before Purchasing Air Purifier Humidifier Combo

1. Deciding the Use of the Product

The first one before you buy good items, you need to decide why you need air purifier humidifier combo. As you know that these items are the device that can purify and humidify the air in good condition. Thus, instead of buying a purifier and humidifier separately, you can buy the combo series. Numerous products provide in this feature. You will enjoy the pure and warm air at home with saving much energy and space.

As stated before that breathing is no longer a need for everyone due to the increase in air contamination. Therefore, sometimes people breathe in bad air all the time and can get health issues. Additionally, during the cold seasons, breathing in cold weather air can increase the chances of getting flu. So, without a humidifier combo, it is easy to spread the effects of cold to the other family members quickly and earlier. The combo devices will best items to prevent these issues.

2. The Benefits of the Product You Should Consider To Know

There are a lot of benefits that will you get by investing your money in this purifier and humidifier combo. It starts with energy-saving. You can reduce the energy bill significantly instead of buying separates of humidifier and purifier product. Furthermore, instead of buying two devices, you can choose the combo product. It makes it easy to operate one product but has two functions. Even some devices provide an automatic operating system to clean the air.

Besides that, some brands of humidifier air purifier combo also cover their products with reliable warranties and provide good services to customers such as a money-back guarantee. Therefore, when you get the right items you will enjoy the long-lasting quality performance. It also provides in the different operating modes making them convenient for use in any room all the time without getting worried about the bills of energy since there is an automatic system.

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Five Humidifier Air Purifier Combo

In this description below, there are five product air purifier and humidifier that provide an excellent performance. It will help you to get the right product when you are buying. They come in numerous sizes, functions, and models.

The product consists of Beurer LW110 Air Cleaner and Air Humidifier, Sharp KC-850U Triple Action Filter, Venta 6060500 Humidifier and Air Purifier, BONECO 46220, and OPOLAR EV01 Digital Humidifier. For further explanation the product, read this review.

1Beurer LW110LCD Display
15.07 poundsAir Filter System
14 x 14 x 16 inches 
2Sharp KC-850UQuick Clean
20.5 poundsThree Filtration system
14.87 x 10.5 x 23.11 inches 
3Venta 6060500 Compact gallon
11 poundsFiltration system
11 x 12.2 x 10.2 inches 
4BONECO 46220Automatic Mode
11.2 PoundsFiltration System
11 x 11 x 16 inchesAir washer system
5OPOLAR EV01Durable Filter System
6.93 poundsDigital Button
14.7 x 13.6 x 7.6 inches 

[01 of 05] Beurer LW110 Air Humidifier


The first product of Humidifier Air Purifier Combo is from Beurer LW110. You can get a healthy air by this device. It provides a 2-in-1 feature with an air washer and humidifier. You can purifier your home in one device.

This unit can be used in all areas of your house including family room, living room, bedroom, and kid’s room. It is ideal for those who have pets in their homes. There are some key features from this product such as:

    1. Easy Washable Filter for Clean Air
    2. LCD Display
    3. Up to 390 square feet

It provides the LCD to easily read of fan power levels, water level indicators, and safety switch-ff. You will get the best of air purification in just quiet in easy to use. Besides, it is a simple disassembly that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, it also has a lack of product. The machine does not work half of the time. Also, you need to keep taking the lid off and on several times to turn it on.

[02 of 05] Sharp KC-850U Triple Action


Just like the tag of the name triple action, it has a three filtration system that can purify the air in a good way. It consists of the washable pre-filter that can traps dust and large air-bone particle passes through the filters.

The second filter is activated carbon that can be deodorizing filter removes odors. Also, the third filter is the TRUE HEPA filters that can effectively remove 99.97% of particles from the air. It also has some key feature such as:

    1. The Smart Sensor Feature
    2. A Quick Clean Mode
    3. Lower Operating Cost

There is no doubt that Sharp KC-850U has many positive reviewers. The features of the smart sensor can automatically be controlled depending on the number of impurities in the air. It can detect an efficient way to purify the air. Plus, the TRUE HEPA filters require changing only two or five years, so you can save your money a lot. But, the products come in bad packaging. Also, there still knocking noises from this product that can you hear.

[03 of 05] Venta LW15 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier


Are you one of a person who sensitive about the changes of the season? You can say goodbye to this issue. Venta LW15 can reduce both of changes in weather in a dry or cold season. When it comes to your home during the cold season, these devices truly combat the cold and flu season.

While the air washer filter can eliminate dry skin from environmental harsh. Also, you can keep allergies under control from animal dander and dust mites.  It also has a key feature like:

    1. Space up to 200 square feet
    2. 10-year warranty
    3. 1-4 gallon water reservoir

What do you get more in this device? The compact 1.4-gallon capacity humidifier can space up to your room up to 200 square feet. The perfect designed of Venta with the dual-function with just 11 pounds; you can easily move whatever you want. It’s perfect for a bedroom, office, or even a nursery room. However, the product comes with a fan at a low speed. Thus, it can’t circulate air in the huge size of the room.

[04 OF 05] BONECO W200 Humidifier and Purifier


BONECO W200 comes with dual function devices. This machine can wash and humidifies a room’s air in good condition. The evaporator mat rotates through the water enriching the air with the moisture.

Meanwhile, the water can serve as a natural filter that will eliminate particles like pollen and dust. It is a good device to make your air in your house pure. You can also get the other advantages from this product such as:

    1. Convenient handling since just 11.2 pounds
    2. Easy to Clean and Use Product
    3. Two operation modes feature in the device

Different from another brand, BONECO provides two operation modes for Day. It enables us to maximize the output or night and is equipped with a low quiet operation. That makes you relax and enjoy your sleep at night. There is also a smart automatic shut off when the tank is empty that makes you save more energy. Unfortunately, since it can filter anything and reduce the air condition, it makes the product difficult to clean up and need extra to maintain.

[05 OF 05] OPOLAR EV01 Digital Humidifier


Upgrade your Humidifier Air Purifier Combo with OPOLAR EV01. It has a modern design with a compact design with a digital button. The size of the product just 13 inches in height, it will perfectly fit your house furniture.

Supported with the mist-free feature can make the physical evaporation is invisible into the air for comfort. Also, you can sleep in comfort and peaceful condition. Besides, it also can avoid excessive humidity on the floor. It also has some key features such as:

    1. Permanent and Durable Filter
    2. The Quiet Humidification
    3. Effortless refilling and cleaning

This product comes with the removable grills that allow you to open and pour into the water just like watering a plant. OPOLAR EV01 filter is made from nylon fiber for the reinforced inner part of the device. Meanwhile, the outer part is modified from polyester. For this reason, you need to clean in routine against the yellowing. But, you should take into consideration when cleaning this device. Do not wash with daily detergent, if you want to keep long-lasting.

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