10 Suitable and Attractive Wall’s Color for Girls Room Paint Ideas

Girls Room Paint Ideas

Decorate your room with colors that must be confusing to do. For girls room paint ideas, choose the paint shade carefully to match it with other furniture.

Not only suitable for your room’s style, but the color must also be comfortable to see. So, you can feel at ease every time you come to your bedroom.

Girls tend to choose pink over other tints such as blue, green, grey, or brown. There is another paint shade that is universal to use but can be girlish too. Here are 10 color ideas you need to know more about painting your room.

[01 of 10] White and Turquoise

If you are a girl but like blue more than pink, one of the colors for girls room paint ideas is white and turquoise. White for the ceiling, turquoise for the walls.

Turquoise means blue-to-green hue or called Tosca this day. Those two shades combination make a great painted room.

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[02 of 10] Lavender and Gray

Do you like a soothing atmosphere while keeping the feminine vibes to your bedroom? Choose this lavender and gray color combination.

Put a grey bed and the walls on lavender color. Besides, you can add metallic surfaces or decor to create an industrial vibe for a more interesting room’s look.

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[03 of 10] Coral

The strong color but more tone down than red is a coral shade. It creates an exciting backdrop to emerge other bold colors in your private space.

It also emphasizes the attractive patterns and brightens the area, perfect for girls room paint ideas. Mix it with white tint also recommended.

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[04 of 10] Soft Raspberries

Need a softness in your bedroom, but feel weary to use pink? Then, this is a good choice for you. Soft raspberries is a color that softer than pink.

It gives you a calm and soft feeling. This white-pinkiest shade with brown combination makes the room looks tranquil and feminine.

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[05 of 10] Eclectic Lime

Lime is a suitable color for you who want to make a stunning background for fun. This hue can make your room full of positive energy and refreshing.

If you mix it with a bold color like hot pink, it won’t be overpowered which is perfect for your free-spirited personality.

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[06 of 10] Hot Pink

Similar to lime shade, this hot pink color is quite eccentric. But, it makes a fabulous accent wall, also can be mixed with white and black color.

You can put a chrome pattern on to your blanket and quotes frame on the wall for a more fascinating and elegant look.

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[07 of 10] Brown

If you don’t like the bright color then pick brown as your room wall’s tincture. The warmth of brown makes you take rest comfortably.

You can add pink and purple as a combination for another girls room paint ideas with this brown wall. Put a white work desk for finishing.

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[08 of 10] Buttery Yellow

Differentiate the bright yellow and this color. Buttery yellow is more tone down and softest. It makes the entire space feels dainty and calming.

This is a simple yet appealing shade for bedroom design. Place a full-length mirror to this room will give you full-grown feeling, no more childish imagery.

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[09 of 10] White Color

For you who like cleanness, no need to worry. You still can paint your room’s wall with white color. Even feel contemporary, full white might feel too plain.

Aqua or blue hue for the sofa or the window also can be a choice to complete the girls room paint ideas.

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[10 of 10] Muted Teal

Teal is a deep blue-green color, not a Tosca. This can be your room wall’s tincture if you like classic style. This is one of the beautiful shade palettes for a wall.

You can put on the white glamorous ceiling lamp for a sophisticated and elegant effect to your room.

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