5 Ideas of French Doors with Screens for Vintage Home Livings

French Doors with Screens

French doors with screens are fixtures at home to make the interior and exterior look classic and vintage. The idea indeed looks old-fashioned but still simple and elegant. In general, it is in the form of doors with a big frame and some thinner lines inside. Meanwhile, there are screens to make it look not too plain.

All types of home designs just fit this idea well. Even if you have a minimalist and contemporary home, you can still apply it also without looking disastrous. To know more about this idea, here are some types of screened French doors available in stores. Check them out.

[01 of 05] Sliding French Doors with Screens

The modern version of French doors with screens is them that are sliding. This idea is demanded as it saves more space. This way, you don’t need to worry to place furniture or other big items near the door. Make sure only that the door can just be moved well.

Sliding French doors still compatible with how many doors you want to have, whether single or double doors. If the room is small enough, it is a great solution for sure.

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[02 of 05] Double French Doors with Screens

Double French doors simply deepen the sense of vintage at home. the more screens it has, the more classic it looks like.

Sure, it is a good solution for your vintage or classic home. It still gives a minimalist vibe particularly if you don’t want too many details inside.

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[03 of 05] Single French Doors with Screens

Double French doors are better for a big entrance like the living room. Meanwhile, if you want to apply the same concept for bedrooms and others, you can choose single French doors with screens.

Aside from it saves space, it also doesn’t add too many details on particular spots. Moreover, it is when the room itself is not too big. On the other hand, for bigger spaces, adding windows with the same ideas is a good choice.

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[04 of 05] Wood French Doors with Screens

For a more natural look, French doors made from wooden structures are other ideas. Sure, you can still maintain their natural colors like brown or beige.

Fit it with furniture and items with the same concept. Furthermore, it is if you place some houseplants inside. The application of glass on the door is enough to make the entire room feel more refreshing.

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[05 of 05] Folding French Doors with Screens

For other rooms like shops and garages, you can also apply folding French doors. Well, it is although the idea is still okay for conventional rooms or houses.

For some reason, folding French doors are indeed a more practical and saving space. But if the room is small enough, it is still not a good choice anyway.

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