Ten Satisfactory Furniture for Earth Tone Living Room to Emphasize Your Lounge

Earth Tone Living Room

Do you like a natural-inspired interior design? If yes, then you must be want to have an earth tone living room. It’s mostly in the soil brown or brick color.

Why picking the earthy colors? Because they give you peaceful feelings. Perfect for your dream house. This shade usually matches well with stone or wood.

You can use this hue for the living room. The lounge will look calm and neat. But, this family room is not complete without furnishings.

What is the suitable furniture for this earthy color sitting room? Check the answer here to find out the options!

[01 of 10] Traditional Living Room with Polypropylene Carpet

If you designate your home into a traditional style, then the beige wall would be fit well. Place brown soft medium L-shaped sofa in this earth tone living room.

You can add an earthy color polypropylene carpet underneath. Pick the white windows with frames and a rattan chair beside the sofa.


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[02 of 10] Lake Travis Bachelor Chic with Hardwood Table

Use different shades of browns for this idea. Put the light brown sofa in the living room. Use black with orange hexagon patterned carpet.

Utilize a hardwood table with wheel legs, mirror, and picture with a wood frame to create a more natural environment effect. Paint the wall into Tortilla color.


[03 of 10] Living Room 1a with Classic Beige Sofa

Want to have a clean-cut earth tone living room? You can try this one. Put the classic beige sofa with dark brown leaves patterned cushion.

Please pick the white rug for this room. Add a long shape artwork on the wall. This area is one epitome of beauty and glory.


[04 of 10] Normandy House with Minimal Furniture

Because of its minimal furniture, this earthy color family room looks cuter. There are almost no wall decors with the pure white wall’s color.

Everything is small, from the rounded table with short wood legs until the mini wood sofa with soft cushion. This room also has a medium fireplace.


[05 of 10] Contemporary Family Room with Striped Carpet

This is a great and comfy living room with brown furniture. For example, brown windows and tables. Put an olive green sofa with colored pillows.

Those items match the striped carpet. Select the stunning fireplace made from stone and wood material. It feels so natural. Add living room table lamps.


[06 of 10] Fabulously Functional Family Room

Another choice to complete your earthy color lounge is to put the cute striped chair in the center of this area. Match it with colored pillows.

Choose the brown sofa and orange patterned curtains to gives a more earthy effect. If you want, add an animal picture frame on the wall.


[07 of 10] River Home Living Room with Brick Designed Fireplace

A big build brick designed fireplace is one of the satisfactory furniture for earth tone living room. With an orange-brown color to make a warmer vibe.

Pick deep forest green sofa to this area is advised. Add a big rectangle wood-based table in the middle of it. Add yellow table lights.


[08 of 10] Lake Oswego Golf Course with Printed Seating

Different from the others, this style offers you a printed seating area with printed pillows. There are also a white fireplace and cabinets to increase the warmness.

Paint the walls into soft brown. Put carpet underneath with the same tone color. Add an elegant pendant ceiling lights above the sofa.


[09 of 10] Syosset Traditional Living Room

An earth tone living room with a reddish wall also a great idea. Place brown couches in the center of this area. Select wood as the table’s material.

Add a wood fan on the ceiling. Use the Syosset mode curtain for the traditional taste. Change the wall’s color into brown.


[10 of 10] Hollywood Residence with Close Sofa

You will be surprised at how close the sofa is on the TV. But, this soft warm brown chaise lounge looks stunning with the living room’s design.

Please use the white modern TV cabinet and the brown roll-up curtain. Put striped chairs beside the couch. Add the box-shaped table lamp.


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