State Your Taste! 10 Impactful And Marvelous Driveway Gate Ideas For You

Driveway Gate Ideas

When you have enclosed property, considering for fence and gate are one of the best solutions to enhance the security. In this case, tons of driveway gate ideas come with stylish and functional designs.

Some of them come in a wide variety of woods, steels, or other materials that create an amazing piece of the outdoor collection. It also has different sizes and styles. Which more or less can be adjusted based on your preference and property size.

With those many possibilities, you can show your taste to everyone from the very first time they come close to your property.

[01/10] Unique Entrance To Your House

Since you got the liberty to show your taste with driveway gate ideas, then this unique gate will bring charm to your property.

The wooden rustic gate looks appropriate with the brick fencing. The gate panels and metal accent somehow complement the antique wall lamp located on the fence.

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Unique Entrance To Your House 1a

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Unique Entrance To Your House 1b

[02/10] Ranch Style Driveway Gate

If your property is very humongous, this old-styled ranch style will look amazing. The design allows people to see your vast lawn and mesmerized with the entrance.

Just look at the combination of brick, metal, and wood in this fence and gate set. Such a perfect rendition outdoor collection.

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Ranch Style Driveway Gate 2a

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Ranch Style Driveway Gate 2b

[03/10] Stylish Metal Gate

The great driveway gate ideas should be able to complement the overall design surrounding views. And this idea just shows you prove.

The beautiful views, lawn, garden, and the fencing blend together to make this mesmerizing picture. The stylish metal gate is a great choice to avoid hindering the view.

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Driveway Gate Ideas 3a

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Driveway Gate Ideas 3b

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Driveway Gate Ideas 3c

[04/10] Lodge Entrance Door

This gate will remain you of the beautiful villa hidden in the lush green forest. Indeed, this lodge design will be appropriate if you got a lawn with trees.

The low wooden gate with pergola and brick fence make a great addition to the green property. It simply complements the views.

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Lodge Entrance Door 4a

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Lodge Entrance Door 4b

[05/10] Give Your Driveway Door Some Art

This particular design incorporates a metal art with a tractor design in it. It is not only looking unique, but impressive as well.

The wooden element in this gate, soften the look of the rigid and strong fences. It also brings color and different texture to its overall design.

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Give Your Driveway Door Some Art 5a

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Give Your Driveway Door Some Art 5b

[06/10] Aphrodite Wrought Iron Gates

This design comes with amazing ironwork that appears as beautiful as Aphrodite. The double door driveway gate looks amazing with the house design.

It also implements bigger gaps on the gate to make the property looks spacious. It is quite important since the gate located quite close to the house.

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Aphrodite Wrought Iron Gates 6a

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Aphrodite Wrought Iron Gates 6b

[07/10] Simple Driveway Door

There is nothing wrong if you want to install simple driveway gate ideas. Here, the design comes with two simple doors made of wood material.

This wooden entrance does not only look simple, but you can even do DIY for this. This is the best idea to match brick fencing.

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Simple Driveway Door 7a

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Simple Driveway Door 7b

[08/10] Compact Iron Gate

A beautiful secure gate can be made as simple as this design. The compact, simple, mid-century style iron door come together with the tall fences.

The black and white combo creates balance and complements the trees that lined up upon your lawn. Giving an impression of a perfectly secure and private property.

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Compact Iron Gate 8a

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Compact Iron Gate 8b

[09/10] Secure And Friendly

There are driveway gate ideas with a homey vibe. Just like this idea with a secure yet friendly entrance that allows people to take a peek to your property.

The simple paneled wooden gate boosts your security form its tight no-gap design, yet it has a low height to appear more friendly.

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Secure And Friendly 9a


[10/10] Simplicity Is More

The design, the black color, and the wooden fences, plus the outdoor come together to create this simple yet mesmerizing idea.

As the lawn is very vast and lush, the dark gate perfectly states its’ function as an important piece of home living. It also exudes the beautiful mid-century vibe.

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Simplicity Is More 10a

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Simplicity Is More 10b

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