Easy And Budget Friendly DIY Queen Bed Frame Projects To Upgrade Your Room

DIY Queen Bed Frame

Admit it that buying new a bed is not as cheap as you think. Especially a comfy queen-sized bed. To solve the problem, doing a DIY queen bed frame project is one of the best answers you can get.

There are numerous and incredible designs you can find on the internet. It even varies from different budgets and difficulties. DIY is a great method that comes with diverse ideas, customizable, and adjustable design.

So, if you are looking for an easy project, the first step is to determine the perfect idea. Interested in it? Check out some of these projects.

[01 of 10 ] Platform Bed

This DIY queen bed frame comes with a simple platform bed made of wooden pallets or wooden slates around the house.

The chunky and bold design is quite easy since you only need to make a flat surface and headboard. Use a greyish wooden color for a rustic and traditional vibe.

icmtset vanillaandroseblog

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[02 of 10 ] Simple Wooden Frame

Probably you want the more traditional looking design, then you should opt for the simple wooden frame or the regular one.

The difference is you make it by yourself. Here, you can see the design is very simple, yet the width wooden bar and the color make it look solid and sturdy.

ana-white ana-white

[03 of 10 ] Floating Bed

Combine the idea of making a platform bed and creativity, and this DIY queen bed frame project will be your best bet.

The design incorporates platform design, yet only on the headboard and the middle side that provide strong support. Making it appears as if floating with dramatic lighting underneath.

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[04 of 10 ] Bed With Floating Night Stand

Another floating design that applied for the nightstand or the bedside table. Here, the wooden bed frame looks solid and strong with blocky legs.

However, the bedside table is attached to the frame. Creating an illusion of a floating table. This design perfectly combines traditional looks and modern style.

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[05 of 10 ] Simple White Bed Frame

You can soften the wooden element with white as the main color. just like this DIY project that blends the white and baby blue color in the room.

The conjoined leg and the patterned headboard make the frame appear elegant even though the design is not that different from the simple plan.

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[06 of 10 ] Upholstered Bed

If you are confident with your woodworking, you can create your upholstered bed for the room. In this case, you got the liberty to design the headboard and the base design.

With this DIY project, big chances you can create a unique looking queen bed that cannot be found in any store.

laurenkoster simplymadebyrebecca

[07 of 10 ] Platform With Drawers

Another DIY queen bed frame that incorporates platform design can also be customized with drawers underneath it. Just like this simple idea that comes with some storage spaces.

The side rail and the footboard of the bed, are created for some extra drawers. The design will be perfect for a small bedroom.

pinterest thebudgetdecorator

[08 of 10 ] Pipe Bed Frame

Here, the idea of combining pipe and the wood slates can create a sturdy industrial modern styled queen bed. A perfect piece for the contemporary room.

Yes, the use of pipes and slate wood is quite common for DIY. And here, the project is the answer to how versatile the materials are.

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[09 of 10 ] Clever Storage Bed

There is nothing that can stop a DIY lover to create such a unique yet clever DIY queen bed frame. You can see this simple idea that blows your mind.

It uses 5 shelving units as the foot, put wooden surface to place the mattress on top, and voila! The bed is finished.

Picture 1-2 (pinterest)

[10 of 10 ] Wheelie Bed

Using the same idea of storage or drawer frame, this design also installs wheels underneath it. Creating such a unique and movable queen bed piece.

This design comes with extra storage which can be handy for those with limited room. And the wheel will be useful for those who love to change the room arrangement.

Picture 1-2 (pinterest)

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