10 Easy And Catchy Ways To Create Decoration With Bamboo You Should Know

Decoration with Bamboo

Nowadays bamboo is rarely used as a building material. However, this versatile element can be used for any other means including makes decoration with bamboo. There are tons of ideas and designs you can find on the internet.

But how about some easy and eye-catching plans? You don’t have to worry, with just simple DIY projects or ideas, you can create such a masterpiece decoration for your home living.

It’s ranging from indoor or outdoor décor or some wall pieces, all depend on your creativity. If you are confused and looking for inspiration, kindly check this list for more ideas.

[1/10] Bamboo Wall Piece Are A Way Attractive

(1)  source: designvintage.co.uk

Decoration with Bamboo - Bamboo Wall Piece 1a

(2)  source: cgtrader.com

Decoration with Bamboo - Bamboo Wall Piece 1b

Making a wall decoration with bamboo is one of the most common ideas. You can show your creative side through this project. You can create a simple bamboo frame without the need for glue.

You can tie them together and secure them. Add a little accent with burning small part and done!

[2/10] Beautiful Bamboo Lamps

(1)  source: masolighting.com

Decoration with Bamboo - Lamps 2a

(2)  source: nedgis.com

Decoration with Bamboo - Lamps 2b

This design made with fines strips from natural bamboo. The thin strips are tied together creating a tube-like shape where you put lighting inside.

It looks like a cage. But when you turn on the lamp, the light will seep through the gap. Creating unique shadows or shades.

[3/10] Small Staircase For Bathroom

(1)  source: wayfair.com

Decoration with Bamboo - Small Staircase For Bathroom 3a

(2)  source: wayfair.co.uk

Decoration with Bamboo - Small Staircase For Bathroom 3b

You can create functional stairs that strong and durable. But this decoration with bamboo idea works as decoration pieces.

You make the simple ladder and place it in the bathroom. Other than creating an extra beautiful decoration, you can arrange towels or clothes on it. It stylish and work as well.

[4/10] Expressive Boho Bedrooms

(1)  source: pinterest.co.uk

Decoration with Bamboo - Expressive Boho Bedrooms 4a

(2)  source: aperfectstay.com.au

Decoration with Bamboo - Expressive Boho Bedrooms 4b

Line up the clean bamboo pole on your bedroom to create accent walls. This design is inspired by bohemian styles that incorporate nature in your home.

Combined with the fresh white bed and some wall lamp, the bamboo décor piece adds freshness to the bedroom ambiance and sophisticated looks.

[5/10] Modern Bamboo Décor

(1)  source: interiordesign.lovetoknow.com

Modern Living  Room

(2)  source: dhoumm.co

Decoration with Bamboo - Modern Bamboo Décor 5b

This design incorporates the modern glass and bamboo to create a masterpiece stair railing and bedroom wall.

The tall bamboo that laced vertically as stair railing secured with the glass, make it long-lasting. The small lighting fixtures beside the poles give a dramatic effect that matches the room ambiance.

[6/10] Cool Wall Arts With Bamboo

(1-2)  source: jossandmain.com


Decoration with Bamboo - Cool Wall Arts With Bamboo 6b

The design offers an easy and fun project with only creating bamboo frames for wall decoration. All you need to do is making a simple frame.

Then you can put colored fabrics, pictures, canvas, patterned fabric to complement the furniture.  Just like this blue and white flower pattern that matches with other decorations.

[7/10] As A Wall Divider

(1)  source: wayfair.com

Decoration with Bamboo - As A Wall Divider 7a

(2)  source: amazon.com

Decoration with Bamboo - As A Wall Divider 7b

A decoration with bamboo can also be made in the form of wall divider. Several broad bamboos in different lengths and sizes are line up vertically to make wall dividers.

As easy as that, it provides a partition and style to your room. You can add some light fixtures to give accents. 

[8/10] Bamboo Wall Textures

(1-2)  source: photowall.global

Decoration with Bamboo - Bamboo Wall Textures 8a

Decoration with Bamboo - Bamboo Wall Textures 8b

This design is very beautiful and worth to try. You will need bamboo panels to create such wall texture.

Or you can line up small bamboo vertically close to the wall. Then add stylish light fixtures behind it. Match the color with the surrounding area design while making this masterpiece.

[9/10] Charming Bamboo Décor In Bedroom

(1)  source: crismatec.com

Decoration with Bamboo - Charming Bamboo Décor In Bedroom 9b

Some board bamboos that stood tall in your bedroom is not a bad idea. Like this decoration with bamboo that looks cool and adds elegance to your room.

The design fuse function and aesthetic in it. The uneven vertical arrangement makes impressive shadows from the lighting and provides room divider.

[10/10] In Combination With Other Plants

(1)  source: pinterest.com

Decoration with Bamboo - In Combination With Other Plants 10a

(2)  source: pinterest.com

Decoration with Bamboo - In Combination With Other Plants 10c

This idea is very simple yet creates a fancy result. Make use of the existing big flower pots and stuck some thin bamboos in it.

The bamboo won’t grow, but it will complement the plants along with adding great ambiance and fresh eye candy to the living room. 

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