Bring Coverage And Style, 10 Curtain Ideas For Bathroom You Can Easily Adopt

Curtain Ideas For Bathroom

Choosing the right curtain for the bathroom is not an easy feat. From different kinds of material to models, curtain ideas for bathrooms are varying with tons of considerations to take.

Don’t say that you can’t make the bathroom as beautiful as the other rooms. With simply installing curtains, the room aesthetic can go from zero to amazing.

The main function itself is to bring enough cover to your privacy. However, there is no doubt that your curtain can add style.

Available in many sizes, models, and materials, you can get a suitable one. Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

[01 of 10] Back To Nature

This contemporary bathroom style comes in earth tone color. The curtain ideas for bathroom that also appear in the same color scheme is the perfect addition to the room.

You can see the natural fiber shades create a sheer shadow to the bathroom. Provide enough cover yet looks stylish.


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[02 of 10] Softer Shades

The use of the semi-sheer embroidered fabric for this bathroom looks amazing. The design itself softens the room style which already soft.

This curtain is a perfect addition to complete the old, antique, and mid-century styled bathroom. It balances and complements the soft hues, with comfy shades and natural light.


[03 of 10] Peaks And Valleys

Lots of curtain ideas for bathroom come with neutral pattern or design, but this eye-catching window covering says the otherwise.

The selection is perfect for the white-colored luxurious bathroom. It loosely mimics the tile pattern, brings an interesting aesthetic piece to the area, and allows slightly diffused light to the inside.


[04 of 10] Emphasizing Focal Point

This sophisticating bathroom looks amazing with all the pieces inside it. It has vanity tables, lots of storage area, amazing lighting, and room design.

But when you see the bathroom, the checkered valance will steal your attention and eventually set your main interest. It shows the bathtub as the focal point.


[05 of 10] Pop of Pink

The simple yet interesting piece of curtain can comply with the whole room design. Just like this bathroom that uses a black curtain with slight pink strips to match the room.

It does not only match but also thick enough to block any curious eyes from the outside. A great cover indeed.

countryliving architecturaldigest

[06 of 10] Simply Stated

There is nothing wrong with colorful curtains, as long it complements the room design. Here, the curtain is in the form of a fabric-covered cornice.

Come with the unique color pattern, the window cover doesn’t look out of place. You can see it make the room looks more cheerful and fun.\


[07 of 10] Color Cover Up

The use of smaller curtains for big windows may sound ridiculous, but many curtain ideas for bathroom look amazing with the idea.

Just like this bathroom that has popping multicolored hues. The sheer half-sized curtain tricks your eyes of a bigger window. It also blends perfectly with the colorful design.


[08 of 10] Classic White Blind

The classic plastic blind can be a great choice for you who looks for practical items. It is easy to maintain, simple, create clean and modern looks, and give enough cover.

Here, the white blind show how versatile the model is. It complements the contemporary modern rustic bathroom style.

victorianplumbing decoist

[09 of 10] Bold Pattern Bath

Using curtain ideas for bathroom that come with thick and roman shades aren’t a bad idea at all. You can bring a dramatic effect and pattern with fabric selection.

Just like this picture that picks bold color and pattern. It perfectly fuses with the yellow and white-colored wall.




[10 of 10] Elegant Curtain Panels

This floor to ceiling curtain panel is a perfect addition to the sophisticating room with standalone bath. Placed at the corner of the room, the curtain is easy to adjust.

You can use golden or metallic fabric with sheer cover to bring this grand luxurious vibe to the room.

seatdeny hgtv

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