10 Astonishing Couple Room Ideas All Loving Couples Must Know

Couple Room Ideas

A bedroom should be a place to rest, relax, and enjoy your time. But for the passionate couples out there, romantic and alluring designs should come along. If you are one of them, here are some astonishing couple room ideas you needed.

In this case, raising the room appeal can be brought with tons of possibilities. Color scheme, lighting, bedroom layout, details, decoration, the style are what you have to check out.

Do you have to renovate the whole room? Rather than making a new bedroom, some changes in ambiance and vibe are great to represent love and togetherness.

[01/10] Setting The Mood

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Setting The Mood 1a

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Setting The Mood 1b

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Setting The Mood 1c

Who said that you should do a complete renovation to adopt couple room ideas? This picture proves that you can set the mood through simple details.

Red that portrayed from the heart-shaped pillow and the runner have conveyed your intention. Added with the lovely hearth swan, your partner will get the message.

[02/10] Pops Of Color

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Couple Room Ideas with Pops Of Color 2a

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Couple Room Ideas with Pops Of Color 2b

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Couple Room Ideas with Pops Of Color 2c

The room’s color scheme is very influential to your mood and the space ambiance. Here, you can see the popping purple wall with patterns.

To balance the striking color, using neutral-color for the bed and another furniture is very advisable. With that, the color won’t tear down the romantic mood.

[03/10] Traditional Design

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Traditional Design 3a

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Traditional Design 3b

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Traditional Design 3c

Traditional couple room ideas are the best choice if you are not sure to do. Just like this picture, going traditional means using red, heart pattern, and warm lighting in the room.

The lighting holds a very big role. They should bright enough to cast shadows with its warm dimmed illumination.

[04/10] Bedding Blooms

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Bedding Blooms 4a

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Bedding Blooms 4b

Another idea is to make your bed the focal point of the room. The white and red flowery pattern stood out in the room with its popping color and design.

Complement with some soft quilts and pillows in the same color scheme to bring comfort and add a touch of sensuality.

[05/10] High Lighting

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High Lighting 5a

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High Lighting 5b

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High Lighting 5c

Lighting is very important in creating an alluring vibe to your room. Here, the high ceiling and its lighting fixture provide softer lighting to help set the mood.

At the same time, the wide-angled windows bring in some natural lighting. It will make the nighttime eventful and you can stargaze together. 

[06/10] Draping Luxury

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Draping Luxury 6a

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Draping Luxury 6b

You can create a luxurious and enticing room by incorporating drapes around the bed. Make a space above your bed to drapes some soft white curtains.

The sheer soft curtain will create different ambiance, light effects, and obvious extra comforting values that will also serve as a pleasure to the touch.

[07/10] Boho Chic

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Boho Chic 7a

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Boho Chic 7b

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Boho Chic 7c

Despite looking like a messy bedroom, the Boho-chic inspired couple room ideas brings the feel of togetherness into perfection.

The sheer drapes, the soft colors-pick, the lighting from candles, and some extras quilt provide all the romantic essentials. It also portrays a sense of rustic and relaxing appreciation.

[08/10] Surrounding Red

(1)  source: homiku.com

Surrounding Red 8a

(2)  source: adorable-home.com

Surrounding Red 8b

(3)  source: adorable-home.com

Surrounding Red 8c

Red is an essential color that represents love and warmth. Here, the bright red as the wall room paint states the romantic intention.

When it combined with warm-tone colored lamps, the light provides a warm vibe and balance the whole room aesthetic. The simple bedding choice makes a relief to your eyes.

[09/10] Flickering Shadow

(1-2)  source: berbagaimanfaat.me

Flickering Shadow 9a

Flickering Shadow 9b

Many couples room ideas always incorporate lighting fixtures to set the mood. And one way to do it is by using candles (regular or scented ones).

The flickering shadow and the dim light of the candles, always great at setting the mood. Use scented candles to bring in fragrance to the room.

[10/10] Literary Inspired

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Literary Inspired 10a

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Literary Inspired 10b

This idea is unique and worth trying. It is a simple white overall bedroom, but with some romantic message splattered here and there.

The room incorporates romantic quotes, sayings, and some baby references (teddy bear, baby bed, baby shoes, etc.) in the whole room design and aesthetic.

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