Have A Small Room? Here Are Some Cool Loft Beds Ideas For You

Cool Loft Beds

There are tons of ideas and solutions to solve the problems of having a small or limited bedroom space. One of the best answers is to install or incorporate cool loft beds ideas.

Well, the term cool is different from every person, but the idea to use loft bed designs is the best solution. It can save some space, maximizing the use of the room, and add aesthetic values.

This design creates extra spaces as your bed is placed on the upper side. Space below can be used to enhance functions and interior design, like these innovative ideas. 

[01/10] Modern Style Loft Bed With Stairs

(1)  source: dreamer-house.com

Modern Style Loft Bed With Stairs 1a

(2)  source: design-milk.com

Modern Style Loft Bed With Stairs 1b

The build-in cool loft beds come with a metal stair and sunken bookshelf underneath. The bed on the upper side has considerably big spaces.

There is enough place to put a bed, small shelving, and hanging racks to store clothes. You can’t stand up there, but the design is functional.

[02/10] Loft Bed With Closet Design

(1-2)  source: clubhousebarberini.com

Loft Bed With Closet Design 2a

Loft Bed With Closet Design 2b

Another common idea is incorporating closets below the bed. The full height wardrobe will make the bed space is just enough to crawl.

But after all, this idea prioritizes the space underneath. This can be seen from the use of the moveable table, chair, and curtain. 

[03/10] Loft Beds with Workspace

(1)  source: pinterest.com

Loft Beds with Workspace 3a


(3)  source: overstock.com

Loft Beds with Workspace 3c

Adopt this idea if you got an awkward small space in your room. The cool loft beds utilize that area to create a bed and workspace at the same time.

Both are functional. You can sleep on top and work using the desk underneath. This is a simple innovative blended interior design.

[04/10] Queen-Sized Bunk Bed With Couch Underneath

(1)  source: politicaltruthusa.com

Queen-Sized Bunk Bed With Couch Underneath 4a

(2)  source: laperla-london.com

Queen-Sized Bunk Bed With Couch Underneath 4b

Whoever thought that you can get big queen-sized as a loft bed? Well, this picture just tells you the answer.

To support the wooden structure, the stair is made with extra storage in it. The large bed provides enough seating area underneath. Now you can enjoy both upstairs or downstairs.

[05/10] Cozy Loft Bed Décor Ideas

(1)  source: dhoumm.co

Cozy Loft Bed Décor Ideas 5a

(2)  source: decoist.com

Cozy Loft Bed Décor Ideas 5b

This magnificent and cool design will be perfect for apartment dwellers. The use of loft beds allows you to create enough space for the workspace, living room, and dining room. 

The bed upstairs provides a private space to rest and relax. The design also appears with flawless brown and white color scheme.  

[06/10] Loft Bed Suspended In The Air

(1)  source: instructables.com

Loft Bed Suspended In The Air 6a

(2)  source: mezzanines.ch

Loft Bed Suspended In The Air 6b

This is not only cool but designed in flair. The idea perfectly utilizes the room space and feature. 

The skylight window on top of the bed provides air, natural light, and comfortable height. The suspended design doesn’t need supports; thus the lower area is completely functional as a living room.

[07/10] Wooden Loft Bed Design

(1)  source: regalhouseoutlet.com

Wooden Loft Bed Design 7a

(2)  source: homedit.com

Wooden Loft Bed Design 7b

(3)  source: walmart.com

Wooden Loft Bed Design 7c

Wooden cool loft beds are more cost-effective and highly customizable. Just like this picture with small wooden loft beds that raised on top of workspace and drawers.

This design comes with a detachable ladder, side bookshelves, and great lighting fixtures on the structure. The tray ceiling gives a high space for the bed. 

[08/10] Suspended Loft Bed For Normal Ceiling Heights

(1)  source: interismo.com

Suspended Loft Bed For Normal Ceiling Heights 8a

(2)  source: ikea.co.id

Suspended Loft Bed For Normal Ceiling Heights 8b

Since you got normal ceiling height, then you have to be okay with half-height for both upstairs and downstairs area.

The chain, the wood base, and the foldable ladder make the room look more spacious. Along with the gray-white color scheme, all the elements come together completing the looks.

[09/10] Modern Living Loft Beds

(1)  source: youtube.com

Modern Living Loft Beds 9a

(2)  source: pinterest.com

Modern Living Loft Beds 9b

(3)  source: home-designing.com

Modern Living Loft Beds 9c

This sophisticated modern room looks complete with the cool loft beds. The side ladder, create more space for the living room underneath.

The high ceiling helps both areas have enough space to move around. Here, the white dominance color makes the room look bigger while the black adds depth and accent.

[10/10] Amazing Lofted Bed

(1)  source: wsj.com

(2)  source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Amazing Lofted Bed 10c

The room is already big enough, but the loft bed on top of the kitchen and bookshelves just increase the curb value. 

Incorporating a pool leader, add sophisticated value and interesting aspect in the room. With this idea, you got a unique room with separated space to relax on top. 

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