5 Cool Bed Frames Ideas to Beautify Your Room

Cool Bed Frames

Do you think your bed looks nothing special? It might come from your bed frames. You need to have cool bed frames to make your room eye-catching.

Sleeping with a mattress on a bare floor will make you easily catch-a-cold. A bare floor is certainly cold, especially in the winter. That is why you should have bed frames.

Besides changing your room atmosphere, having an interesting frame at your bed can give you comfort. You will sleep safely on a strong and sturdy bed frames. Your mattress will also be last long. Interested? Here are bed frames ideas for you.

[01 of 05] Cool Bed Frames for Boys

Boys usually like simple things. A minimalist and cool bed frames design is a very good choice. Use steel or wood as the bed frames that have a rectangular shape.

Follow the full size of the bed and make a simple backrest for your head to lean. You may decide whether you should give a foam or not at the backrest.

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[02 of 05] Cool Bed Frames for Girls

A bed for girls is identical to something unique and cute. You can have a frame that has a certain shape you like. It can be a house shape, triangle shape, or boat shape.

The suitable color is pink, white, blue, and nude. It is also a nice idea to hang some decorations or your photos on it.

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[03 of 05] Cool Bed Frames Floating

This idea would be wonderful. You will not use a frame that is touching the floor. There will be a different sensation when you sleep.

You might have worried about your bed falling down, but these cool bed frames are floated at the wall so that you will not see the frame directly. Make sure the frame is strong enough to hold your bed.

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[04 of 05] Cool Bed Frames with Lights

This idea is good for you if you like to sleep with a dim light. By sticking a light on each of the frame sides, you will get a dramatic sleeping atmosphere.

You don’t need to use a night bulb anymore. Your lighting frames are warm enough to give your room light. Choose the white or yellow color for better sleep.

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[05 of 05] Cool Bed Frames with Storage                           

It is very cool to have a bed that can also be used to save your stuff. This kind of frame is very big and has a wide space. Your bed frames will have shelves or drawers.

You can keep your stuff in it without worrying them getting dirty. Choose whether you need to have some pieces of small or a few big shelves.

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