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Talking about the colonial white granite kitchen, it is crucial to choose the granite. Since there are a lot of granite options out there, you need to figure out what you need in the first place.

Besides for the sake of functionality, granites give a great impact on your home’s value as well as the visual in the kitchen.

Granite comes in various colors and patterns. You can find the neutral ones as well as the bold ones. Since we are talking about colonial white kitchens, looking for granite that compliments the overall style will be the main goal of this article.

[01 of 05] Colonial White Granite Kitchen Countertops

The first part you need to stop by is to find the right pattern for your countertops. To pick the right countertop material for your colonial white granite kitchen is by sticking to the primary color of the granite.

The dominant color in your kitchen is the key to find the right granite for your countertop. For instance, granite with white veins will match a kitchen with white cabinets.

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[02 of 05] Colonial White Granite Kitchen Backsplash

So, what about the backsplash? Granite also looks good for backsplash. It highlights the glamorous side of the kitchen – cooking with style is trendy, right?

However, the granite you choose depends on the size of your kitchen. Light-colored granite looks great for a small kitchen. Darker hues will flow nicely in a bigger kitchen. Its stain-resistant ability makes granite win many hearts.

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[03 of 05] Dark Cabinet Colonial White Granite Kitchen

When it comes to colonial white granite kitchens, you can always go with light or dark as you like – it depends on the vibe you want to build. A few tips might be useful to you.

Dark cabinets in a colonial kitchen will add a dramatic effect. This can be a point you can take to choose the right granite for your countertops.

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[04 of 05] White Cabinet Colonial White Granite Kitchen

Choosing white for your cabinets allows you to get a softer statement piece as long as you pick the right countertops. As has been explained earlier, the cabinet color is key to pick the right granite for both countertops and backsplash.

White cabinets also make the room feel clean without ignoring the aesthetic value. This will work well even in a small kitchen.

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[05 of 05] Traditional Colonial White Granite Kitchen

Traditional colonial kitchen is a style you can pick if you love details. It embraces details without being too much. Picking white for cabinetries and stools will make the kitchen appear airy but warm.

The traditional version also allows you to give a little bit of rustic touch on the scene. Whether you love modern or traditional, make sure you pick the right granite that complements the entire kitchen.

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