10 Visionary Cinder Block Furniture Concept That Create Different Functions

Cinder Block Furniture

Everyone knows the cinder block as a strong and heavy construction material. But in the hand of DIY enthusiasts, the stackable items can be transformed into some genius cinder block furniture. It can be for many places and use. For backyard hacks, room décor, bird housing, to the home improvement.

The structure and the shape itself allows almost endless repurposing possibilities. If you look at this humdrum building material in a new way, you can also join the affordable projects.

Just like these examples that show you, how the boxy component turns into table, planters, seating, desk, and many more.

[01/10] Block-Buster Entertainment

When associated with wood elements, this cinder block furniture made a balanced appearance. The woods are there to soften this strong boxy construction material.

Here, six cinder blocks are used along with two wooden planks to construct this epic entertainment system. It can be adjusted or remodeled to fit as necessary.

(1)  source: pinterest.com

Block-Buster Entertainment 1a

(2)  source: pinterest.cl

Block-Buster Entertainment 1b

(3)  source: resources.realestate.co.jp

Block-Buster Entertainment 1c

[02/10] Living Room Chair

Bringing nature into your living room can be done with this whimsical chair. You can place it in the living room to create a unique visual interest.

The blocks are stacked and shaped into an armchair, with the arm, backrest, side, and front rail full of most and plants.

(1)  source: thespruce.com

Living Room Chair 2a

(2)  source: pinterest.com

Living Room Chair 2b

(3)  source: pinterest.com

Living Room Chair 2c

[03/10] Pretty Potting Bench

This cinder block furniture is a great addition to your porch or backyard. Staking two blocks vertically on each side, the design also complies with a wooden plank.

It creates functional surfaces to place your lovely planters or equipment. Other than that, the potting bench fits perfectly with the country house.

(1)  source: bhg.com

Pretty Potting Bench 3a

(2)  source: diymorning.com

Pretty Potting Bench 3b

[04/10] Lounge Block

In this picture, you can see that the cinder blocks are arranged in such a way to make a great hangout area.

Here, they are piled in such a way and added a flat wood plank to create a table surface. At the same time, the blocks also function as small stools.

(1)  source: bobvila.com

Lounge Block 4a

(2)  source: pinterest.com

Lounge Block 4b

[05/10] DIY Cinder Block Table

This idea is not only innovative but also a great solution for small space furniture. The stacked blocks and a wooden board is adjustable.

You can configure the length, the size, the height. The hollow part of the cinder also functions as extra storage systems for books, supplies, or decorations.

(1)  source: pinterest.com

DIY Cinder Block Table 5a

(2)  source: decoratorist.com

DIY Cinder Block Table 5b

[06/10] Cinder Block And Timber Benches 

These two create a great combination and a great creative piece of furniture. The concept uses some stacked cinder blocks and four wooden posts.

The post that slips through the blocks provide a surface to sit at. Put some fancy cushions to boost the comfort and the overall looks.

(1)  source: youtube.com

Cinder Block And Timber Benches 6a

(2)  source: acpew.neoddns.org

Cinder Block And Timber Benches 6b

[07/10] Cinder Block Bed Base

At some point, buying a divan or bed base is quite expensive. But this cinder block furniture shows you otherwise.

Instead of buying one, you can layout rows of cinder blocks on the floor as the bed base. Coated it with color for clean looks that match the theme.

(1)  source: pinterest.com

Cinder Block Bed Base 7a

(2)  source: mykarmastream.com

Cinder Block Bed Base 7b

[08/10] Concrete Block Planter With Surrounding Bench

This unique bench looks fancy and a great centerpiece to your back yard. The design incorporates three elements, breeze block, wood, and plant.

The in the middle you can see the block is turned as planters. Then the stacking structure allows you to put wooden boards around it for a bench. 

(1)  source: pinterest.ch

Concrete Block Planter With Surrounding Bench 8a

(2)  source: akailochiclife.com

Concrete Block Planter With Surrounding Bench 8b

[09/10] Stacked Block Bedside Table

This cinder block furniture is super easy to do and looks epic as well. With two pieces of cinder block that have two arched and one block with three hollows, you can make a bedside table. Arranged in such a way, the bedside table provides a surface, shelving, and unique storage.

(1)  source: pinterest.com

Stacked Block Bedside Table 9a

(2)  source: pinterest.com

Stacked Block Bedside Table 9b

[10/10] Cinder Block Potting Station

Once again the breeze blocks are used to create outdoor furniture. Just like this potting station that uses 6 pieces of blocks, a wooden board, and crates.

The construction allows you to place a variety of planters with succulent, cactus, flower, in different shapes. You can even use some little crevice for tiny vas.

(1)  source: pinterest.fr

Cinder Block Potting Station 10a

(2)  source: loveandrenovations.com

Cinder Block Potting Station 10b

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