Five Incredible Cinder Block Fire Pit to Increase Curb Value

Cinder Block Fire Pit

What is a cinder block fire pit? Generally, it is a material used to build a house. Because of people’s creativity, it can be used to block a fire pit.

You can use this material to make your fire pit lit up brightly. It can block the fire from wind gusts. The fire will flare last long enough. You will have a wonderful fire pit, right?

Some people create this cinder block by themselves. If you want to try, you can just pile it up and combine each cinder as you want. Here are some ideas you can try.

[01 of 05] Square Cinder Block Fire Pit

The first shape you can try to make cinder block fire pit is square. You will be very easy to pile each of the cinders to make it square. This is the easiest way to try.

You can choose a cinder that has a full volume or a hole. Giving additional plants out of the cinder is a good idea to make it interesting.

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[02 of 05] Cinder Block Fire Pit Round

The second shape that is worth trying is round. You should have cinders that are slightly curved. When you pile it up, you should not equalize each side. It is better to pile it randomly in order to look nice.

Giving color to the cinders can make your cinder block look nice. You can also give a few small circular stones to the cinder.

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[03 of 05] Cinder Block Fire Pit Seating

This cinder block fire pit idea is very worth to try. You will have a better night sitting next to a wonderful fire pit. You can create a simple seat from bamboo or wood.

Make the seats’ size equal with the height of the cinder block. Give it sofa cushion and mattress to make you more comfortable to sit.

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[04 of 05] Paint Cinder Block Fire Pit

To make your cinder block incredibly nice, you should give it color. You may use the same color for all the cinder or different colors for each of them.

If you can draw, you should paint your cinder block with a flower motif, scenery, or animals. This will grab your neighbor’s attention to come to your house.

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[05 of 05] Cinder Block Fire Pit Bench

Having a garden that is equipped with a bench is interesting. You can have simple but nice sightseeing with a fire pit next to you.

Put a mattress or sofa cushion to make you more comfortable. You will not get cold because you seat outside. On the other side, you will feel home to linger there.

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