5 Design of Butcher Block Dining Table for Kitchen

Butcher Block Dining Table

In this modern era, functionality and stylish design from furniture of the Dining table are no exception.  Who needs a usual dining table when you can have an excellent model? Thus, the Butcher Block Dining Table can be your best solution for your furniture.

There are numerous types of dining table come in good material. But butcher block table constructed with solid wood makes it has high-quality furniture.

Not sure to choose and select which design is excellent for your home interior? You can enjoy picking the best one after reading these five designs of the butcher block table for your home.

[01 of 05] Modern 

If you are still confused with what types of Butcher Block Dining Table you should choose, modern design is a good option for you. It will fit corporate with another material such as glass and stainless steel for this table’s leg.

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[02 of 05] Extendable 

The extendable table is suitable for you who has limited space. This design works well if you have a minimalist design in your house and a perfect space-saving solution to maximize your area. Plus, it ensures you present your guest with a lot of space.

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[03 of 05] Industrial 

A dining area in an industrial style offers you a simple and attractive appearance. The solid wooden of butcher block table looks like a craft table. This design can provide an excellent combination of colors and style in your house decoration.

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[04 of 05] Walnut 

Choosing walnut as a butcher block table for the kitchen is also a good option as your furniture. It is beautiful and aesthetic to add to your space design. Not only that, but the walnut model also has better to maintain to be applied in your home.

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[05 of 05] Round 

Make your dinner time start by choosing a round Butcher Block Dining Table. Because there are no corners for a round table, it creates more space, so you can walk and get into your seat. A round table is suitable for any dining style.

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