10 Captivating Brown Bathrooms Ideas to Upgrade Your Lavatory Space

Brown Bathrooms Ideas

The bathroom is a private space that must be made in every house. Some people may look for brown bathrooms ideas. Because it gives you natural vibes.

The brown also is known as one of earthy colors that brings calm, but sometimes seem drab and boring. You can upgrade it to resolve those effect.

Besides the color, you can change the regular bathroom’s design to a new style. Having new furniture as additional touch also recommended.

If you want to upgrade your brown color potty and confuse how to do it? Here is some information that you need to know.

[01 of 10] Brown Bath Fap Oh

This idea can be one of your option as brown bathrooms ideas. Full of brown-colored ceramics as the potty’s wall and the floor looks not healthy.

You can make a window on the bathroom’s roof. This way the sun’s ray can come and provide a well-lighted lavatory. It’s saving electricity.

visoft360 fapceramiche

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[02 of 10] Eishenheim Bathroom

Do you like flower pattern? If yes, then you can try this idea. This is a brown bathroom with a vintage mirror placed above the white sink.

While the floor is full in brown color, the wall is made from the flower patterned ceramic. You can add multiple towel holder.


[03 of 10] Brown Irati Bath

This is the simple one of brown bathrooms ideas. You only need the brown color wall and floor with fine lines and texture.

You can use the white smooth ceramic for the urinal and washbasin. The white and smooth texture of this material brings clean and neat effect to your potty.

olympiatile novoceram

[04 of 10] Brown Bath Dasha and Bisazza

This is quite a cute design for a bathroom. You can use the cream patterned ceramic for the wall and the floor. Also, pick white for the loo.

Make a small tetragon shape ceramic with brown color, put it in between the wall.  Add an aloft mirror in this bathroom.


[05 of 10] Keros Natura Bathroom

This bathroom style has a different shape of the mirror. It is round. You can easily notice the unalike textures applied in the wall as well as the floor.

But, they are in the same tone color, which is brown. Beside its mirror, the toilet also has a unique design.
deviantart keros

[06 of 10] Brown Idea Bathroom with Modern Design

This lavatory has a modern design. The wall has a layered stripe pattern with colorful colors such as olive green, dark brown, and white.

The bathroom’s floor color is light brown without any motif. This brown loo also has a unique brown rounded chair in front of the shower area.

pinterest surfacemag

[07 of 10] Rixner Bathroom

You can use the dark brown walnut cabinetry for brown bathroom ideas. utilize the wall panel and the white ceramic bathtub to make a minimalist effect.

Add the long LED lights to the upperside of the mirror. It makes the room brighter. You also can beige for the floor’s color.


[08 of 10] Brown Bathroom 3

Are you mirror lovers? Wanna see your reflection even in the bathroom? Then this is perfect for you. This restroom has three mirrors.

Two mirrors above the washbasin and one on the door. Place the maax bath for a unique look. The wall is made from the dark brown ceramic.


[09 of 10] Brown Modern Bathroom with Lights

If you like a bright bathroom, then pick this brown bathrooms ideas. It uses light brown for the wall and the floor’s color.

This hue provides a well-lighted shade. Put a silver mirror and white sink to increase the brightness effect. Make a window in front of the bathroom’s door.

pinterest pinterest

[10 of 10] White Brown Bathroom

The brown color fits well with white. Try this idea if you want to combine these two. Besides that, you can choose the purple sink with silver faucet.

Put a big white-brown carpet with rough surface texture in the floor. Add a mirror with gold frame to gives an elegant touch.

pinterest whobathroomwarehouse

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