5 Best Vacuum for Stairs to Clean Your Beloved House

Best Vacuum for Stairs

You might get difficulty to clean your stairs. You have to choose the right stairs cleaner that can work properly. To ease your difficulty in cleaning your stairs, you have to use the best vacuum for stairs.

Why is it so? It is proven that it can clean every piece of dust on the stairs. It can reach any dirt or dust in a small ceiling and hole. You can erase any kind of dirt on your stairs by using this product.

By using this vacuum, the air quality at your house will be no longer contaminated with dust.  Besides, it can prevent you from being allergic because of those filthy air. Not only dust, but this vacuum can also take any small animals like mosquitos, flies, and ants.

This product has been commonly used by many people nowadays. Let’s take a look at these 5 best vacuums to help you clean your house.

What to Consider if You Want to Buy Vacuum Cleaner

A. Effectiveness

Suction is the first specification to look out. You have to choose a vacuum that has a high level of suction. You can look it out at the wattage motor. It is very important to consider the weight and size. You should not choose a vacuum that makes you tired of cleaning. It is also recommended to choose the one that offers excellent maneuverability. Don’t forget to look after the budget you have. This is the key to choose the best vacuum for stairs.

The next specification to look out is the battery. Of course, you need the one that has a high capacity of the battery. For the effectiveness, you can choose a vacuum that provides a spinning brush roll. It is very good to clean the carpet and stairs. A motorized brush is also important if you have high-traffic stairs. These specifications are the most important things you need to consider if you want to have the best and perfect vacuum cleaner.

B. Usability

You should consider what vacuum you should buy depending on what kind of surface it is intended to clean. You should buy the one specialized to clean hard surfaces if you want to clean carpets, sofas, and curtains. On the other hand, you should buy the one specialized to clean hair if you have pets at home. You should choose a vacuum that allows you to use it in a certain environment for a better.

C. Filtration

To have a better result, you need to choose the one that has good filtration. It will decide what kind of junk the device will pick. Some vacuums have very easily washable filters that only need to wash with water. You can choose a reused filter so that you will not buy a new one. If you have an allergic, consider using the best filtration. It is also recommended to choose a high-quality filter if you have a baby or toddler.

D. Warranty

The most important consideration is the warranty. The best vacuum for stairs should have a minimum one year warranty. If you have a warranty, you can ask for purchase at the store when you have a problem with your vacuum. This is a must-have specification vacuum to avoid factory damaged products. You as a consumer must ask for the store’s responsibility if there is damage to your product. By having this warranty letter, you can easily ask for help for whatever happened to your product.

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5 Best Vacuum for Stairs to Clean

In this review, you will find some best products of vacuum stairs that have a high quality. Come in a varying model, design, type, and feature, you have 5 choices of products that are worth to buy.

You get the option of Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292), Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld 71B, Bissel Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum 4122, Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum 2390A, and Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner SD12000.

1.Shark Rocket HV292Corded Hand Vacuum
400 WattsWashable Filter
15 ft Long Power Cord 
2.Eureka EasyClean 71BCorded Hand Vacuum
20 ft CordLightweight Handheld
 Versatile vacuum
3.Bissel Zing 4122Canister Vacuum
4V Lithium-Ion BatteryCorded
2 LitersMulti-surface
4.Bissel Pet Hair Eraser 2390ALithium-Ion
14V Lithium BatteryCordless Hand Vacuum
0.7 Litres 
5.Dirt Devil SD12000Hand Vacuum Cleaner
20 ft Power CordCorded
F82 Filter Type 

[01 of 05] Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292)


The first best vacuum for stairs is Shark Rocket HV292. This product is ultra-lightweight which has weights of fewer than 4 pounds. It has the best tool which is TruePet Motorized Brush that is worth for deep cleaning.

You can use this item to clean all of your house’s rooms without worrying about power. It has a 15-foot-long power cord that can be used for a long reach. This product has many positive reviews because of the features that are provided. Here are the key features you will get if you buy this product.

    1. TruePet Motorized Brush Accessory
    2. Easy to Empty Dust Cup
    3. Washable Filters

With a very flexible design, you can add a shoulder strap to transfer the weight from your arm to your shoulder. You can use a strap from anything such as an old bag. By using the TruePet feature, you can erase any kind of hair or pet’s fur and also every detail of dirt. This very multi-function product can be used to clean cars’ carpet too. The instruction of the vacuum is very easy and simple to understand.

To have a deep cleaning, you need to rotate the brush. It is very easy to clean and throw the dust inside. However, some users complain about storage. It has no enough storage like carrying cady. It cannot receive a lot of small trashes inside it and the cord is also a bit difficult to deal with. You can add a nice cord keeper so that it can work properly.

[02 of 05] Eureka EasyClean 71B


The next product that is worth buying is Eureka EasyClean 71B. This product is portable and flexible. It can be used to clean your house or car garage. The weight is less than 5 pounds. It has a motorized brush with on/off to clean the floor or carpets thoroughly. It is also included with filters to ease the cleaning of dust canister.

You will get a 1-year warranty and money-back guarantee. It is completed with two motors, for the brush, and suction. Here are the key features of this product.

    1. Powerful Suction
    2. Stair Cleaning
    3. Multi-floor cleaning

The Eureka EasyClean is also perfect to clean furniture and stairs. You might not see the dust or any kind of dirt in your furniture and stairs. Once you use this product, you will see that your furniture and stairs are full of dust. If you use this vacuum too long, it can cause overheating. Since the brushes are a little bit brittle, you should replace them regularly.

Fortunately, the brush roll is very powerful. It can pick up most hairs of your carpet. You can let the vacuum work by itself by keeping it horizontal. While you are waiting for it to finish, you can do your other job. If you intend to clean your car, you need additional hand-grip since it is too short to reach the carpet under your car seats. It has no wheel or rollers, so you have to push a bit harder to move it back and forth.

[03 of 05] Bissel Zing 4122


The third product that is worth buy is Bisse Zing 4122. This product supports the pet foundation and has a mission to help taking care of homeless pets. This is a multi-surface cleaning vacuum.

You can clean any surfaces at your house and its furniture like stairs, curtains, upholstery, and interior. Nevertheless, it is also good to clean carpets that have tiny trashes, dust, and hair. It is light enough and has a convenient carry handle. Here are the key features of this product.

    1. Powerful suction
    2. Automatic Cord Rewind
    3. A Flip of a Switch

This item is completed with a telescoping wand that is used to maneuver around under the chair or the other furniture. It also can reach such a hard area like drapes and ceiling. The most significant effect of this product is that you can clean your house effortlessly. The lightweight design will not make you feel tired to hold it. This is a very portable and perfect vacuum cleaner. The suction can do a great job to pick tiny invisible things.

Unfortunately, this product makes a bit noisy sound. You may need to wear earplugs so you won’t get disturbed by the sound. The cord and hose are shorter than the other vacuum. You will also smell such a burning rubber that will happen if you use it too long. The plus point of this product is that the price is very budget-friendly. You don’t have to waste much money to have this product.

[04 of 05] Bissel Pet Hair Eraser 2390A


The fourth product you need to know is Bissel Pet Hair Eraser 2390A. The bin is large enough and also easy to clean. The pet hair and dust are easy to empty. There are 3 specialized accessories including motorized brush tool, upholstery tool, and crevice tool. This is also perfect to clean stairs, upholstery, and car seats.

You should remember that this product is not allowed to pick flammable or combustible materials like gasoline and kerosene. These are the key features of this product.

    1. Motorized Brush
    2. Triple Level Filtration

This product is very good to use cleaning 45-degree angle stairs perfectly. You just need to hold this vacuum the entire time. This product has a nice and long life. All you have to do is replace the filter or the brush. Since this vacuum is specialized for pet hair, it works best to clean such a carpet that has full of pet hair on it. You can also clean your sofa by using this product. It can receive trash for about 0.7 liters.

You don’t need to worry your vacuum will be running out of battery. It also does not take too much time to plug the battery. However, you still need to buy an additional adapter. Although it has a good quality battery, the price is not too expensive. The Bissel Pet Hair Eraser is a good regular vacuum and lightweight. It can pick hair and dust in your carpets and sofas only in five minutes. They will be cleaner than what you think.

[05 of 05] Dirt Devil SD12000


The last product that you need to know is the Dirt Devil SD12000. This is the newest generation of the original hand vacuum.

You can clean the stairs, cars, upholstery and many more. It’s good for cleaning small areas that cannot be reached by a usual vacuum. It can quickly absorb dirt and dust in couches or room corners. It is light enough to carry on your shoulder or arm. Here are some more features of this product.

    1. Motor-driven Brushroll
    2. High-speed Brushroll
    3. 20 Foot Power Cord
    4. Lightweight Design

This vacuum can do an amazing job on the stairs. All the dirt and hair will be picked thoroughly. This is recommended for pet owners especially cats and dogs. With the long cord, you can clean a big area all at once. You will see much junk from the stairs or carpets that you didn’t see before it was picked to the bin. You will be very shocked because it can do a deep cleaning of your beloved house.

The belt is a little bit brittle. It can break easily from the hand-grip. It is also very easy to empty and clean the bin. If you buy this product, you will get one year warranty. So, you can purchase the item if there is any kind of damage in the vacuum. You will get the instruction on how to use this product inside the box. The price is not too expensive and budget-friendly.

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