Low Budget With Great Quality Audio – 5 Best Soundbars Under 100 Dollars

Best Soundbars Under 100

The existence of a soundbar will add more powerful audio quality from television. It makes your watching experience better. But is it possible to get the best soundbars under 100 dollars? The answer is of course.

Getting inexpensive yet a good soundbar is not impossible, but it is certainly not easy to do. In many cases, there are two possibilities. Get the cheap one that later getting toss out after few weeks, or add more money for good brand and model.

In this case, there are tons of inexpensive products with great quality. All of them have different features, models, quality, and price. But one thing for sure, they are under 100 dollars.

If you are up for this long and practical soundbar that won’t destroy your pocket, this is the list of the best products you should consider. They are considered as reliable and fit for low budget product seekers.

What To Consider When Buying Soundbars

1. Connection

Having a flexible connection is very important. You should consider the wireless and wired options that the soundbar offer. It will make the setup easier. At the same time, it can be a great solution to get around when one of the connection methods doesn’t work.

In this case, the wired connection would be USB, HDM, aux, RCA, or optical cords. While the wireless connection mostly using Bluetooth. This can be very useful in these modern days when almost everything is wireless.

2. Sound Modes

It is good if you got a soundbar that also comes with sound modes. Most of the time, people call it sound equalizer modes. If you got this option, you can optimize sound, adjust, and control it for different content and use.

For example, you can set the movie mode to create a home theater effect with amped-up treble and bass. Then choose the news mode to enhance the clarity of the dialogue.  With this feature, you can get the best from the soundbar.

3. Subwoofer And Channels

A subwoofer can add different in the audio output. It can enhance the heavy bass effect and create a home theater experience. But this feature can be heavily related to your preference. If you like the bass sound, then look for this feature.

Another thing to consider is the channel or the point where the sound is projected. The more channel it has, the better chance you got a good surround sound experience is.

4. Remotes

Consider looking at a product that has remotes control. At some point, this feature will add more convenience to a soundbar. You can control the speaker from wherever you are. The best soundbars under 100 dollars should come with remote inside the package.

This is important since some soundbar might not work using a universal remote. So, the included remote will be very useful. But in case you lose the remote, you can adjust using a button on the soundbar itself.

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5 Best Soundbars Under 100 Dollars

In many cases, choosing the great quality low budget soundbar price is kind of hard to do. But in this article, you will find 5 of the best quality inexpensive soundbars you can choose from.

Two of them are from TaoTronics which are the TT-SK019 and TT-SK023. Then you also got Wohome S11, Pyle PSBV600BT, and VIZIO SB2920-C6. If you are interested in the products, read further to find out more information regarding the inexpensive soundbars.

1Vizio SB2920 – C6Full system Subwoofer
4.5 poundsSoundbar
 Dts TruVolume and TruSurround2 AA batteries
29 inch 
2Pyle Sound base PSBV600BTFull system Subwoofer
7.77 poundsSoundbar
4 full range speakers 
3TaoTronics TT-SK019Full system Soundbar
3.8 poundsLED display and RCA and coaxial input
40 inchMinimalist design
4Wohome s11Full system Subwoofer
5.5 poundSoundbar
38-inchMultiple input and control
5Taotronics TT-SK023Full system
3.9 poundsIn-wall speaker
32-inchMultiple input and control

[01 of 05] Vizio SB2920 – C6


Starting with the Vizio SB2920 – C6 that is widely known as one of the best soundbars under 100 dollars. The simple rectangle design makes this product stand out and fit with many home designs. Especially with the combination of black and silver color.

Aside from the appearance, the soundbar has the DTS Studio Sound quality. Along with it, the light speaker is also easy to set up using wired or wireless connections. Here are the key features of it:

    1. Seamless Streaming
    2. 2.0 Premium Audio
    3. Energy-Saving Auto Shut Off

This nice-looking soundbar also has a 29 x 3 x 3 inches dimension. Making it light and small. It also has an energy-saving feature that will be helpful. It can shut off whenever it is unused. It also has 2 AAA batteries that can be an alternative energy source. However, for the audio, the quality is a bit lacking. It doesn’t go down to 70 Hz. At the same time, it doesn’t have HDMI hook up and use 5 W power input. Making the performance lacking.

[02 of 05] Pyle Sound base PSBV600BT


Pyle is one of a kind that offers numerous great features for its product. In this case, the PSBV600BT that only weight 7.77 pounds come with multiple input and compact system. It has Bluetooth connection, wired AUX, digital optical, and RCA Stereo input s connector jacks.

That condition makes the soundbar more versatile. Along with it, the appearance is also good. It looks classic with black color and simple design. here is the key feature of the product.

    1. 4 Full-Range Upgraded Speaker
    2. Wave Base System
    3. Full System Audio Device
    4. Compact System
    5. multiple audio connections

As a cheap soundbar, this product is quite interesting. The full system feature allows you to control using remote, Bluetooth, or button anywhere you want. The bottom-mounted subwoofer also successfully delivers great audio, creating a crisp and clear sound. however, you got no control over unwanted pairing. So, it makes the Bluetooth pairing harder to adjust. If you compare it with TV sound, this soundbar is better, but the quality is not something to brag about.

[03 of 05] TaoTronics TT-SK019


If you are looking for great performance and appearance, Taotrenic will overdo the other brands. The harmonic design was created to suit minimalist and industrial design. At the same time, it also blends well with wherever you place or whatever the television is.

Plus, with the 2.5 in or 6.4 cm high and slim design, you can wall-mount the soundbar if you wanted to. Just like any other inexpensive soundbar products, this one also has some key features:

    1. User Friendly LED Display
    2. Easy Connect
    3. Multiple Audio Connection
    4. Simplistic And Modern Design

Since you buy a budget electronic, you should know that the quality will follow. In this case, the SK019 gives a great and mediocre audio output. Not the best but not the worse either. This item is not only louder but also clear enough to hear people speaking nicely. This product is one of the best from Taotronic. But, it has connectivity issues, can’t connect with universal remote, even the Bluetooth pairing is a little bit wonky.

[04 of 05] Wohome TV soundbar S11


Looking for a more standard looking soundbar? Then this is your pick. The 38-inch slim and long design might not as fancy as the other brands. But the main greatness should come from its performance.

This S11 Wohome is designed with 2.1 channel DSP Technology which renowned for its ability in creating a clear voice. At the same time, it also allows you to adjust the bass and treble meters. With that in mind, here some other main features of this device:

    1. 4 Equalizer Modes
    2. Multiple Inputs (Wired Or Wireless)
    3. Mountable Design
    4. Built-In Subwoofer For Deep Bass
    5. Wireless Bluetooth Streaming

In many cases, you can say that the quality is better than expected. For an inexpensive item, the audio is clean, well balanced, and dynamic. You can also adjust the sound and choose the desired equalizer modes. It also has buttons and remote, making the control system better. One problem that also appears in the previous brands is connectivity. It doesn’t work with universal remote, can’t connect to a certain TV, or devices.

[05 of 05] TaoTronics TT-SK023


This is another product from Taotronic that is known for its great audio output. The in-wall speaker type has a slick 32-inc design that will save valuable space. As one of the best soundbars under 100 dollars, you can say that this product is solid.

It has numerous great aspects, such as the 3 different equalizer modes, a wireless and wired connection, plus the room-filling sound that deliver a high-end audio experience. Here are other key features for this device:

    1. Dual Control
    2. Multiple Setup Options
    3. Multiple Input Connections
    4. Light-Weight Design

For a product under 100 dollars, you got enough greatness from TT-SK023. The 3.9-pound weight allows you to put it in different setup locations. You can mount it on the wall or place it under your TV. The sound quality is good for the price. You got what you pay for. But at some point, the soundbar might make a lot of high pitched sound. It also has a problem in connectivity which happens for its inability to connect other than using Bluetooth.

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