Five Best Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors Recommendations To Purchase

Best Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

It is important to protect your floor and preserve your room with a rug. Your room looks not complete unless you have found the right rug pad. For those reasons, we provide five best rug pad for hardwood floors to make your room in good condition.

A rug pad is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Typically are made from rubber and some combine with material into a dual-sided rug pad that will suitable to use on most floor types.

You may choose across cheap rug pads that made from PVC, but in fact, the chemicals used to make these products may harm your hardwood floors.

Indeed, they are present in different materials, designs even the size of the product. It’s wise to always check any manufacture recommendations for your specific flooring before buying a rug pad. Therefore, here are some explanations of the great rug pad product for you.

What You Should Consider to Choose Rug Pad For Your Hardwood Floor

A. The Best Types of Materials for Area Rug Pad If You Have Hard flooring

The first thing you should now buy the rug pad for your room is to know the materials that the product provides. Besides that, you have to fit in the types of rugs with the designer of your room area because it can optimize for its uses. For example, carpet cushion for the wall does not have the right properties for area rugs and it may cause the damage on your floor in your room area.

However, there are three accepted types of materials used for area rug padding such as felt, natural rubber, and natural rubber. Felt and rubber are ideal for flat weave rugs since the needle punches felt surface naturally clings to the bottom of the rugs.  It will avoid the sliding on the flooring. Meanwhile, the combo is great to provide proper support and cushioning as a non-skid base.

B. Can Cheap Area Rug Pads Ruin Your Floor?

There are numerous products offered at a cheap price. However, it may be surprising that cheap area rug pads can hurt your floor surface. This is because the cheap rug coated with toxic chemicals such as PVCs which have volatile organic compounds and off-gas into the air. These chemicals can often be losing the finish of your floor, especially for hardwood, vinyl, and laminates. It can really stick to your floor.

If you want to prevent the damage to your floor you have to avoid using the phthalates or other chemicals stronger as these are toxic and harmful, so they will loosing up the finish on your floor.  Not only that, but they can also stick to the floors, and also can stick to themselves to cause creases and bunches. Another way to make your floor protected, you can use the thin pad stick to the floor underneath as your reference.

C. The Reason You Need an Area Rug Pad in Your Work Space

Why you need padding underneath an area rug? This becomes an important aspect of your flooring decoration. The best rug pad for hardwood floors can to be sure prevent a starch from the area rug that can ruin your hardwood floors just like laminate and vinyl. Indeed can avoid carpet from bleed through. You will also prevent the rug from skidding and create your space safer and secure at the same time.

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Five Best Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors Recommendations

In short, you will be provided by excellent product of the rug pad you should consider to purchase in 2020.  The product comes in different materials, designs and features. We have five recommendations of the rug pad for your hardwood floors to keep in the right place.

The product consist of Mohawk DR005 999 048072, X-Protector Rug Grippers 8541834568, Grip-It Ultra U8X10, Gorilla Grip COMIN18JU026084,  Rug Grippers X-PROTECTOR 8541834547. Read below explanation for further information.

1Mohawk DR005 999 048072Woven Fabric
4 poundsRectangular
72 x 48 x 0.25 inches 
2X-Protector Rug Grippers 8541834568Plastic
9.9 ouncesRectangular Shape
7.4 x 6.1 x 0.7 inches 
3Grip-It Ultra U8X10 Polymer  coated with polyester scrim
3.4 pounds 
120 x 0.02 x 96 inches 
4Gorilla Grip COMIN18JU026084Thick and durable cushion
15.8 ounces 
21 x 5 x 5 inches 
5Rug Grippers X-PROTECTOR 8541834547Plastic
5.ouncesRectangular shape
7.7 x 4.4 x 0.8 inches 

[01 of 05] Mohawk DR005 999 048072 Rug Pad with size 4’0 X 6’0


Pair your floors with the best rug pad for hardwood floors to optimize ease with Mohawk Home Ultra Premium. It originally made from the foothills of Northwest Georgia USA that makes the product is suitable for your family house.

Come in the woven and meshed fabric material, Mohawk DR005 999 048072 gives a perfect design with stretches naturally from the woven. What’s more? There are still many key features in this product such as:

    1. Easy To Size on the Floor
    2. Reduce Wear and Tears on the Floor
    3. Premium Rug Pad in Size 4’0x 6’0
    4. No-slip and slid system

It is the best choice if you have the Mohawk DR005 999 048072 rug pad on your hardwood floors. You can say goodbye with slip and slid since the material is made of the non-slip rubber side to grip hard surfaces. Other good features provide by this product are easy to adjust on your floor. You can easily trim with the scissors to match the exact size and shape to set on your house floor space.

Besides helping to lock your rug in right place, it also preserves the life of your rug from everyday wear and tears while protecting your flooring. Rug pads provide shock absorbency and comfort soft foundation. However, some of the customers complain that the rug pad comes in a different size from what they order before. It very disappointing since they claimed will give the premium quality rug pad in the tag product.

[02 of 05] X-Protector Rug Grippers 8541834568 Anti Curling Gripper


X-Protector Rug Grippers 8541834568 comes with the anti curling system that will stop curl and sliding your rug. It is suitable for all types of your floors and space room such as wood, marble, tile, and concrete vinyl.

Also, you can install the rug pad for any room in your house, for instance, the living room, kid’s room, and bathroom. Furthermore, there are still many key features of this rug pad to apply in your house room such as:

    1. Anti Sliding and Slipping System
    2. Suitable For any types of space and floors
    3. 16 pcs Anti Curling Rug Gripper
    4. Easy To Apply

Is it worth to buy? Of course, you will get your rugs in the right place with X Protector Rug Gripper. Provides in the 16 pcs you can use in any room based on your need. Now you don’t need to be bothered about the scratch in your flooring since it has rug gripper feature.  It can really well stick in your rug without damage to the flooring surface. Thus, it can be your reference to buy this product.

Above all, you can see the good features that X-Protector provides has incredible quality rug pad. But there still any lack of this product, especially the feature of anti curling rug grippers. It is true that it won’t make your floor in damage but the gripper not very well to stick in the fabric carpet. Most customers said that it is best to stick on the floor and worthless to apply on your carpet.

[03 of 05] Grip-It Ultra Stop Non-Slip Rug Pad


Do you want to have a great quality of rug pad? Grip-It Ultra Stop Non-Slip Rug Pad may your best solution. With Size 8′ X 10′, you can apply on any kind of hard surface or carpeted floors in your space room.

Different from the other brand, this product made with polymer coated polyester scrim that makes the weight of the product just 3.4 pounds. It is a super lightweight product, right? What do you get more? Here are some key features of the product.

    1. Open Weave Construction Feature
    2. Prevent Bunching and Shifting
    3. Easy to Clean and Apply
    4. Protecting the Surface of Floor

Besides that, the design of Grip-It Ultra U8X10 constructs in an open weave that makes to clean easily. It is easy to maintain properly. Indeed, it allows the rig pad to breathe well and helps make vacuuming effortless. Also, you can clean the rug pad by using hand wash in mild detergent, rinse and let it dry. Not only that, but it also provides extra cushion and comfort to prevent sliding on your flooring surface.

The solid Grip-it Ultra U8X10 can sticks to the floor more than you are expected. Unfortunately, the product also has a negative side for your floor condition, especially for the hardwood floor. Since it made from PVC and Polyester, it will make your floor etched.  It might be injured on your hard flooring surface. Besides, the price is a little bit expensive rather than the other brand that has the same materials.

[04 of 05] Gorilla Grip COMIN18JU026084 Rug Pad


The next product comes from Gorilla Grip COMIN18JU026084 Rug Pad. It provides durable and strong material of rug pad. The sturdy rubber underside of the rug pad helps them to stay in the right place on your floor. You will be provided with excellent quality from this product.

For these reasons, many positive reviewers really satisfy when purchasing the product.  It has also some key features such as:

    1. Easy To Trim Feature
    2. Eco-Friendly Feature
    3. Durable and Sturdy Texture with Premium Quality Material
    4. Powerful Gripping Technology System of Rug Pad

Gorilla Grip COMIN18JU026084 is made from 100% recycled felt that makes the product a little bit heavier rather than the other competitor, it’s about 15.8 pounds. Since the product made from recycled material, it makes it not harmful to the environment.  What’s more? You also can customize any shape or size based on your necessity with just by scissors.  The product is intended to be slightly smaller than your rug, so your rug pad is not visible.

Besides that, the powerful gripping technology can make your rug stays on your hard floors without bunching and moving. You can secure from slips and falls caused by the rug. However, you need to install the rug pad on the clean surface with the dry floors to the best result. But if you don’t follow the instruction correctly, the damage will come to you. So, it is important to make sure that your floor free from dirt before applying the rug pad.

[05 of 05] Rug Grippers X-PROTECTOR 8541834547


The last product of the best rug pad for hardwood floors is from X-PROTECTOR 8541834547.  Come in another series of the product, X-PROTECTOR gives you the incredible quality of rug pad. From the start, there is no significant difference between X-PROTECTOR in this series with the previous series.

The thing that is at variance from the previous series is the amount of anti curling rug gripper. In this series, there are 8 pcs of rug gripper. Here are some key features of the product.

    1. 8 pcs Anti Curling Rug Gripper
    2. Anti Sliding and Slipping System
    3. Suitable For any types of space and floors
    4. Easy To Apply

X-PROTECTOR 8541834547 is suitable for any type of floor and space in your room. Just like the previous series, the rug grip system can prevent you from sliding and slipping. It is very safe to apply in your room if you have kids and pets.  They will securely from the possibility of fall caused by the carpet or rug. The rug grippers come in very easy to apply which makes you trouble-free in applying on your floor.

However, although many positive reviewers said that X-PROTECTOR is worth buying, but still there is a lack of this product. For instance, the protective tape can remove the adhesive. Furthermore; it can be stuck and imprint in your rug or your carpet surface. Besides that this product on the bad packaging that makes the rug pad rolled up and hard to be installed properly.

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