Five Best Portable Carpet Cleaner For Challenging Cleaning Task

Best Portable Carpet Cleaner

Do you want to clean your carpet that has some dirt area quickly? You don’t need to be bothered about this; we will provide you best portable carpet cleaner for your cleaning solution.

A portable carpet cleaner is great solution when you want to clean the difficult spot rather than large areas. It has machine technology that is also very easy to handle and store away.

Besides, you can own the newest technology for portable cleaners that cheap and versatile which is great if you have a pet and need to clean your sofa, car seats even your stair carpet. It’s smart idea to own this product.

Come in varying model, weight, price and operation, you need to think about several factors to decide the right product for you. Therefore, here is our recommendation of the best product of portable carpet cleaner you should know before you buy the item.

The Factors That You Should Consider When You are Buying The Product

A. The Price of the Product

Is it okay for your budget? You need to think about the value you will spend if you want to buy the portable carpet cleaner. The average cost of the portable carpet cleaner can run under one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for the commercial-grade quality. However, if you have a lot of money and want to have more features, you need to choose carefully about the further specs and features of the product.

B. Operation

Think about how you supposed to use the product. You will see the image of someone using in the description of the stuff. It seems easy to overlook, but if you don’t pay attention and make sure how to operate the product, you might wrongly manage how to use it. Also, you have to research how easy it is to clean. Even the best products fail if it’s a pain to get it ready for the next use. Therefore, easy to use is also a primary consideration.

C. The functionality of The product

Check the type of product that can be handled properly. It is wise to get one that you can use on upholstery too. It gives you the purchase more worthwhile if you consider this. However the features such as automatic shut-off when the tank has reached its capacity to make your job simpler and more efficient. You will see a lot of specifications and features that worth considering buying.

D. Tank Capacity of the Product

The tank capacity of the portable cleaner is limited it usually around thirty to sixty-four ounces. That is plenty to clean up the small areas. But how if you want to clean up the entire room with just by portable cleaner? You can choose the big capacity for your practical choice. The other thing to remember is that you need to find and select the balance between the spec and the function of the product.

E. The weight and Cord Length

Another important aspect to pick the best portable carpet cleaner is the weight and the cord length of the product. These specs become an issue since they have come in handheld models. You will be surprised the product is as light as 15 pounds after several minutes of cleaning.  Indeed the cord length also can affect the usefulness and practicality. You may see the cordless devices which sound good in principle but may not be practical.

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Five Best Portable Carpet Cleaner

The following explanation is the description of the product. From the specification and the use of the product, you will get five our recommendation for best product of cleaner carpet in portable model. The five products come in different weight, features, and price.

The products consist of Bissell Multi-purpose 1400B Green, BISSELL Spotclean 2458, Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner, Bissell ProHeat 15651, and BISSELL Little Green 14259 Portable. Read our description to get the further information.

1Bissell 1400BWater Tank
9.65 poundsSpray
48 ounces tank capacityPower suction
2BISSELL 24583 stains tool
13.2 poundsSuction
96 ounces water tank capacityScrubber
 Water tank
3Rug Doctor 93300Scrubber
19.8 poundsSuction
4BISSELL 156513 stains tool
24. 2 poundsSuction
22 ft cord lengthSpraying Crevice Tool
 Water tank
5BISSELL 142593 tough stains tool
13.37 poundsSuction
48 ounces tank capacitySpraying crevice tool
15 ft cord length 

[01 of 05] Bissell 1400B Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner (Green)


Do you want to have a multipurpose portable cleaner? Bissell 1400B is one of the best portable carpet cleaner products that will provide you these advantages.  These machines can remove deep-down of spots, dirt even stains in very quick performance.

What’s again? You can clean where you need it and you need it. It can use for your auto interiors, upholstery; even stairs can easily be cleaned by this product. It also has some key aspects such as:

    1. Easy to Store and Easy To Use
    2. Tough Stain Tool
    3. Removable Water Tank
    4. Powerful Suction and spray

Why is it better? You can indeed get more benefits from just one product. You can easily be cleaning the soil area. The combination of warm water, cleaning formula, and powerful suction can get you deep cleaning to the exact spot that needs it. Besides that, it is equipped with removable water tanks for easy filling and emptying. The large capacity of the tank to reach 48 ounces can make you stay longer to do your work.

What’s more? You don’t need to be bothered about the size, come with a lightweight design the product weight just 9.8 pounds which is easy to carry and easy to store. Even you can store in the cabinets of your house room. However, since this product can clean up every kind of dirt you need to concern about the residual odor from the dirty tank. You need extra effort in taking apart your water tank.

[02 of 05] BISSELL 2458 SpotClean Pet Pro Cleaner


If you have a pet, BISSELL 2458 maybe your best option for the cleaning solution. It designed with the spot clean style that makes you can use for stubborn dirt and tough pet stains. This is nice if you have issues with soiled carpet. Equip with the three tough stains tools this saves your carpet to keep shining and bright. What’s more? Here are some key features of the product.

    1. Pet Pro Oxy Urine Eliminator Systems
    2. Stain Trapper Tool
    3. Huge Capacity of tank 96 ounces
    4. Cord Length in 22 feet

Pet pro oxy urine eliminator systems become the essential aspect of the product if you are the owner of a pet. Why so? Bissell spot clean comes with the pet equipment including a stain trapper tool and a sturdy stain tool. It combines with the superior suction and scrubbing actions can remove the ineffective way of stains and odors from your pet.  Also, the large ¾ gallons capacity of the tank allows you to clean more area without frequent empty or fills the tank.

You will be provided with an excellent product for a professional cleaning solution. Equip with a long hose and 22 feet power cord, it can reach the areas that difficult to clean such as stairs, rugs, even upholstery. But the thing you should know to use this product is the way how you operate the machine. If you are wrong to fill the water tank from the measurement capacity load, you won’t get the maximum cleaning method.

[03 of 05] Rug Doctor 93300 Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuum with Small and Red Color


The third product has come from Rug Doctor 93300 Portable Spot Cleaner. Comes in the red color and small size this product is good for you if you want to have a stylish vacuum cleaner. You would not be disappointed in this spot cleaner since the product design for quick and easy clean up set up when you cleaning your area.

The suction power of this product is great for your cleaning solution. Not only that, but this product also provides some more key features such as:

    1. Powerful Suction System
    2. Lightweight Machine
    3. Quick and Easy Clean up Product
    4. Easily Rolls From One Spot To Everywhere

You can enjoy your cleaning time with the powerful suction system from Rug Doctor 93300. It not just can only remove the dirt in the surface area, but also can eliminate stains and odors at the source. The dirt spot such as wine, coffee, old pet stains, food, and beverages stains even oils can easily get rid of the powerful machine of the portable cleaner in an effective way. You can get the long-lasting freshness from just one product.

The additional features such as the retractable handle and durable carpet-friendly wheels glide can easily over surfaces without getting stuck. Support with the slim and compact design can make you trouble-free for cleaning and storage.  However, some of the reviewers come in the same opinion that sprayer can work properly. It can be sprayed but afterward, it continued to dribble and leaking cleaning liquid by itself.

[04 of 05] Bissell 15651 ProHeat Carpet Cleaner


If you are trying to find the deep cleaner to your carpet, Bissell 15651 comes in a unique and innovative design. It offers you upright cleaning and a detachable portable cleaner wherever stains hide.

The features of ProHeat 2X Lift-Off carpet can easily be cleaning the dirt spot in one machine. Besides, just like the previous product from the Bissell brand, it is great for people who have a pet. It has also some key features such as:

    1. Tank Capacity reach 3/4 gallon
    2. Dual Dirt Lifter Power Brushes
    3. Versatile Convenience
    4. Two Machine in One in use

An amazing experience you can get from this machine. It gives you the dig deep into carpet fibers for loosening and attacking the ground dirt area. Support with the heatwave technology will maintain your water temperature while you are doing your cleaning task.  You can reach the hidden area easily because the cord length is super useful and it is pretty heavy-duty for non-professional grade carpet appliances.

But that’s not about it, the lift-away features are really handy for maneuverability makes you without difficulty lift off the pod to clean a stain or leave the pod attached for full-room cleaning. On the other hand, the cleaner is pulling a large amount if the carpet fiber out so much that it has created a few bald spots. Be careful if you want to have a deep cleaner for your carpet. Besides that, this product has 24.2 pounds that make heavier compared to the other product.

[05 of 05] BISSELL 14259 Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner (White)


The last product is from BISSELL 14259 Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. It is our last recommendation for the best portable carpet cleaner that has super cool features. It can be clean your huge carpet to hard-to-reach places around your home. These machines can remove smaller deep-down spots and stains quickly and on the move. Bissell really can do more for you. Not only that, but several key features will make you amazed such as:

  1. Heated Cleaning Features
  2. Two in One Crevice Tool with the tough design
  3. Versatile Cleaning Product
  4. Easy To Use

What do you get from BISSELL 14259? You will get a great feature such as a heated cleaning system. It is a little bit different compare with the previous model of the BISSELL product. The heater provides you to enhance cleaning results with up to twenty-five degrees hotter. By using a combination of warm water, special cleaning formulas, and powerful suction to get deep down below the surface of a spot or dirty, where the sprays and foams can’t reach.

Carpet cleaners are also more efficient in removing stains with excellent results. Besides, with sprays and foams features, it can make the stain look re-appear. In fact, many reviewers come in the same though that sprayed line that this product used is a thin piece of tubing that runs loosely through the suction hose and whenever the hose handle turns. It makes the line gets twisted inside and causing it to kink off.

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