Five Comfortable Best Office Chairs Under 100 for Low Budget Purchase

Best Office Chairs Under 100

If you are the person who is still working long hours at the office, you need a good chair to make you comfortable. But sometimes the budget is a little bit pricier. Don’t worry about this issue, here are the best office chairs under 100 you should consider to buy.

It is essential to use the best quality to keep your long-term lumbar health stay safe. You don’t need to spend many dollars to get the best product. With just under 100 dollars, you will get what you need. Is it budget-friendly, right? You can get a comfortable place to do a lot job with just sitting on the chair.

Furthermore, many options offered at a lower price tag. The chair comes in different variety of designs, models, and high-quality materials.  Therefore, here are five office chairs recommendation to support your work and give a comfortable space in your office area.

How to Choose the Best Office Chairs You Should Know

1. Your Personal Preference

An office chair is furniture that you will sit on to work. You need to add a chair in your space to do your job easily. But, before you place in your office room, better you decide based on your personal preference.

A chair should indeed be the top priority and functionally help your work in your office. However, it would be best if you also had something that looks aesthetically and good because it’s going to have a chair inside your office room.

2. Think about the way how you work

Choosing the right chair is something that you need to consider. You should think about how much time you will spend in a chair before you buy the best product. For instance, if you are someone who writes for a living, you will sit many hours at a time, and you need chairs that provide lumbar support. On the other hand, if you are not using your chair as often, you may not need all the extra support on the chair.

3. The position of the seat

Numerous office chair models provide on the market. Some office chairs offer the seat quite low but adjustable. The adjustable height option is a matter of convenience to support your quality in sitting. You can move it up and down as often as you need when you are sitting in different spots. Sitting in a precise position would take a lot of strain off from your neck.

4. The type of material used by office chair

Before you decide the best office chairs under 100 product, you need to find out more about the material used on the chairs. There are many options on the market from the affordable price into the high price.

However, some of these affordable chairs also equipped with extra padding to offer something extra. It makes you feel a lot of better when you must sit for a while than causing you any discomfort when you are working.

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Five Comfortable Best Office Chairs Under 100

Below is the description of a good quality of the product office chairs to help you get the best pick. They have come in various brands, sizes, models, and features. The office chair offers comfort in just under 100 dollars.

Five products of the chair consist of AmazonBasics HL-002566 Adjustable Office Chair, Mesh RTA-8050-BL with flip-up arms, Flash Furniture GO-1691-1-ORG-A-GG, RIMIKING office chair, Boss Office Products B316-BE. Read the explanation below to find the best product.

1AmazonBasics HL-002566Adjustable Height and Weight
27.6 poundsSwivel
27 x 25.8 x 39.2 inchesArmrest
2Mesh RTA-8050-BLFlip Up Arms
28 PoundsSwivel
28 x 25 x 41 inchesAdjustable tilt
3Flash Furniture GO-1691-1-ORG-A-GG Height Adjustment
22 poundsSwivel
24 x 23 x 38.75 inches 
4RIMIKINGHeight Adjustment
31.3 poundsSwivel
29.53 x 19.69 x 11.81 inches 
5Boss Office Products B316-BEAdjustable height
27.2 poundsAdjustable weight
25 x 25 x 40 inchesAdjustable arms

[01 of 05] AmazonBasics Adjustable Office Chair


Do you want to have a simple chair but has a high-quality material and budget-friendly? You can choose the best office chairs under 100 from AmazonBasics HL-002566. It comes in the edition of black color.

The material used on this product is black bonded leather upholstery that takes this chair in the advanced of comfort. The black color covers both the padded seat on the chair. You will also be provided by some key features such as:

    1. Fully Adjustable Office Chair
    2. Dual-Wheel Casters System on the Office Chair
    3. Leather Upholstery Material on the Office Chair

A fully adjustable system in this chair can add your comfortable experience when you are sitting on the chair. With simple pneumatics control, let you raise or lower your seat to sitting up straight. Support with the dual-wheel casters to allow you to move for rolling from one area your office to another room. But, there is a problem with the padding of the chairs that feels inadequate and does not cover the structural material of the chair.

[02 of 05] Mesh RTA-8050-BL


The following product comes from Mesh RTA-8050-BL. What makes this product different from the other brand? It is because the Breathable Back that can support your back for comfortable sitting when you are working with this chair.

Support with flip-up arms with a padded model, make this chair has a modern design compared with another brand. It is an excellent product if you want to have a new style in your office. It also has some key features, such as:

    1. Adjustable tilt tension control system
    2. Substantial Duty Nylon Base with Durable Nylon Wheels
    3. Two Years Limited Warranty

Not only that, but this chair also offers you a fresh style in blue color. With the pneumatic height adjustment, you can suit your comfort while sitting on the chair. It provides the adjustable seat that located under the seat, up to the maximum height at twenty-inches. Mesh RTA-8050-BL also give the two years warranty for your best offers. Unfortunately, the fabric forms the material of the chair is a little bit scratchy and a bit too textured, causing slight discomfort to sit.

[03 of 05] Flash Furniture GO-1691-1-ORG-A-GG


Want to have a fancy office chair? You can choose a manufacturer from Flash Furniture GO-1691-1-ORG-A-GG to get what you need. It made from the Vinyl Upholstery come in orange color. It will create an attractive workspace that you want.

Besides that, it is suitable in several settings such as an office even the receptionist’s desk. It is super highly recommended chair if you’re going to get the best product. Flash Furniture also has several key features, such as:

    1. The Seat Height Adjustment System
    2. Tufted Design on the Office Chair
    3. The waterfall front seat edge design on the office chair

This office chair will highlight your office space because of the incredible design in the chair. It provided with tufted upholstery that adds the greatness to its look. You can easily adjust the seat height by controlling the height adjustment that located under the chair. The perfect length of the armrest adds more comfort when you are sitting long hours. However, the wheels casters posts cracked the plastic mounts after a few months of use.

[04 of 05] RIMKING Mesh Office Chair


Do you want to make your long time sitting no more in back pain or fatigue? RIMKING office chair brings you to an office chair with ergonomics price but also comfortable in sitting. The tilt function is providing back support to reduce your pain.

With the dimensions of 29.53 x 19.69 x 11.81 inches, you can get ultimate comfort when you are spending your work time in this chair. Not only that but numerous vital features provided by this chair such as:

    1. High-quality mesh material with five smooth and quiet rolling casters
    2. Adjustable Height on the Chair
    3. ninety degrees to one hundred twenty-five degrees back tilt

The high quality of mesh material can hold the capacity of the weight into 250 lbs. Plus, the breathable mesh with durable tensile provides relaxed and comfortable back support at the same time. With this feature, you can be relaxed your long hours sitting without worry to sweating. However, it doesn’t offer the neck support pad that makes you can get neck pain after long hours.

[05 of 05] Boss Office Products


Find your best office chairs under 100 with Boss Office Product. It is available in with the blue color, can match in every office style. It is comfortable to use since they are providing adjustable back height and depth design.

Boss Office Products can give you incredible experience while you sit for hours without worrying about back pain. It because of the thick padded seat a back with lumbar support. It has some key features, such as:

    1. Loaded in Adjustable options like; arms, back height and depth
    2. An Easy to Assembly office chair product
    3. An Easy-Care Fabric Material

Besides that, the product come in the fast and easy to assembly; you won’t face the difficulties to build this product. The fabric material from the chair ensures you to long-lasting happiness. Unfortunately, the swivel comes in the light-weight design, that makes you can travel around. Also, if you are the tall person, this chair may be not highly recommended for you since the dimension of the product only 25 x 25 x 40 inches.

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