Sturdy and Versatile, 5 Best Mop for Laminate Floors to Buy

Best Mop for Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are known as attractive flooring which has a particleboard core that is easily damaged by water seeping. If you have this type of floor, stop striping your floor and find the best mop for laminate floors to maintain it.

You need to choose the right tools to keep your floor stay away from the impairment. To make sure that you find the great items, you should consider several aspects for your laminate floors since numerous brands offer a good feature.

The mop is provided from simple stick handles to the mop that has dual actions such as suction scrubbing devices. What will you get more? They even offer many features and functions to use during your activities to sterile your floor.

Whether you want to have a manual or automatic robot mop, there are a lot of products that make your floor shine again. For these reasons, here are five best mops for your cleaning solution.

How to Rank the Best Product for Laminate Floors

A. The Weight and mobility of the Mop

You might be thinking that light mop indicates the high quality of the product. But it doesn’t go like that. On the other hand, the heavy product also cannot guarantee that the product is good. The key aspects of the best mop are to mobilize the mop without much effort. The flexible handle from the mop also important to think about. You need to choose the mop that can help you to achieve optimum cleaning.

B. The Power Source of the Product

Most of the traditional or manual mops run with human strength and need extra effort to clean the dirty area. But the ability to operate a mop and scrub floor is easy and friendly in your budget. Meanwhile, high technology levels of mop require electricity to do the job and also quite pricier. Also, the weight takes a bit leap. A powered mop definitely can remove a serious dirty area, but it comes at the high cost for the cord plugged into a wall.

C. The Features vs. Price of the Mop You Should Know

There are a lot of mop features that are provided on the market. It has a simple and smart function to operate the product. Finding a suitable balance of features vs. product costs is always a difficult task. But you need to think about the long term usage of the mop as your investment. There are some nice options to make your best decision to buy such as the multipurpose mop and vacuum steam mop for your cleaning to the floor.

Best mop for laminate floors come in the various approach to remove dirt. For instance, the basic mop category usually comes with sturdy handles, broad mop heads, and microfiber pads. But you need to apply cleaner or water throughout the surface floors. On the other hand, mops with advanced technology can operate well for deep cleaning processes with human interaction involved.

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5 Best Mop for Laminate Floors to Buy

In this explanation, you will be provided by the best product of mops that make your laminate floors keep clean and maintain for damage. They come in different brands, features, sizes, and models.

There are five products; Shark S5003D Steam Mop, Bona WM710013499 Premium Spray Mop, BISSELL CrossWave Floor 1785A, Bissell 1543A Steam Vacuum Cleaner, and LINKYO LY-FLM-STM Microfiber Mops with Three Flat Mops. Read the information below to get the best pick for your mops.

1 Shark S5003DDirt grip pads
5.78 poundsSteam blaster
47.1 x 13.8 x 7 inchesWater tank
2Bona WM710013499Spray
5.2 poundsWashable Pads
4.38 x 5.88 x 28.38 inches 
3BISSELL 1785AWater Tank
11.02 poundsBrush
10.5 x 12 x 46 inchMop Pad
4Bissell 1543AMicrofiber Pads
10.6 poundsVacuum and Steam
9.75 x 11 x 46 inches 
5LINKYO LY-FLM-STMAdjustable Handle
2.4 poundsWashable Mops
14.8 x 4.7 x 70.9 inches 

[01 of 05] Shark S5003D Steam Mop


The first best mop for laminate floors come from Shark S5003D. It has many positive reviewers from the customers compared with other brands. It proves by the greatness of technology that provides this mop.

The feature such as touch-free technology can make your job effortless. By just pressing the button in the device, your dirt grip pad can automatically attach and release it into your hamper when using it. It also has several key features like:

    1. The Double-sided dirt grip washable pad system
    2. The Steam blaster technology feature
    3. Direct steam channeling for optimum cleaning

You don’t need worry to maintain your laminate floors with powerful cleaning. This product has a steam blaster that can target steam to attack tough messes and easily loosen debris from the corners. Supported with direct steam channeling to distribute steam throughout the pocket and creating an ultra-wide cleaning zone. Also, you can wash the pads in the washing machine and reuse it. But, Shark S5003D has a short cord that makes it difficult to reach the hidden area.

[02 of 05] Bona Stone WM710013499 Premium Spray Mop


Premium Spray Mop from Bona WM710013499 gives you a multipurpose mop in just one tool. Not only the laminate floor that is used for this mop, but it works on the linoleum, terrazzo, vinyl, stone, sealed porous marble even ceramic tile.

Besides that, the mop comes with the large head cleans that makes 40% faster to clean than other competitors. Plus, you will get comfortable control by secondary grip to scrub the stubborn spot. it also has key features such as:

    1. The Fine-Mist Spray Feature in the device
    2. The All-in-One System to quickly clean
    3. Machine Washable Pads System

Since this device provides an all-in-one system, you can use to clean hard floor or streak in a perfect cleaning. With a pull of the trigger, the mop can make your floor dirt-free without oversaturating your floors which can cause the damage. You will save your money because the reusable microfiber pad can be washed up to 500 times before this needing to be replaced. Unfortunately, the washable pas can make spots on your floor after use.

[03 of 05] BISSELL CrossWave 1785A


Save your time to clean your floors with one tool. BISSELL 1785A comes in the new advanced technology. All-in-one system can use to wash and vacuum the floor at the same time. You will be free-worry because it can use to sealed wood floors, linoleum, laminate, pressed wood floor, rubber floor mats, even the area rugs. It uses the dual-action brush roll to mop and pick up the debris for your dirty area. Not only that, but it also has key features like:

    1. Smart Touch Controls on the Handle of Device
    2. A two-tank system that provided
    3. Dual Action Multi-Surface System

You might be thinking that the revolutionary from this product makes to operate this device is difficult. However, BISSELL 1785A gives you the smart touch controls that allow you to switch between cleaning rugs area and hard floors with an on-demand solution trigger.

Two tanks technology cab jeep clean and dirty water separate to ensure you are cleaning your dirt area. But the vacuum doesn’t pick up anything; it still leaves a nasty residue.

[04 of 05] Bissell 1543A Steam Vacuum Cleaner


If you are one of the pet owners, you should consider a product from Bissell 1543A. Come in the exclusive feature, it provides the steam and vacuum to clean your floors at the same time. With the natural power of steam, you can eliminate 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs in your space.

The powerful Cyclonic Vacuum helps you to capture pet debris and hair effectively. You will get more key features from the product such as:

    1. Dry Tank Technology from the product
    2. Clean across the floor in your house
    3. The Disposable Mop Pads

Besides that, Bissell 1543A provides the features of Drop IT Tank technology that keep you from having to reach into your dirt tank when it’s empty.  Indeed, the disposable mop pad allows you to right away throw your pet messes after cleaning your house.

So, you don’t need to be bothered about the odor and messes caused by your pet. However, since the mop pads are disposable you need to cost much money to buy the new pad.

[05 of 05] LINKYO LY-FLM-STM Microfiber Mop with 3 Flat Mop Pads


LINKYO LY-FLM-STM has become one of the best mop for laminate floors you should consider to buy. It comes in a super light-weight design with just 2.4 pounds. What makes this mop lightweight? It’s because this mop is manual.

Indeed, you don’t need to be bothered to operate the product. The sturdy handle from the stainless steel at the top makes this mop can give you the best result to clean your area. It also has some key features such as:

    1. Easy Maneuvering Rotation Mop to Easy Cleaning Performance
    2. Machine Washable Mop System
    3. Adjustable Handle with the Sturdy Material

If you want to clean in the hidden or difficult area to reach, you can easily clean with an adjustable handle. It can extend up to seventy inches providing long reach for deep under furniture and high corners furniture.

The washable mop can save your money for multiple reuses. However, since mop comes in the basic design and the head mop is made from the plastic, you need extra effort to maintain for long-lasting use.

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