5 Durable Best Chair Mat For Carpet You Should Consider To Buy

Best Chair Mat for Carpet

What makes you comfortable in the workspace? In fact, the chair and desk are the basic need of necessities to make you productive. Now you can get the comfy zone by our best chair mat for carpet on your working space.

This is not only the benefit you will get. The chair mats also play an important to get a great investment because they are protecting your floors and carpets from constant.

For instance, on the market’s place now, the manufacturers have offered numerous attractive chair mats with superior functions to make your floor safely and also decorative.

Also, the product comes in different materials, models, and sizes. So, regardless you are working in an office or from home you should pick the best product o make you more easily to work.  Therefore, here are some of the best items that you should consider to pick that also have sturdy materials.

What You Are Consider To Buy For Good Chair Mat

A. The Materials Of The Product

Protecting your floor surface is something that you should consider to set up in your work stations. By using a chair mat you can specifically protect your carpet or floor from the tear and wear. The mat creates a barrier so that the wheels and castors on your workspace chair don’t come into the direction with the floor. But before you pick the best on to apply on your floor you need to concern the material from the carpet mat.

Several materials that can you pick when deciding a chair mat for carpet; such as plastic, wood, and rubber. Plastic provides the excellent to prevent sliding when in use because plastic is likely molded. However, the wood offers more highly durability and works well on any type of floor. Compared with wood and plastic, rubber is the least popular in the forms of the material of the chair mat.

B. The Features of the Product

The second point before buying a floor mat is bearing in mind the features. From size, shapes, type of floor, even the degree of use are the point you should think about. The aspect of size is the first thing to choose whether your mat is big enough to cover the range of movement of your chair. Indeed the shape of the also varied from the circular, rectangular into a square mat your option are countless.

Another aspect to account when you are shopping for a mat is the specific flooring in your workspace. If you have the hard floor surface like tile, wood, or vinyl, then a smooth backed mat is the best choice. For those reasons, use the thick carpet if you are the person who seated behind the desk most a week for work. It will be serving you well.  In contrast, a mat used in the wider area can be much thinner.

C. The applications for Chair Mats

You may less realize that chairs can exert your amount of stress on your flooring.  But with the best chair mat for carpet, the entire weight can be supported by just small wheels. As a result, this excess of pressure can easily ruin your carpet even if made from sturdy materials. The constant movement from your chair wheels can cause the wooden surface to tear up. For example, the vinyl floors can be noticed in scoring and furrow on their surface.

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5 Durable Best Chair Mat For Carpet

In this explanation, you will notice several of the best chair mats for your carpet from some different brands and model. Come in varying size, shape, and feature, there are five products that will good for your workspace floor.

You got the option of OFM Essentials Collection, Dimex low pile carpet C511003G, Office Chair Mat, Evolve Modern Shape C5B5003G Chair Mat with Lip, Kuyal Office Chair Mat. Read further to find out the product review.

1OFM ESS-8800CDurable carpet plastic
4 poundsAnti slip
Size 36”x 48” 
2Dimex Low Pile C511003GPVC Materials
9.25 poundsSmooth top surface
Size 36”x 48” 
3Office Chair MatPolycarbonate
7.58 poundsColorless
Size: 48” x 36” x 1/8” 
4Evolve Modern Shape C5B5003GPVC
8.25 poundsClear Color
44 x 33 x 0.1 inchesWith Lip
5Kuyal Office Chair MatPVC
5.69 PoundsWith Lip Transparent
Size: 38” x 48” 

[01 OF 05] OFM Essentials Collection ESS-8800C Chair Mat for Carpet


The first product that will be ideal for your workspace is from OFM ESS-8800C. If you try to find the best chair mat for carpet that has lightweight material, this product is a great item to pick. With only four pounds on the weight and the range size of 36″ x 48,” it will fit in for your home or office space.

You will offer durable material with an excellent value from this product.   It also has some worth to see key features, which is as follow:

    1. Durable Carpet Protection
    2. Easy roll and anti-slip
    3. Clear Chair Mat
    4. Studded Mat

What do you get from this product? There are numerous features of just one product. For instance, the durable carpet protection can protect your floor from damaging chair stairs. This thick and sturdy plastic desk mat won’t crack or shatter because it has premium material floor protection. You also will be surprised by the budget that will you spend on this product, because it has an affordable price.

Another feature that you can get from this product is the easy roll and anti-slip to the chair. It made from the resistant PVC allows your office chair to move easily without skidding.  However, the thing you should consider is the product will come rolled up in a box and you will have to warm it up before be capable to try to get a hold it on the floor for your chair.

[02 OF 05] Dimex Low Pile Carpet Chair Mat C511003G 


The second product comes from Dimex Low Pile Carpet Chair Mat C511003G. It has the size 36 x 48 inches with Lip, it will suitable for small to mid-size work areas such as an apartment, dorm, or home office.

It packaged in a cylinder for shipping stability and lays flat once unrolled so it is a very good cool item you should pay attention to buy. Is it great to purchase? At least you need to pay attention to the key features of this product.

    1. Mix with your decoration
    2. Product Sustainably Sourced
    3. The Durable Material
    4. Anti Slip System Chair Mat

Now you can keep your carpeted floors looking new with Dimex Chair Mats C511003G. It has a good design with a traditional lip to protect your floors, this plastic mat is thoroughly tested and resistant to wear. It has a super thick and smooth top surface that allows you for easy movement. It has a seamless design that makes you can protect your floors without drawing attention because of the thickness of the product.

Besides, you also no need to be bothered about the material that this product provides. It made from made with BPA and Phthalate free plastic that makes this mat is non-toxic and odor-free. It creates safe environments in addition to work, schools, even the healthcare facilities. Although the product looks nice, you need to consider when you are applying to your carpet. Sometimes the product can be unrolling when placing on the carpeted floor.

[03 OF 05] Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors with Heavy Duty Material


What do you get from the third product? It comes with the high-quality durable polycarbonate, Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors can securely your floor without damage. Unlike the usual mat plastic in a plastic floor mat, polycarbonate has another significant advantage such as odor-free features.

You can get a healthy environment through this feature. It also has some key features that might you be wondering such as:

    1. Heavy Duty-Non toxic material
    2. Anti-slipping and sliding
    3. No- bending or curling edges
    4. Environmental Friendly

If you want to be free from the frustration of slipping and sliding on your carpet mat, you should consider this product. This mat has enough grips to hold onto the carpet and won’t end up sliding on your floor. Your office desk chair mat for carpet won’t bend like cheaper materials, which means no curved-up edges or hills to roll over. Indeed, the design features a divided base with studs that hold securely to your carpet. It is good for your working space.

Different from the other product, Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors will arrive and deliver to you in the flat cardboard box that prevents the signs of curl or bent.  So you will get the quality of the chair mat for carpet in the good decoration look. However, this product just comes in one option of the color since the material that uses is environmentally friendly and you need to consider cleaning up by just water to maintain the quality of the product.

[04 OF 05] Evolve Modern Shape C5B5003G Clear Office Chair Mat


Keep your low pile looking new with Evolve Modern Shape C5B5003G. It is the best value for wide space since the size of the product is 44 x 33 x 0.1 inches. Evolve Modern Shape C5B5003G comes in a colorless chair mat.

You can enjoy your working time in the office room without getting worried about obscuring the pattern. It is literally an invisible office chair mat for your space. What’s more? Here are some key features you should know about.

    1. A wide Chair Mat
    2. Low-Pile Carpet up to ¼”
    3. Blend with your decoration
    4. The Modern Design Chair Mat

Designed with modern shape makes your room becomes a trendy look. Evolve Modern Shape C5B5003G can blend with your decoration because it seamlessly fades into your floors. Besides that, the tapered lip with efficient use of the back corners helps keep your chair on mat and minimize the possibility of roll-offs. It super fine to protect your hardwood floor and you can really work well with this chair mat.

Unfortunately, there is an issue with the packaging of the product. It comes in the rolled up in a box. For those reasons, it makes it difficult to apply on the floor.  Some of the customer that gives one star to this product state that the chair mat for carpet is unusable even after 24 hours it has not budged to the floor. So if you want to have the best quality of the chair mat, you also need to pay attention to the packaging.

[05 OF 05] Kuyal Office Chair Mat with Premium Quality Floor Mats


The last product is from Kuyal Chair Mat for Carpet with lip transparent thick and sturdy quality of the mat. Come in the size 38×48 inches, this is one of the best chair mat for carpet that can give you the durable and reliable for long-term. It is fit in on the low and medium-pile carpets.

What makes this product is reliable to buy? At least you have to see the further key features that will make you amazed by how the great product is.

    1. Non-Slip Studded Backing
    2. Easy To Clean
    3. Premium PVC Material
    4. Eco-friendly feature

The exclusive surface texture makes your office chair to shift easily while carrying out daily tasks. But not only that, it has enough grips to maintain controlled rolling,  so the chair doesn’t skid on the floor. It can ease of rolling between tasks promotes ergonomic posture and helps to considerably reduce the risk of leg fatigue. You also can get the special treatment by a system of uneasy to slip, allowing the beauty of your floor to shine through.

As you can see, the material is eco friendly that makes off-gassing and odorless. Since it is free from BPA, phthalate, PVC, and volatile toxins it is good for a healthy indoor environment. The thing you should consider about that this product ship rolled up in a box but once it was removed from the box and unrolled with straightens out after you walk on. Even so, the chair mat also rolls on it for a few days.

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