Japanese Style Bedroom: A Stunning Combination of Traditional Looks and Minimalism

Japanese Style Bedroom

Japanese style bedroom is one of the ideas to apply to make the room feel cozy and stunning. The Japanese interior design itself is known for its minimalism and simplicity. Uniquely, at the same time, the nuance of tradition is still there. The application of natural materials like wood or bamboo…

Ten Special Color Theme for Bedroom with Dark Furniture. Enhance Your Sleeping Space!

Bedroom with Dark Furniture

The bedroom is a must-needed room in the house. Sometimes, you like to make a bedroom with dark furniture. Because it is less noticed for dirtiness. But, the dark furnishings can make your sleeping room gloomier. That is why you need to choose the right bedroom wall’s color. If you want…

Make Your Spacious Room, 10 Simple DIY Wooden Pallet Bed Frame For You

Wooden Pallet Bed Frame

There are many ways to make your spacious room with a simple DIY wooden pallet bed frame for you.  From making stuff in your home trash store, to build some quick bed frames, your option is a lot. It is simple as you can make DIY using wooden pallets. You can…

10 Suitable and Attractive Wall’s Color for Girls Room Paint Ideas

Girls Room Paint Ideas

Decorate your room with colors that must be confusing to do. For girls room paint ideas, choose the paint shade carefully to match it with other furniture. Not only suitable for your room’s style, but the color must also be comfortable to see. So, you can feel at ease every time…

10 Hidden Design that You Don’t Know to Make Cute Teenage Girl Rooms

Cute Teenage Girl Rooms

If you’re a girl, you may want such cute teenage girl rooms as your territory’s style. If you don’t know what to do, then you came to the right site. Some teenagers like to decorate their rooms cuter than the dark style. Why? Because “cute” reminds you of human babies that…

10 Teeny-Tiny Yet Fascinating Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Want to upgrade the bedroom look yet have a limited budget? No worries, here are some small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget you will never regret to try. Why? Because it is cheap. Why spending lots of money if you can get the same effect with a little investment? Spending some…

Easy And Budget Friendly DIY Queen Bed Frame Projects To Upgrade Your Room

DIY Queen Bed Frame

Admit it that buying new a bed is not as cheap as you think. Especially a comfy queen-sized bed. To solve the problem, doing a DIY queen bed frame project is one of the best answers you can get. There are numerous and incredible designs you can find on the internet….

5 Cool Bed Frames Ideas to Beautify Your Room

Cool Bed Frames

Do you think your bed looks nothing special? It might come from your bed frames. You need to have cool bed frames to make your room eye-catching. Sleeping with a mattress on a bare floor will make you easily catch-a-cold. A bare floor is certainly cold, especially in the winter. That…

Five Chic Yellow And Gray Bedroom Decoration To Beautify Your Space

Do you want to sleep in the comfy room but look elegant? You can use the yellow and gray bedroom decoration to create a relaxing sensation. The effect by neutral grays with a combination of sunshine yellow it’s pretty sure work perfectly in your bedroom allowing with the natural light space….