10 Ideas To Create Magnificent Bedroom Living Room Combo For Studio Apartment

Bedroom Living Room Combo

Just because you got a small room and have to make a bedroom living room combo, doesn’t mean you have to lose some styles. You don’t have to worry about how and what can you do.

The answer is plenty. You can change the apartment look without renovation, just place small décor and layout adjustments are enough.

You can put a glass wall, curtain, murphy bed, make a loft bed, or just arrange your furniture. With that, you can create a private place to sleep and a spot to hang out on the couch. Interested? Check out this genius tricks.

[01/10] Create Separation With Room Divider Curtains

Curtains for bedroom living room is like a match made in heaven. It doesn’t cost much and it provides privacy for your bedroom.

This picture uses the simple white sheer curtain to conceal the bed and two washing machines. White complements the room design with its white and wood color theme.  

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Create Separation With Room Divider Curtains 1a

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Create Separation With Room Divider Curtains 1b

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Create Separation With Room Divider Curtains 1c

[02/10] Create A Larger Living Room

Placement is the key, in here you got the right layout that makes the room look more spacious. You can see the bed, couch, drawer, and the desk are close to the wall.

Make the center feel larger. The wallpaper feature makes the room appear like in different space and vibe. 

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Create A Larger Living Room 2a

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Create A Larger Living Room 2b

[03/10] Build A Temporary Half Wall

Separating your bed and the living room furniture can be the best bedroom living room trick. The half-wall not only provide solid separator but also a functional wall.

It blocks the light and wind from the window. The temporary wall can be dismantled, thus it’s a great solution if building permanent is prohibited.

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Bedroom Living Room Combo 3a

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Bedroom Living Room Combo 3b

[04/10] Install Sliding Doors

Other than a curtain, sliding doors are your best friend. It doesn’t take a lot of space yet perfectly separates the space.

Here, although the room is cramped the door will transform the appearance in second. The built-in track near the ceiling will not hinder the walkway and the room aesthetic.

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Install Sliding Doors 4a

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Install Sliding Doors 4b

[05/10] Try A Bookcase Divider

This shelving unit that repurposed as the room divider comes with multi-functional aspects. You got a tall separator, storage space, and great focal point. You can see that the columns are customizable.

Put colorful books, boxes, or decoration ornaments to complement the room. Here, it adds personality while concealing your sleeping space.

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Try A Bookcase Divider 5a

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Try A Bookcase Divider 5b

[06/10] Save Space With A Wall Bed And Secret Storage

A murphy bed is another solution for your room. Here, the hidden bed is a wall pull-down type. What makes the idea unique is it located over the sofa.

The room also comes with mirrored walls that conceal the built-in storage. This idea is the perfect epitome of a space-saving room.

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Save Space With A Wall Bed And Secret Storage 6a

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Save Space With A Wall Bed And Secret Storage 6b

[07/10] Platform Bed With Storage

This bedroom living room idea also comes with a space-saving storage solution. The platform bed is there with extra storage space.

It also serves as a separator between the living room and bed, by appearing at a different height level. The room looks better with the minimalize furniture design.  

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Platform Bed With Storage 7a

[08/10] Maximize Space With Transforming Furniture

If you are allowed to transform the room or furniture, this loft bed idea is a great option. You can see that the bed is very high thus provide extra room underneath.

With this, you got separated spaces for sleeping, workspace, or dining place without losing the purpose and function.

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Maximize Space With Transforming Furniture 8a

[09/10] Add Character With A Bespoke Room Divider

In this design, the room divider made of weathered wood makes the bedroom living room look epic. The white wood element adds texture in the room and complements the color.

It also brings extra surfaces to hang paintings, separate the space, and give rustic vibe in the shabby chic room.

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Add Character With A Bespoke Room Divider 9a

[10/10] Two-Tone Walls

If you can’t do much with the room, then the simple different color tone can be your option. Just like this picture that implements white and gray wall paint.

The two contrasting colors create a sense of separation in this modern simple room. It is a simple and affordable trick.

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Two-Tone Walls 10a

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