10 Epic Bedroom Ideas For Gamers That Comply Your Love Of Video Game And Sleep

Bedroom Ideas for Gamers -

Admit it that no matter how big your love for video games is, you still need to sleep. But how if you don’t want to lose both of them? Then, combine it just like these epic bedroom ideas for gamers.

As your private room or space, you got the liberty to show your taste through the design. You can put some cool lighting, game-related, accessories, to the high-end game kits in your room. 

You can even place all your gaming kits side by side with your comfortable bed. Interested? Get inspired by some of this cool irresistible gamers’ bedroom design.

[01/10] Arcade Style Gaming Setup

(1)  source: arcadehotel.nl

Arcade Style Gaming Setup 1a

(2)  source: xboxoneuk.com

Arcade Style Gaming Setup 1b

Just because you got a small space, doesn’t mean you can’t adopt bedroom ideas for gamers. Look at this idea that put the heavy-duty steering wheel and gaming rig right in the middle of the room.

With the bed on the side, you can have fun before going to sleep.

[02/10] Bedroom Turned Into Gaming Room

(1)  source: remodelormove.com

Bedroom Turned Into Gaming Room 2b

(2)  source: ikea.com

Bedroom Turned Into Gaming Room 2c

This beautiful and simple design state the owner’s love of a specific game thorough the themed wallpaper.

This gamers’ bedroom also incorporates the gaming rig from the simple computer table at the corner of the room. The design itself doesn’t have colorful decorations but still looks epic with the cool wall.

[03/10] Sleep And Play In One Room

(1)  source: decoomo.com

Sleep And Play In One Room 3a

(2)  source: pinterest.pt

Sleep And Play In One Room 3b

(3)  source: inspiringdesign

Sleep And Play In One Room 3c

In some circumstances, bedroom ideas for gamers might have to be cramped due to limited space. In this case, this picture shows an interesting solution.

Placing the bed in between the couch and TV provide sufficient room to play video games. The bed also transforms into a virtual desk during gameplay.

[04/10] Angry Birds Themed Bedroom

(1)  source: wallpapersafari.com

Angry Birds Themed Bedroom 4a

This design will be great for a kid’s room. The colorful pattern of the infamous Angry birds makes the simple room look appealing.

The use of striking red, blue, and green represents the colorful and cheerful vibe of the game. White paint helps to balance the multi-colored theme. 

[05/10] Loft Bed With Game Setup Underneath

(1)  source: argos.co.uk

(2)  source: ikea.com

Loft Bed With Game Setup Underneath 5b

Once again this design is designed for young gamers. The use of a loft bed creates a small space underneath to place the gaming console.

As a kid bedroom, colorful furniture, décor, and ornaments are the main point. It brings a lively and youthful atmosphere to the room.

[06/10] Making A Small Space An Immersive Experience

(1)  source: pinterest.com

Making A Small Space An Immersive Experience 6a

(2)  source: pinterest.com

Making A Small Space An Immersive Experience 6b

(3)  source: halaldays.info

Making A Small Space An Immersive Experience 6C

This room with cool lighting fixtures can be your inspiration. Playing with color and lighting make the room full of ambiance.

It also brings immersive experience during gameplay. As a gamer’s bedroom, the bed offers both functions as seating and to sleep. Otherwise, the swivel chair can be a good alternative. 

[07/10] Clever Use Of Dormer Rooms

(1)  source: dhoumm.co

Clever Use Of Dormer Rooms 7a

(2)  source: society19.com

Clever Use Of Dormer Rooms 7b

The small dorm room with a slanted ceiling in this picture creates great bedroom ideas for gamers. It is not a real bedroom, but a large sofa can be your alternative bed.

This design comes with smart placement ideas that incorporate the dual screens and double seating for different gaming sessions.

[08/10] Super Game Room Decorating Idea

(1)  source: stylemotivation.com

Super Game Room Decorating Idea 8A

(2)  source: houseandhome.com

Super Game Room Decorating Idea 8B

State your love of games through the wall decoration, paints, and related ornaments. Here, the white wall work like a canvas where you can draw your favorite characters.

The shelving also provides extra space to store all your favorite action figure. The colorful decoration and ornaments are balanced with a white hue.

[09/10] The Semiotics Of Play

(1)  source: remodelormove.com

The Semiotics Of Play 9a

(2)  source: bunswist16.live

The Semiotics Of Play 9b

At some point, bedroom ideas for gamers don’t always involve the big gaming rigs. All you need is to state your love of games through some symbols, signs, and motifs.

Just like this picture that looks sophisticated with minimalist design. The gray tone looks enchanting with some symbols in orange and yellow. 

[10/10] Strong Colors Add Excitement

(1)  source: designideasguide.com

Strong Colors Add Excitement 10a

(2)  source: qanvast.com

Strong Colors Add Excitement 10b

The varying blue hades add the excitement of this room. The wall, the bedding, rug, some decorations, storages, to the arcade machine come together in the same theme.

Even with a smaller number of game-related accessories, this design still looks epic for both gamers or non-gamers owners.

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